111 Powerful Sunday Affirmations to Prepare for the Week

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Are you one of the many people who can’t relax and fully enjoy your Sunday because you already feel a sense of dread or anxiety about returning to work on Monday?

For many people, thoughts of going back to work the following day are so uncomfortable that they rob you of enjoyment, even in your free time. So here are some positive Sunday affirmations to get the week off to the right start.

Why Powerful Sunday Affirmations are Important to Prepare for the Week

Many people experience dread and anxiety on Sundays related to returning to work the following day. In fact, this phenomenon is so common that it’s been dubbed the “Sunday scaries.”

The Sunday scaries are a feeling of anxiety and dread on Sundays, usually beginning in the late afternoon and increasing in intensity into the evening. Many people describe it as a “pit in their stomachs,” and symptoms typically include:

  • Elevated heartbeat
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Upset stomach
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache
  • Feelings of dread or depression
  • Trouble sleeping

These feelings are triggered by the mental transition from relaxing free time to anticipating the work week's stress and challenges. Helping the brain and thoughts make that transition easier and less dramatic can help ease the stress of the Sunday scaries.

Even if you don’t suffer from the Sunday scaries, it is a good idea to think ahead on Sunday and mentally prepare yourself for the coming week. These Sunday affirmations can help you manage stress and anxiety and boost productivity and motivation.

Powerful Sunday Affirmations to Prepare for the Week

  1. I am rested and centered
  2. This is going to be a great week
  3. I will tackle this week with energy
  4. I feel powerful
  5. I am in charge of my own success
  6. I know I can handle whatever comes this week
  1. This will be the best week yet
  2. I am clear about my goals for this week
  3. I will keep myself healthy this week
  4. I am unstoppable
  5. I will focus on one task at a time
  6. My mind is clear
  7. I am attentive and focused on my goals
  8. My work is excellent
  9. I manage everything expertly
  10. I do high-quality work
  11. There’s nothing I cannot do
  12. I am calm and peaceful
  13. I am not distracted
  14. I take breaks when I need them
  15. I prioritize myself for my own success
  16. I keep my eyes on my goals
  17. I improve all the time
  18. I enjoy the challenges this week brings
Sunday Affirmations - I enjoy the challenges this week brings | sunday evening affirmations | sunday quotes | self care affirmations
  1. I’m eager for tomorrow
  2. I’m interested and alert
  3. This week will be an adventure
  4. I have some great ideas for this week
  5. My self-confidence is at an all-time high
  6. I know my own abilities
  7. I know exactly what needs to be done
  8. My work is easy for me
  9. Every Monday is a new beginning
  10. I welcome this coming week
  11. I’m eager to take on whatever this week brings
  12. This week is an opportunity for me
  13. I welcome the challenges this week will bring
  14. My attitude is optimistic
  15. I have succeeded, and I will succeed
  16. Nothing stops me
  17. I never give up
  18. I am positive and creative
  19. I can handle any challenge
  20. I have great ideas
  21. This week, I am enough
  22. I can handle whatever this week brings
Sunday Affirmations - I can handle whatever this week brings | positive affirmations for others | monday affirmations | friday affirmations
  1. I am exuberant
  2. I expect success
  3. Everything will go well this week
  4. I will solve problems this week
  5. Stress does not overwhelm me
  6. I can deal with anything this week brings
  7. This week I will achieve my goals
  8. I persevere, and so I succeed
  9. I am stronger than ever
  10. I see myself triumphing this week
  11. I will take this week one day at a time
  12. I am thankful for the opportunities this week brings
  13. I am thankful for my intelligence and determination

I am thankful for my intelligence and determination”

  1. I’m going to have fun this week
  2. I look forward eagerly to the coming week
  3. I anticipate a successful week
  4. I am in control of what matters to me
  5. My attitude makes me successful
  6. I am well and happy
  7. Nothing disturbs my peace
  8. I inspire the best in others
  9. My hard work will pay off big time this week
  10. My efforts are valuable
  11. I am glad to be right here, right now
  12. I am grateful for all this week will bring
  13. I see myself succeeding this week
  14. I have the best ideas
  15. I can solve any problem
  16. My creativity is a match for any problem
  17. I thrive on challenges
  18. I grow better and better every week
  19. I am proud of myself
  20. I have a lot of self-confidence
  21. I am practical and sharp-witted
  22. My common sense will take me far this week
  23. I’ll use my wits to solve any problem that comes up this week
Sunday Affirmations - I’ll use my wits to solve any problem that comes up this week | affirmations for a good day | sunday blessings | sunday evening affirmations
  1. I am amazing
  2. I can do whatever I choose to do
  3. I choose to succeed
  4. This week, I choose mastery
  5. I’m excited to see what happens this week
  6. I’m interested in the possibilities this week holds
  7. I see myself creating new paths forward this week
  8. I will be my own best ally this week
  9. Good things will happen this week
  10. I focus on what is good and positive about this week
  11. I will make this a great week
  12. I am stronger and smarter than ever
  13. I will make things better this week
  14. This week is my time to shine
  15. I deserve to succeed, and I will succeed
  16. I deserve to be happy, and I will be happy
  17. I will be lively and fun this week
  18. I am full of surprises
  19. I have a unique and valuable point of view
  20. I stick up for myself
  21. I am my most important resource
  22. I rely on myself
  23. I have high hopes for this week
  24. I believe the best for myself and others
Sunday Affirmations - I believe the best for myself and others | monday affirmations | sunday quotes | self-care affirmations
  1. I will grow stronger every day this week
  2. I greet the coming week with love and joy
  3. I will succeed at what is important to me this week
  4. I go into the coming week whole and healthy
  5. I bring peace and calmness with me

How to Use Powerful Sunday Affirmations to Prepare for the Week

If you struggle with anxiety and troubled thoughts on Sundays, here are some solutions to help you manage the stress and smooth your transition into the work week:

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is a fantastic way to boost your mood, ease stress and tension, and fight repetitive thoughts, and it’s also good for your body, unlike some coping mechanisms.

Take time on Sundays to go for a relaxing walk, cycle, or swim, especially if you can be active in a peaceful, natural environment. Take a dance class, join a walking tour, or play tennis to integrate social and mental stimulation that will make your exercise routine even more calming.

Establish a Routine

Another great way to ease Sunday/Monday stress is to create an enjoyable routine. For example, have a family meal or game night on Sundays that is relaxing and enjoyable, or catch up on your favorite shows.

Stop by your favorite coffee shop on Monday mornings and get yourself a treat or tackle your easiest work tasks on Monday mornings. Adding activities that you truly enjoy to these stressful times makes the transition easier and makes your Monday mornings more positive.

Use Positive Affirmations

While planning enjoyable activities is an effective way to fight off the Sunday scaries, it is even better to dig down and change your negative mindset.

Affirmations allow you to address some of your deepest fears and negative self-talk and reprogram your thoughts to a more positive, productive way of thinking. Regularly using positive affirmations can not just make Sundays easier, but it can actually change your life.

Consider the Source

If your work environment is so toxic that stress and anxiety are spilling over into your free time and robbing your life of joy and happiness, it may be time to consider your options. It is never too late to set new goals and put yourself on a new path in life.

And today’s flexible working options mean that you may be able to find a new job that eliminates Monday mornings forever.

Sunday stress and anxiety are common, but they don’t have to be. Use affirmations and the power of positive thinking to overcome stress and anxiety about work, make your Sundays more healthy and enjoyable, and consider your career options if you need to.

Final Thoughts on Powerful Sunday Affirmations to Prepare for the Week

Work week stress and toxicity are bad enough without it spilling into your weekends, robbing your Sundays of pleasure and relaxation. So instead, use positive Sunday affirmations and mindfulness activities to get the most benefit from your downtime and return to work recharged.

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