9 Important Things Introverts Do Better Than Extroverts

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Unless you personally know and have a good connection with an introverted soul, you may believe that they’re antisocial, standoffish, and even rude. But you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Whilst an introvert’s overwhelming shyness might make them more difficult to get to know, it’s nothing more than a door that you must work out how to open. Or, rather, wait to be invited through.

Getting to know an introvert is undoubtedly a slower process than with a confident and outspoken extrovert. They can’t be ram-raided into opening up. And trust will be earned rather than just given.

Bringing an introvert to any social gatherings will be an awkward affair (if entertained at all). And there will be times when an introvert prefers to just switch off completely, which is not a bad thing and probably something we should all do more often.

In fact, those seemingly shy friends and co-workers have many good habits, or traits, that could be learned from. There are things that introverts do better than extroverts. And below are nine fantastic introvert qualities.

9 Important Things Introverts Do Better Than Extroverts

1. Introverts Make the Most Amazing Friends.

Although sometimes hard to get close to, once a friendship is formed, the bond shared is like no other.

Introverts tend to avoid large groups, preferring quality over quantity. And because of this, they’ll make more time and more effort to be that friend you’ve always wanted. Not only will they know your name and birthday, but also your pet hates, favorite movies, and go-to comfort food for when life’s getting you down.

Having an introvert as a friend means you’ll never feel alone. They’re reliable, caring, and show the greatest empathy, thanks to their ability to put themselves in your shoes.

When an introvert says they understand, the chances are they really do. And likewise, when they say they’ll be there for you, they will.

2. Introverts are Active Listeners.

With social situations often feeling awkward and in turn, draining, a quieter back seat in the conversation provides a much happier place.

They’ll likely thrive on deep conversations over mindless chit-chat. And so, unlike people who seem to drift off mid-conversation, introverts will actively listen.

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Introverts are reliable, caring, and show the greatest empathy, thanks to their ability to put themselves in your shoes.

They’ll pay close attention to exactly what you’re saying. And listen patiently until you’ve exhausted every last thought that needed to be said.

Tuning in to not only the words but the conversation as a whole, no matter how longwinded or chaotic, is second nature to an introverted soul.

They will always try to understand a problem, respect other opinions and show support by being that person who you can always talk to.

3. Introverts Have a Natural Ability to Read Emotions.

Along with listening, they find facial expressions and body language easier to read than an extrovert ever would.

We all struggle to find the right words now and then. Or try to mask over how we’re feeling. But your introverted friend really gets how you feel, even if you haven’t yet told them.

They’ll hear the shaky tones in your voice and know when something isn’t quite right. Or notice that you’re struggling to sit still, and know that there’s more on your mind than you’re letting on.

Their emotional intelligence makes an introverted soul more understanding and empathetic. And knowing this should make it easier to be open about any situation you might have going on.

4. Introverts are Great at Keeping Secrets.

You can feel rest assured that whatever you tell your introverted friend or partner, it won’t go any further.

They understand the importance of trust since this is something they struggle with on a daily basis. And will likely appreciate the fact that you’ve chosen them to share something so important with.

Know that the friendship you build with them will take time. But the boundaries within it are upheld from day one. Their promise to not discuss your personal business with other people is from the heart. And this should be met with your equal respect for the conversations had between you.

Though your introverted friend or partner may encourage you to talk to someone who can offer more help, know that this will always be on your terms and ultimately, they only want to support you.

5. Introverts are Natural Observers.

By being more reserved and less inclined to jump into a conversation, they have all the time in the world to pay close attention to what’s going on around them.

People-watching is a skill mastered by many an introvert. And with good reason too. It allows them to pay attention to not only what’s been said, but also the environment it’s said in.

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Introverts will pay close attention to exactly what you’re saying and will listen patiently until you’ve exhausted every last thought that needed to be said.

They are well-equipped to piece together the details, even when some may be missing. In situations such as watching the couple sitting across the park, an introvert will fill in the blanks without even hearing the conversation. They may even go as far as narrating the scene in their own minds.

Whilst some people might regard an introvert as boring or dull, their perspective on the world is quite the opposite. For them, it’s the small details that tell the story and makes the world a more fulfilling place.

6. Introverts are Expert Problem Solvers.

Thanks to their keen eye for detail and ability to internally process the information given, few things get past an introvert’s inquisitive mind.

They’re often ten steps ahead of their extrovert colleagues and already working out the pitfalls of any given plan. Because of this, introverts are invaluable in the workplace.

Working alone comes naturally. And this offers the space needed to look closely at any given situation, pinpoint any problems, and formulate a plan to overcome them.

These problem-solving skills offer a huge advantage over their extrovert colleagues who bulldoze in whilst failing to see the bigger picture. Or, more importantly, the smaller details.

7. Introverts Make Compassionate Leaders.

Their great listening skills mean they truly understand what people need. Wherever possible, they'll make changes or adapt how things are done. And by doing so, help the people depending on them thrive.

Without the need to make small talk, introverts have more time to plan and set the wheels in motion with projects. Their calmness brings clarity to any situation, which can create the ideal atmosphere in the workplace.

Employees escape the pressures often piled on by an extrovert leader. They feel more valued with an introverted boss who’s willing to listen to their ideas and help them to achieve their goals. And in return, are loyal to both the job and the team.

8. Introverts are Masters of Self-Care.

That’s not to say that life doesn’t get a bit hectic at times. But they recognize those early warning signs and know exactly how to recharge their batteries.

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The calmness of introverts brings clarity to any situation, which can create the ideal atmosphere in the workplace.

Unlike a pumped-up extrovert, an introverted soul is happy to kick back and relax. To get to the end of the week and say ‘That’s enough’ before completely switching off. And because of this, are far less likely to feel burnt out.

A quiet day or two allows everyone, but especially introverted people, to reconnect with themselves. And to reset the emotional balance before facing the world again.

9. Introverts Don’t Seek Approval from Others.

They don’t need any form of external validation. And instead, trust their own judgment, which makes perfect sense.

With preferring to spend at least some of their time alone, the idea of seeking approval from an outside source feels unnecessary. And without the judgment of others, more time can be spent perfecting ideas and accomplishing dreams.

Unlike extroverts who crave the confidence of others, introverts are modest and even humbling. They’re happy for others to stand in the spotlight, to get the high-fives or pats on the back. And to let their work speak for itself.

Final Thoughts on The Things Introverts Do Better

The world is certainly tougher for an introverted person. They’re often misjudged as unapproachable, ill-mannered, and not worth the hassle. And since they prefer not to cause a fuss and become noticed, these shortsighted opinions tend to stick.

But the people who take time to get to know an introvert see things from a very different perspective.

We all have our strengths. For some people, it’s using their voice and making themselves heard. But for the more introverted people among us, it’s their willingness to listen, and understand. It’s their compassion and honesty. And their beautiful view of the world, through every tiny detail.

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