9 Introvert Blogs to Understand Your Personality in 2024

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What does being an introvert truly mean?

Or maybe a better question is, how does one understand and embrace his introverted personality?

Being an introvert does not necessarily mean you hate people. Sometimes, it just means you prefer peace and solitude over noise and socializing—and there is nothing wrong with that!

But if you ever feel like you need an explanation for this behavior of yours, worry not, because we’ve got your back.

In this article, we share with you nine introvert blogs that can help you understand your personality. It’s time to appreciate and recognize who you really are.

Let’s take a look!

1. Happier Human

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Steve “S.J.” Scott is the man behind the Happier Human blog. He is an author and an avid believer that happiness and success come from developing good habits and continuously improving oneself. He also owns the DevelopGoodHabits.com website.

As a blog that focuses on happiness, our site is not just for introverts, but all kinds of people. We do have a lot of articles, however, that help introverts understand themselves and how they can choose situations that make them happy.

For starters, we recommend checking out these posts:

  1. 25 Best Jobs & Career Paths for Introverts
  2. 17 Signs That You're Probably an Introvert
  3. 23 Fascinating Introvert Facts & Statistics

2. Diary of an Introvert

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Yadirichi Oyibo is the host of this blog site. She is an author, writer, mathematician, and proud introvert. She loves to claim that this blog is a “world inside every introvert’s mind.” Here goal is to help people realize that there is beauty in being introverted.

The Diary of an Introvert blog aims to increase awareness that being an introvert is not something to be ashamed of. Moreover, it encourages people to “embrace their true identities” if they come to find out that they are an introvert.

Here are a few examples of the top posts about being an introvert:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Introverts (36 Tips)
  2. Working With Introverts? 7 Interesting Things to Keep in Mind
  3. How to be Happy Alone: 21 Steps to Enjoy a Quiet Life

3. Highly Sensitive Person

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Kelly O’Laughlin is an introvert and highly sensitive person. Just by browsing through her blog and reading her book, you can see that she is proud of this fact!

Her Highly Sensitive Person blog is dedicated to helping introverts be the best in their fields by embracing who they are. It teaches that there is “nothing inherently negative about the word sensitive,” and that the most effective way to live a content life is to learn how to love yourself first.

If you are interested in her blog, we suggest you check out these articles:

  1. The Difference Between Introverts and Highly Sensitive People
  2. How Can I Meet Other Highly Sensitive People?
  3. 11 Tips for Handling the Chaos of Kids as an Introverted HSP

4. Introvert Spring

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Michaela Chung is an author and entrepreneur. More importantly, she is a proud introvert who seeks to help fellow introverts understand their true nature. She started Introvert Spring to help introverted people gain “confidence, connection, and self-love.”

She calls her audiences “innies” to establish a sense of community and belongingness. As a coach, her goal is to help introverts know their worth and embrace their nature in a humble yet confident manner. She encourages people to get out of their comfort zones and tell the world how great being an introvert can be.

For those who’d like to take a glimpse at her musings, here are some links:

  1. What Is an Introvert? An In-Depth Explanation
  2. How to Spot an Introvert
  3. 10 Secret Habits of Mentally Strong Introverts

5. Introvert, Dear

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Jenn Granneman started Introvert, Dear back in 2013 as a personal blog. She was surrounded by extroverted people in an extroverted environment, and she wanted a space where she was free to be who she truly was.

She stumbled upon blog writing and eventually started this site (she actually wrote it anonymously for two years!).

Granneman wishes for one thing, and that is to help introverts and highly sensitive people realize that it is OK to be who and what they are. At first, she only wanted to share experiences on “what it is like being an introvert living in an extrovert’s world.”

Eventually, she ended up creating a community for introverts who want to learn how to adapt to this kind of lifestyle.

If you are an introvert surrounded by a lot of extroverted people, you might find her blog helpful. Here are some samples of her writings:

  1. If You Relate to These 21 Signs, You're an Introvert
  2. 18 Signs You're in an Introvert-Introvert Relationship
  3. 9 Things That Are Hard for Me as an Introvert

6. Succeed Socially

introvert dear | the introvert dear podcast | diary of an introvert

If you were looking for a living definition of “shy,” “lonely,” and “socially awkward,” then the 2006 version of Chris MacLeod would be it. He admitted in his Succeed Socially blog long ago how introverted he was, and how this actually made him realize his purpose in life—that is, to help other people succeed socially.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being an introvert. MacLeod acknowledges that he is still an introvert and becomes socially awkward when faced with a lot of people. However, there are probably times when you wish you could be more comfortable in a group setting.

For those who want to be able to succeed socially while remaining an introvert, we recommend checking out his blog. Here are some of his articles:

  1. Why This Site Doesn't Use The Words Introvert And Extrovert
  2. How To Help Your Older Teenager With Their Social Awkwardness
  3. When You Easily Get Drained And Tired In Social Situations

7. Beyond Introversion

introvert group chat | the introvert, dear podcast | what is the most introverted introvert personality type

Steve Friedman was once a corporate slave, trying to get by each day while dealing with an extroverted environment. He even sacrificed his health and personal relationships to survive in that world. But then one day he found his courage and started chasing his passion.

In his Beyond Introversion blog, he shares the joy of having been able to free himself from a world that suffocated him for a long time. He seeks to help his fellow introverts “search for that courage” and embrace who they really are.

We recommend this blog to all the introverts out there who feel like they are somewhere they don’t belong. Here are a few posts from the site that can help you start:

  1. The Introvert's Manifesto: 10 Guiding Principles
  2. 5 Bright Ideas for Introverts
  3. 5 Phases of Introversion – What Phase Are You In?

8. Introverted Alpha

introvert groups online | introvert group chat | the introvert, dear podcast

Did you think about “alpha men” when you read this site’s name? You weren’t completely wrong! This blog is dedicated to Introverted Alpha men who are having trouble expressing themselves. What is rather interesting, though, is that the person behind it is a woman—Sarah Jones.

Sarah has one main goal and that is to “empower men to self-actualize in their relationships with themselves, women, God, and others.” She believes that men are all capable of being the best and most genuine version of themselves, whether in regard to dating or their own personal growth.

If you identify as an introverted alpha, check out these articles and see if you relate:

  1. Dating and Relationship Standards for Introverted Men
  2. Introvert Dating: Why it Feels Different
  3. How To Best Approach A Girl as an Introverted Man

9. Introverted Moms

best introvert blogs | introvert, dear | introvert support groups near me

Jamie Martin identifies herself as a “highly sensitive and introverted” mother. Apart from running her Introverted Moms blog, she is also an author and teacher (her kids are homeschooled!). She believes that being an introvert is not a hindrance to becoming the best mother you can be.

As the blog title indicates, this is a great blog for moms who are introverted. We recommend checking out some of her articles:

  1. 6 Survival Strategies for Introverted Moms
  2. Try Kindness First
  3. Time Management for the Introverted Mom

Final Thoughts on Introvert Blogs to Understand Your Personality

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, even if the world might seem at times like it values loud, social people more. You don’t have to change yourself just to please the extroverts around you—your job is to be true to yourself.

We hope that these introvert blogs can help you understand and appreciate yourself better. The first step to happiness and contentment is self-awareness and acceptance.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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