41 Words of Encouragement for Someone Who is Coming Out

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Are you contemplating “coming out,” or do you know someone who is? Whatever the case, words of encouragement for someone coming out can turn lives around.

To feel uplifted, supported, accepted, and celebrated is a wonderful feeling and a powerful tool for empowerment. It builds confidence and self-esteem while smashing negative emotions.

Words of encouragement for someone “coming out” are miracle-filled, life-giving gems that let others know they are valuable, worthy, loved, and heard. Who doesn’t want that?

Still, straight folks fail to extend encouraging words to those with a different sexual or gender identity. It’s time to change that.

In this article, I will define words of encouragement and their importance, what “coming out” is and why it is important, why it is so difficult to “come out,” and share words of encouragement for someone coming out.

Whether you or someone you know experiences issues with sexual or gender identity, I hope you find comfort in this post.

Words of Encouragement

Words of encouragement are written or spoken words you speak to another person to lift them up or give them support, approval, or the courage to live their truth.

Words of encouragement are empowering, whether they are subtle nudges or adamant challenges. They may come written on tiny slivers of torn paper, a napkin, or across the dirt on the window of your vehicle.

They may manifest through a stranger with a gentle smile and soft words to lighten your load. They might also show up in the words of a public speaker, a song on the radio, or with a loved one’s hug.

However, words of encouragement show up; accept them with an open heart and gratitude. It benefits the person giving of themselves and their positive energy while also giving you a powerful gift that just might change your life.

The Importance of Words of Encouragement

The importance of encouraging words cannot be overstated. Their power is unequaled in changing lives, enhancing decision-making skills, increasing self-esteem, and even changing a person’s pathway in life.

They are the number one tool in confidence-building, defeating depression, and guaranteeing a lifelong positive impact.

If you ever feel the urge to speak kind words to another person, there is a reason. Don’t hesitate. Just do it. Your words just might save a life or change a life to fulfill that person’s wildest, most positive dreams.

What is “Coming Out?”

“Coming out” refers to “coming out of the closet” as a metaphor for hiding one’s sexual or gender identity. It is the process that occurs after the person has accepted themselves as to their true sexual nature and is ready to reveal it to the society they live in.

Sexual orientation is a deeply embedded part of the natural world. Whether homosexual, heterosexual, or other sexual identity, it’s all in nature’s normal course of business. It doesn’t only exist within humans, and it certainly is not a choice or a defect.

Many plant species, such as poison oak, are unisexual. Likewise, many species of animals, like chimpanzees, albatrosses, foxes, dolphins, and elephant seals, are born with diverse sexual orientations.

The natural world of plants and animals accepts diversity far more readily than modern human groups.

Why “Coming Out” is Important

“Coming out” is crucial because it confirms that the person accepts their unique identity. It is essential to the fundamental physical, spiritual, and psychological functions of every living being.

Check out the following reasons why “coming out” is important:

  • It establishes and validates one’s unique identity.
  • It allows the person to live a life they feel in their heart is truly theirs.
  • It promotes positive self-esteem.
  • It lays the foundation for solid relationship building.
  • It decreases stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.
  • It lays the groundwork for networking and connecting with other LGBTQ+ people.
  • It gives voice to the person to speak their truths, experiences, and ideas.
  • It creates positive role models for younger generations.
  • It allows the person to feel truly happy in the skin they were born in.

Why it is So Difficult to “Come Out”

In human societies, we’ve been taught to reject or even hate what is different from the accepted norm. However, it wasn’t always that way.

For instance, the Cradle of Civilization (Mesopotamia) not only accepted same-sex relationships but even put them in their artwork for posterity.

The ancient Greeks also had no issue with homosexual couples. It was no big deal to them to the point that they didn’t even distinguish them any differently than heterosexuals.

It wasn’t until the formation of subcultures of separatists, politics, and religious ideations that harsh judgment and intolerance replaced acceptance and the right to live freely.

Ostracization, torture, and death caused those born with different gender or sexual orientations to stay hidden in dark closets.

In the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s, diverse sexual and gender-oriented persons began to peer out into society.

But the horrors manifested by those who judged them kept trying to push them back under the rug. Then, in the 1960s, Illinois decriminalized homosexuality.

Throughout the years that followed, the LGBTQ+ community kept fighting for their rights to exist in peace and harmony within all of society.

Fast forward to today. While the LGBTQ+ community has made leaps and strides in being treated fairly and accepted in the eyes of all, there is still a long way to go.

Hate groups, religious and political groups, straight-gender groups, and others hope to lay waste to the progress that’s been made for the LGBTQ+ community. Hate only breeds more hate, and intolerance only breeds more of the same.

So, on the one hand, “coming out” is more accepted overall. On the other hand, fear and hate multiply exponentially.

For example, The Hill reports that over 700 violent threats and incidents against LGBTQ+ persons occurred between January 1, 2023, and November 16, 2023.

With this danger hovering over them and the fear of ostracization by family and society, it really is no wonder it is so hard to “come out,” even now.

Now that you understand what “coming out” means, why it is so difficult, and why it is important, let’s equip you with powerful tools to shore up, support, and validate someone coming out of that dark, dank closet: words of encouragement.

With this, you can lift up these souls and change lives with love and grace.

41 Words of Encouragement for Someone Coming Out

  1. You are beautiful just as you are, and I’m grateful to have you in my tribe.
  2. Others’ opinions on your sexuality aren’t your monkeys in their circus. Stay focused.
  3. Peace in life isn’t external. It’s something you find deep within yourself, being true to yourself.
  4. You are amazing. Don’t lose hope in your dreams. You get only one life. Live it up.
  5. It thrills me to see you fulfilling who you are.
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  1. I can’t walk in your footsteps, but that won’t stop me from walking beside you.
  2. What you’re going through must be very hard. I’m here for you for all the love and support you need.
  3. Fear and intimidation are negative energies. Hold your head high and focus on positive vibes.
  4. Don’t question yourself. Question why others question you.
  5. Be yourself no matter what others may think.
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  1. You are not alone. Many people are going through something similar. When you “come out,” you’ll find them.
  2. Being different isn’t a disease. It’s a beautiful, magical part of living.
  3. When one door closes, don’t spend too much time grieving. The next door that opens will bring incredibly wonderful things.
  4. Don’t worry so much about what others do. Put more focus on just being you.
  5. Get involved in LGBTQ+ community events and expand your support network and friend base.
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  1. If someone knocks you down, get right back up. Don’t give them the time of day; keep moving toward your goals.
  2. You are my hero.
  3. I can’t wait to meet your partner and celebrate the two of you together.
  4. You are precious just as you are and have the right to love whomever you want.
  5. Everyone has haters. Don’t let them get under your skin.
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  1. Love is love, no matter who is sharing it.
  2. You have to teach others how to treat you.
  3. Stand tall and flourish in the beauty of who you are.
  4. What you are going through does not define who you are but shows your strength.
  5. I am in awe at the miracle of you.
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  1. You are an inspiration to all of humanity.
  2. Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.
  3. I admire your honesty, strength, courage, and resiliency.
  4. Thank you for being a voice for those who are too afraid.
  5. The world is a better place because of people just like you.
  6. Only you can make your dreams come true.
inspirational message for lgbt | lgbt captions | words of encouragement for someone coming out
  1. Tough times are opportunities to grow and strengthen for your destiny that lies ahead.
  2. No one can take away your kind heart, strength, bravery, and compassion unless you let them.
  3. Impossible things are only impossible until you accomplish them.
  4. Attitude determines direction and success. No matter how others behave, keep your attitude on track for good.
  5. Don’t let anyone else dull your sparkle or cover your light. Keep shining!
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  1. I am so proud of you.
  2. You deserve only the best. Claim it and move forward!
  3. Celebrate the true you! That’s what everyone really wishes they could do.
  4. Give yourself credit for the amazing, incredible person you are!
  5. “Coming out” begins with the first step. You can do this!

If you or someone you know is going through tough times, contemplating suicide, or struggling against depression and anxiety, don’t ignore it. Call the Trevor Project or visit Born This Way online. You have a trillion reasons to live in happiness and joy.

Final Thoughts on Words of Encouragement for Someone Who Is Coming Out

Every human deserves encouraging words to live a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life. People with different gender or sexual orientation are especially vulnerable and face fear and backlash that straight folks cannot understand.

That doesn’t mean straight folks can’t offer comforting words of encouragement for someone coming out. We can and should. It’s just Basic Humanity 101.

Show love to others and see what comes back to you in return. Check out 129 Words of Encouragement for Someone with Anxiety for an extended list of things you can say to comfort someone coming out.

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