60 Protection Affirmations to Feel Safe & Secure

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In a world where wars are raging and invisible microbes have forced us to change how we live our lives, it's understandable to feel vulnerable and insecure. Sometimes it feels like the rug has been pulled from under your feet, and all that uncertainty might make the world seem like an unsafe place.

However, positive affirmations can help ease some of this fear and restore your confidence. If you have never practiced affirmations before, the whole premise might seem awkward, but words are extremely powerful and can transform your state of being. So let’s dig in to how protection affirmations can help you feel safe.

Why Affirmations Are Important for Protection and Safety

Many of us live in a constant state of anxiety. It could be a crippling condition that keeps you from interacting with the world or a subtle sense of unease that stays with you even as you carry out your daily activities.

You can try to shrug this feeling off, telling yourself that you’ll be okay as long as you can make it through the day. However, the truth is that until you deal with the source of your fear, it will keep you from reaching your full potential.

Feeling unsafe triggers most of the fears we face in life. The lack of a safe space within may make you to doubt your abilities and believe that your life is constantly on the verge of falling apart.

Creating a sense of safety through protection affirmations means finding a safe space within yourself. These positive words will help you gradually dispel the feeling of self-doubt and restore confidence.

They can help you feel more balanced and better able to deal with the rough and tumble of life.

Protection affirmations work by shifting your mindset from a negative outlook to a more positive outlook. These words are more than just wishful thinking. They reprogram your mind, stimulating the areas of your brain that affect positive change. Check out some protection affirmations to help you overcome feelings of fear and insecurity.

60 Affirmations for Protection and Safety

When you’re ready to start your protection affirmations, it's essential to find a quiet place free of distractions. Take a few deep breaths and envision somewhere you feel safe and secure. You can then begin reciting the affirmations, repeating them at least three times.

  1. I am guarded and protected.
  2. Everyone I love is safe and secure.
  3. Nothing terrible is happening to me.
  4. Only good things are coming my way.
  5. I know that the Universe is protecting me.
  1. Positive vibrations surround me.
  2. I am protected everywhere that I go.
  3. My body is robust and free from disease.
  4. I am balanced and at peace.
  5. The Universe prevents negative energy from touching me.
  6. I have the power to block negativity.
  7. I emit love and positivity.
  8. I constantly cleanse my energy.
  9. I find rejuvenation at every turn.
  10. I am getting rid of the energy that no longer serves me.
Protection Affirmations - I am getting rid of the energy that no longer serves me. | affirmations for aura protection | affirmations for family protection | affirmations for energy protection
  1. The people around me love me and want the best for me.
  2. I only allow positivity in my life.
  3. My energy matches those of the good people around me.
  4. I am respected and cared for.
  5. I am letting go of fear and anxiety.
  6. I am letting go of all unhealthy attachments.
  7. External factors will not take away my peace.
  8. I have a strong immune system.
  9. No harm will come my way.
  10. There's a higher power keeping me safe.
  11. I don't allow emotional negativity to affect me.
  12. My surroundings are safe for my family and me.
  13. I welcome the safety provided by a higher power.

I welcome the safety provided by a higher power.”

  1. I allow peace and goodness to flow through me.
  2. I am safe from bad energy.
  3. I attract positivity and strength.
  4. A higher power guides me.
  5. I trust that the paths I take are safe.
  6. I believe that everything is going to work out.
  7. Divine protection covers my family and me.
  8. I am aligned with the good in the world.
  9. I am grateful for my health and well-being.
  10. My loved ones are protected from illness.
  11. I have healthy boundaries that protect my energy.
Protection Affirmations - I have healthy boundaries that protect my energy. | affirmations for enemies | safety affirmations for trauma | secure affirmation meaning
  1. Nothing bad will happen to me when I travel.
  2. I enjoy exploring new locations.
  3. Sirens don't frighten me.
  4. I choose to feel secure at all times.
  5. I don't allow uncertainty to steal my joy.
  6. I am humbled by the peace and protection that I have from above.
  7. I quickly adapt to challenging situations.
  8. I am protected from ill intentions and harm.
  9. I walk away from doubt and fear.
  10. I can keep my family safe.
  11. It feels safe to live an unrestrained life.
  12. My neighborhood is safe and secure.
  13. Good things find me wherever I go.
  14. I am financially secure.
  15. I have enough resources to cover my needs.
  16. I don't allow negative thoughts to determine my decisions
Protection Affirmations - I don't allow negative thoughts to determine my decisions | affirmations for energy protection | affirmations for aura protection | affirmations for enemies
  1. The unknown doesn't intimidate me.
  2. The people around me bring out the best in me.
  3. My light is bright enough to cast out darkness.
  4. Bad energy leaves when I walk into the room.
  5. I focus on the positive things that make me happy.

How to Use Affirmations for Protection and Safety

Protection affirmations can help you develop much-needed feelings of confidence and well-being. They can help you live a more abundant life. Here are some tips on how to practice affirmations for protection and safety.

Identify Negative Thoughts

Protection affirmations work by repeating positive statements that encourage your brain to let go of fear and insecurity. They help your feel safe from within, making the outside world seem less scary. These affirmations gradually build the belief that you have what it takes to conquer your fears.

It’s essentially about replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Therefore, the first step is to identify the pessimistic thoughts plaguing your mind.

Create Positive Affirmations

If you’ve never practiced positive affirmations, it can be pretty awkward to speak to yourself in this way. For that reason, it would be helpful to find at least two statements from the list above and repeat them to yourself regularly. This would make for a good starting point.

Make Them Your Own

Once you find statements that resonate with you, you can modify them to fit your personal situation. However, it's essential to remember that affirmations are meant to change long-standing patterns of thought and behavior. They should, therefore, not be written in the same way that you would write goals or mantras.

Affirmations should also be written in the present and shouldn't include any negativity. For example, instead of saying, “I will not be scared or insecure,” it would be more helpful to say, “I am full of confidence and courage.”

Create a Routine

Start a regular practice of at least two sessions a day. Each session should last around three to five minutes. You can practice these protection affirmations in front of a mirror, in your mind, or speak them out loud. Find a quiet space for your affirmation practice and repeat these words until you begin to believe them.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Protection and Safety

Feelings of fear and anxiety can quickly develop into insecurities that make us feel unsafe. Unfortunately, overcoming these debilitating emotions is not something that can happen overnight.

However, with the appropriate protection affirmations, you can rewire your brain to accept a new reality – one where you see the world as secure despite its unpredictability. As you practice these positive statements, it might be helpful to understand the ways in which affirmations can change your life.

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