17 Signs You Have a Spiritual Connection with a Person

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Have you ever just met someone but feel like you've known them forever? It's rareā€¦ but, when it does happen, you know that you've truly bonded with this person. You've connected on a deeper level.

In fact, you've probably connected spiritually with them. With such a strong connection, you will want to cultivate that relationship. So how can you tell if you've bonded with someone on a spiritual level?

In this post, you'll discover 17 signs that demonstrate that you have a spiritual connection with someone.

What is a Spiritual Connection?

A spiritual connection is a bond you make with another person that is deep and personal. It goes deeper than physical connection. For you to be spiritually connected with someone, it will stem from sharing similar values, beliefs, or perspectives.

Therefore, it's based on something greater than yourself. Such a bond goes beyond the here and now and provides a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

Moreover, this can be applied to both platonic and romantic relationships. You can find a kindred spirit that could end up being your best friend. You don't have to be romantically involved to experience a spiritual connection.

For example, you can develop a spiritual bond with a mentor.

Is Spirituality Learned or Taught?

Since spirituality stems from values and beliefs, it can be taught. You have to come across these ideas somewhere, somehow. Whether it be formally or informally, there must be a starting point for these trains of thought.

At the same time, spirituality does not have to be institutionalized. It can be personal. Furthermore, you can learn from experience.

In fact, for spirituality to be personally meaningful, experience would be the greatest teacher.

Therefore, spirituality can be taught or learned. What's important is that you initiate the process for reasons that are important to you.

Spiritual vs religion-based connections

Does being spiritual mean the same thing as being religious?

No, it doesn't.

You can be spiritual without being religious. There are several differences between spirituality and religion. First of all, religion applies to a structured belief in a specific deity. On the other hand, spirituality can often be an individualized set of beliefs.

Also, religion often requires living according to a specific set of rules, while spirituality promotes living in a way that considers all life sacred and meaningful.

These beliefs can concern nature, humanity, or even abstract ideas, such as truth or love.

Therefore, being spiritually connected is based on sharing similar beliefs, while religion-based connections center on the religion itself.

17 Signs You Have a Spiritual Connection with Someone

Now that you've seen what a spiritual connection is and what is not, here are 17 signs to look for when considering whether or not you are spiritually connected to someone.

1. Deeper, Longer Conversations

Because you share similar values and beliefs, you'll have deeper and longer conversations with this person. You'll have a wealth of conversation material because you're talking about something you're passionate about.

More than that, your conversations will be more meaningful. You'll leave the conversation being uplifted and encouraged. Those are the types of conversations that impact you.

2. Mutual Respect for Each Other

With shared values and deeper conversations comes mutual respect for each other. Often, you'll find yourself actively listening to what they have to say. You value their thoughts on the matter; therefore, you won't want to interrupt.

At the same time, you'll feel appreciated, as well. They'll want to hear what you have to say. As a result, you'll feel that appreciation more deeply.

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Because you share similar values and beliefs, you'll have deeper and longer conversations with this person.

Moreover, you'll pay more attention to what you have to say. You'll take their thoughts and feelings into consideration when you speak.

3. Intuitive Attraction

When you've spiritually bonded with someone, you'll be drawn to this person. You have a gut feeling, or intuition, that being around this person is good for you. Your spirit will resound with theirs.

You will recognize that this bond is beneficial as source of enrichment and encouragement.

Honestly, people want to be around others that uplift them. The positive vibes created by this connection are affirming. Therefore, you'll want to feel them more often.

4. Feeling Welcomed

Because you positively affect them as well, the person sharing this spiritual bond with you will want you around them, as well. They'll make you feel welcome.

More than that, they'll probably actively seek opportunities to spend time with you. Overall, you'll both be comfortable in each other's presence. You won't feel anxious while being in their presence.

5. A Sense of Openness

Feeling welcomed and appreciated, you'll be more open to sharing your thoughts and feelings. It's almost like there's nothing you can't share with this person. You know they won't judge you.

Therefore, you can tell them how you truly feel. In addition, you can bring up touchy subjects with them because you know that you can be open with them.

Once again, this judgement-free space exists from being like-minded. Why would they judge your beliefs and values when they share them?

6. Feeling Secure

If you feel this lack of judgment, you'll feel safe and secure. Being with this person is a safe place. You might find yourself turning to this person during turbulent times.

They'll support you and comfort you. This will give a sense of calm, even if circumstances surrounding you are hectic. They'll always leave you feeling better about yourself after being around them.

7. Stronger Empathy

This spiritual bond will allow you to be more empathetic with this person than you would with others. This stems from that deeper connection. You know them more intimately; therefore, you can tell when something is wrong.

The same goes for you with them. It's as if they can read you like a book, which is probably true because they know you more intimately, too.

You've opened yourself up to them and see parts of yourself that you don't show others.

8. Exhibiting Trust

Since this is a spiritual connection, intuition plays an important role. One aspect you will feel intuitively positive about is the person's intentions.

You know they have positive intentions because, just as you have opened yourself up to them, they have opened themselves up to you.

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This spiritual bond will allow you to be more empathetic with this person than you would with others.

It's important to remember that the same signs you observe in yourself, you can also observe in this person. This builds a level of trust because you're in this bond together.

9. Willingness to Help

When you're spiritually bonded to a person, you become more willing to help them. For example, you'll want to support them more. You'll be available for them when they need you.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you'll compromise your values. After all, the bond is built on these. Accordingly, your spiritual bond mate wouldn't ask you to compromise these values. They hold them dear, as well.

10. Recognizing Boundaries

Because you know them more deeply, you know where their boundaries are. The same is true for your boundaries. As a result, you'll respect each other's boundaries.

Just because you have a spiritually based connection, that doesn't mean that you'll have everything in common. Ultimately, we are all unique.

This spiritual bond allows each other to appreciate the shared values while recognizing the differences.

11. Enjoying the Silence

Sometimes, quiet times are just as important as talking to each other. When you have a spiritual bond with someone, you can just be together without having to say anything.

Actually, you can communicate more with just your presence than with words. Then, there is no such thing as an awkward silence. Their presence alone brings you peace.

12. Challenging Each Other

This person will want you to be your best self. They'll challenge you to grow as a person. Also, they'll cheer you on as you work towards your goal.

At the same time, you'll want them to be their best selves, also. You'll see their aspirations and will want to encourage them.

13. Spiritual Progress

By sharing beliefs and values, you will encourage each other in your own spiritual progress. This connection allows you both to experience spirituality even more deeply.

You'll appreciate and promote spiritual growth within each other. You will both provide opportunities for this growth to take place.

14. Increased Self-Awareness

Being spiritually connected to someone requires being vulnerable. When you open yourself up to someone else, you expose things you may have kept hidden, even from yourself.

As a result, you become more self-aware. It's like this connection becomes a mirror in which you can see yourself clearly.

Self-awareness will help you to make better decisions. In turn, this will increase your self-confidence.

15. Better Understanding of Yourself

Once you become more self-aware, you can begin to understand yourself more. You'll understand the motives behind some of your actions. Sometimes, it takes seeing yourself through somebody else's eyes. This will allow you to see your past experiences from another perspective.

Then, you gain a better grasp of who you are as a person. Understanding yourself helps you be authentic. 

16. Moving Forward

All of these signs add up to one thing: moving forward in life. Reflecting back on this relationship, you've come to realize that your life has improved dramatically since meeting this person. You'll notice the change within you.

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You'll see their aspirations and will want to encourage them.

Also, you'll notice that this change has transferred to the situation around you, as well. Inner change produces outward results.

17. Lasting Impression

Ultimately, you'll recognize that your life wouldn't be the same without this person. They've made a lasting impression on you. They've imprinted on your soul.

You've grown as a person because of them. Plus, your spiritual journey has been enriched through the relationship.

Over time, you may lose contact with this person. Hopefully, you won't. If you do, you'll never forget them.

Final Thoughts on A Spiritual Connection

A spiritual bond comes from within and is based on shared values and beliefs. It promotes personal growth and advances your spiritual journey. Most importantly, this type of connection allows you to be authentic.

A spiritual connection doesn't come around often, because it is rare and involves a much deeper connection than other relationships. It involves a willingness to be vulnerable and allow transparency into your soul.

So, when it does occur, you must cherish it and grow from it. Let it bring you peace and security.

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