12 Printable Scenic Coloring Pages for Adults

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Do you enjoy scenic views and landscapes? What about coloring? If you like both, then you are in for a treat.

Today, we have compiled a list of printable scenic coloring pages that you can use to de-stress and unwind.

Let’s check them out!

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1. House and Pond Scene

First off, we have this serene scene of a house and pond shaded by clouds and trees. We hope that you will enjoy coloring this image, especially the reflection of the house on the pond. The mirror effect is a unique feature that you don’t see in many coloring pages!

2. Veranda Vibin’

Who doesn’t love relaxing on the veranda on a warm afternoon? This is the perfect coloring page for you and your friends while hanging out, relaxing, and unwinding all together. Print a few copies and share the experience with everyone.

3. Farm House

You’re going to love this page if you own a farmhouse or have ever dreamed of visiting one. It is quite intricate, so dig in and see what you find!

4. Flower Garden

Perhaps a flower garden is your thing? If so, this one definitely fits the bill. You might even use it as inspiration for your next garden. Enjoy coloring this page with your kids and other family members.

5. Rural Scenery

Who doesn’t enjoy escaping to the simplicity of a rural landscape? We live in a hectic, modern world, and it isn’t every day that we get to enjoy views like this. If you can’t physically escape to the countryside to enjoy the fresh air, then coloring this page might be a nice alternative.

6. Lovely Haunted Forest

Does this forest look creepy to you? It looks majestic to us! Imagine yourself wandering around this magical forest, discovering all of the hidden creatures and features. This page sure looks challenging to color! We hope you enjoy it.

7. A House in the Woods

Have you ever dreamt of having your own house in the woods? Coloring this page for a bit of inspiration, then get busy making your dream a reality!

8. Picnic at the Farm

What’s better than enjoying a picnic at a farm? Gather everyone in your family together and ask them to imagine spending a day at the farm, just relaxing, eating, and having fun. Print out a few of these coloring pages and get lost in your imagination.

9. Swing in the Garden

Swings are a memorable part of childhood and always seem to bring back pleasant memories. Color this page over a cup of hot tea and bask in the nostalgia.

10. Haven by Your Side

Here’s another swing in a lovely garden. Imagine enjoying a lazy afternoon out here with your special someone. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

11. Path to Happiness

Home is where genuine happiness lies, and this picture looks extra homey to us. Do you ever get a warm feeling inside as you are walking up to your childhood home or visiting your parents?

12. Grandma’s House

Here’s a rather intricate coloring page from Maria Oglesby. Its beautiful lines set a challenging yet elegant scene. You might want to color it on your way to grandma’s vacation house!

Final Thoughts on Scenic Coloring Pages for Adults

You deserve a nice view, even if your current situation doesn’t allow you to travel and explore the world. Satisfy your thirst for tranquility with these printable, scenic coloring pages for adults.

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