33 Words of Encouragement for Someone with a Baby in NICU

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Parents with a newborn in the NICU face many unimaginable emotions and are overloaded with a wealth of information. The need for kind, thoughtful words and support is at an all-time high. 

While I know you may have many questions for the parents, it's important to remember that they have hundreds of questions themselves. So more than anything, what they need at the moment is friends and family who can “prop them up on their leaning side.” 

Your compassion and thoughtfulness may not seem like much to you because you can’t fix the situation and make everything better. 

Remember, the newborn’s parents are wanting to do the same thing.  Thus, one of the greatest treasures you can offer to someone with a baby in NICU is words of encouragement and ongoing support.

Why Give Words of Encouragement?

Giving words of encouragement conveys a positive message to others concerning themselves or their situation. They help to motivate them and keep them in a positive, productive, ethical, and sometimes logical headspace. 

Parents need you to bring words of encouragement for baby in NICU! Learning what to say and how to say it is life to a parent when feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances. 

Having a baby in the NICU is stressful for a parent. So, they can use caring friends and family committed to uplifting them, as needed, throughout the process.

Initially, most parents were caught off guard by their precious newborn having health issues. 

Then, when their child is being cared for by medical professionals, parents become greatly concerned with every alarm, bell, and other troubling sound the machines make when caring for their baby. 

Every needle and medical instrument looks enormous compared to the little child, though it is meant to make them well.

Parents need encouragement because of fear. Fear that their child may not make it through. 

They fear what friends and family members may think and wonder if they perceive them as bad parents. Parents also fear what their child's life will be like after the whole ordeal is over. 

They have worrisome thoughts about whether or not the entire issue can and will be resolved or if their precious little baby will go through a lifetime of complications.  Is the baby experiencing any pain? 

Ultimately, parents fear the unknown.  These are some of the fears parents feel, and they need encouragement and support to overcome those fears.

Parents feel guilt.  Especially the mothers. New moms wonder if they could have done anything differently during pregnancy to prevent their child's problems. 

They questioned whether eating certain foods, taking more time to rest, and taking better care of herself would have prevented this issue. So please encourage the moms.

Fathers also feel guilt.  Many have to leave their little child’s and wife’s side to return to work, provide for the family, and pay the bills. 

They fear they don’t have the right words to comfort their wives as they see she’s carrying around guilt. 

Your words of encouragement can ease some of that feeling and help dads keep their emotions at bay with a baby in NICU.

Parents feel anger at their inability to control the events and need words of encouragement. 

They are angry at God for allowing it to happen, angry at the doctors and nurses, feeling like they may be treating their baby's situation as routine and not with the urgent care they think is warranted.

Parents feel anger with one another when their baby is fighting for its little life. Mothers are angry that the dad can't sit still and that he has gone back to work and left her alone at the hospital. Most parents are angry with themselves.

Your words of encouragement are needed to help parents whose child is in NICU because they can give strength when they feel powerless. 

They can’t fix their child’s problems and make them go away.  Parents can’t remove each other’s brokenness, either. 

They feel helpless because they can't see what the doctor sees, the solution, or the process needed to make everything all right. 

So, do what you can to stand by and encourage your friend or relative whose baby is overcoming a scary health situation in the NICU. 

If you don't know what to say to be uplifting and encouraging, here are a few words your loved one will appreciate hearing from you.  

33 Words of Encouragement for Someone with a Baby in NICU

  1. “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” Bob Marley.
  2. You're the strongest person I know; since that is your child there, I know they are strong, too.
  3. I’ll be right here by your side the whole way.  You’re not in this alone.
  4. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  5. May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding. May He keep your heart and your mind at ease throughout this process.

May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding. May He keep your heart and your mind at ease throughout this process.”

  1. I love you very much, and you always have our support.
  2. There was nothing you could have done differently to avoid this situation.  Please, don't be so hard on yourself.
  3. I know you're upset.  Let's go for a walk to help release some of your tension.
  4. I’ve never seen a love as strong as the love you express when you hold your little child in your arms.
  5. I have always told you that you will make the best parents.
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  1. We raised some money for you, so you don't have to worry about your home or bills.  Just keep your focus on your little miracle child.
  2. The doctors and the nurses are doing everything possible to care for your baby; don't be discouraged.
  3. I know you wish the baby could’ve waited a few more weeks, but she just couldn’t wait to see you.
  4. Just calm down and take a deep breath so you can stay strong for your baby.
  5. Don't lose faith in your hopes and plans for your baby.  Just keep believing that they will come to pass. 

Don't lose faith in your hopes and plans for your baby.  Just keep believing that they will come to pass. “

  1. Your baby is resting now, so let’s step away from the noisy equipment for a while and give your mind rest.
  2. “Doing the best you can is the best that you can do.” – Stephen Andra
  3. I know none of you planned for this situation, but you're doing a great job navigating your way through.
  4. We're always here if you need to talk; don't let the stress of it all drive you crazy.
  5. Your kids can stay with us as long as needed while you're at the hospital.
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  1. Do you have any pictures?  Can I visit you and the baby?
  2. Can I bring your kids to the hospital to see you and the baby?  I know it will do your heart good to see them and for them to see you. 
  3. Wow!  Your baby is so beautiful, just like you.
  4. Do you want me to share anything specific with others because so many are asking about you and the baby?
  5. I see you don’t feel like talking very much. That's OK. But if anything changes, I’m just a text or phone call away.

I see you don’t feel like talking very much. That's OK. But if anything changes, I’m just a text or phone call away.”

  1. Is there anything that I can do for you to ease your mind?
  2. “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, ‘I'm possible!'” – Audrey Hepburn
  3. Your little angel is already growing so fast.
  4. When you folks come home, I’m still available to pick up your kids from school and take them to soccer practice.
  5. We will be there when your little one graduates the NICU!
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  1. Your sweet baby will love the beautiful nursery you have prepared for her when you get home.
  2. While you have been at the hospital, we’ve mowed your lawn and gathered your mail.  It was the least we could do for a great friend.
  3. Your little child has a bright future ahead. He is already starting life as a brave and resilient fighter. There is nothing he will not be able to overcome. 

Final Thoughts on Words of Encouragement for Someone with a Baby in NICU

Encouraging your friend or loved one becomes of great importance when their child is in the NICU.  

They were flying high with hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their child's future one minute, then suddenly came to a harsh reality that those things may not come to pass.

Think of all the evenings of sitting together.  At the same time, the father rubs the mother's belly and talks to their future son or daughter, feeling them kick and falling in love with a child they haven't even met.  

All the sonograms and sounds of their precious little ones' heartbeats seem like they were all for nothing in the parent's greatest moments of despair.

So please, don’t distance yourself. Stay connected, offer kind words of encouragement, make yourself available, and provide a listening ear.  

You can't remove the pain or offer a magic solution to change someone's present reality… however, you can encourage them and ease some of their anxiety.

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