71 Things to Do When You’re Alone & Bored at Home

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Being alone and bored at home is not the end of the world.  In fact, our homes are supposed to be considered our sanctuaries.  And thanks to modern technology, there is so much more we can do without having to leaving our abode… while still living full and productive lives.

Bear in mind, as I write this, I am laying aside my introverted perspective on life as someone who enjoys time to myself and out of the public eye.  However, if you are an extrovert, energized by socializing with others, being home alone can be a source of discomfort and the utmost boredom.   

However, we can do so many things to stay entertained, relax and unwind, and even connect with others. while stuck in the confines of our homes.

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What is Boredom? 

Boredom is dissatisfaction that comes from needing something in particular to do.  Also, boredom is when we lack excitement in the state or activity we participate in and/or our surroundings.  Additionally, boredom stems from a tedious and unstimulating part of the day. 

Oddly, no definition of boredom is universally accepted.

Some researchers suggest that without boredom in the world, some of the most remarkable creative feats wouldn't have been reached.  Boredom has led to some of the most extraordinarily articulated phenomena through written philosophical, literary, and sociological works. 

It is subjective and objective, intellectual and emotional, all at the same time, not just a response to one's current state of being.  Boredom leads to inspiration when enduring periods of a letdown, navigating through various predicaments, or experiencing a prolonged period of time lacking stimulation.  

Furthermore, boredom is summed up as an unpleasant mental state.  It is a time that we lack inspiration and long for an escape from it.  In the end, boredom can introduce a host of social, medical, and behavioral consequences. 

Potential Effects of Boredom

We may all experience boredom for various reasons, and it has been well established that it is not a good feeling. 

In fact, those who are bored are probably stressed or frustrated for reasons that have led them to experience greater feelings of boredom.  Especially when we don’t have any control over the situation and trust someone else to come through for us.  And things are taking longer than we have the patience to wait for. 

Boredom starts to negatively affect us when it hinders our ability to complete essential tasks or decreases our enjoyment of life.  Additionally, when bored, we may notice that our attention span is not what it usually would be. 

Many individuals have also been known to show increased symptoms of depression and ADHD (attention deficit disorder – a chronic condition where individuals have trouble maintaining attention and act impulsively and hyperactively). 

Boredom can lead to anxiety and makes us susceptible to falling into a state of depression.  You may want to consider discussing things with your doctor if you are experiencing the following symptoms. 

  • Sadness
  • Blaming others for being bored
  • Hopelessness
  • Avoiding potentially engaging opportunities
  • Tiredness
  • Disinterest
  • Irritability

A doctor will help you determine whether or not these feelings you are experiencing are simply boredom or, more seriously, depression.   Then follow up with treatment.  

For most people, however, feelings of occasional boredom don’t have to viewed as torture… but rather an opportunity for growth and change.

71 Things to Do When You're Alone & Bored at Home

1.  Clean up your car.

You may have nowhere to go now, but when you do, your car will be fresh, detailed, and ready for your next adventure.

2.  Read a book.

Reading takes you out of your current realities into a place where you can enjoy action, adventure, romance, or increased knowledge.

3.  Go for a walk.

Since you’re bored indoors, go for a walk, and experience a change of scenery.  Get some fresh air and enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D therapy. See the benefits of daily walking.

4.  Work on a crossword puzzle.

Crossword puzzles are excellent ways to get your mind off the boredom you are experiencing and help you to escape through problem-solving. 

5.  Bake a cake.

Whose demeanor wouldn't be changed by eating a nice piece of chocolate cake?  Gathering those ingredients together, getting lost in those recipes, and smelling the cake while baking in the oven can shift boredom to anticipation and excitement.

6.  Binge-watch a new TV series. 

Pass the tedious hours of your day by getting lost in a new series of TV shows on your favorite streaming app.  My personal favorites are the home improvement series. 

fun things to do alone at home | 100 things to do when youre bored | crazy things to do alone at home
Take time to get into your hobby and enjoy yourself.

They can give you ideas of more things to do around the house.

7.  Take on a home improvement project.

Need something to do, rearrange the living room, paint your bedroom, or retile the bathroom.  Take on a home improvement project when you are bored at home alone.

8.  Get involved in a hobby that you enjoy.

Get out the golf clubs, grab your basketball and hoop, or work on your stamp collection.  Take time to get into your hobby and enjoy yourself. Want to find a good hobby? Start here.

9.  Clean house.

We usually don't deep clean because we are busy with life.  However, when we are bored, and at home alone, it is a great time to take a couple of hours to deep clean our kitchen floors and move and clean behind large pieces of furniture or appliances.  Make the best of a dull situation.

10.  Play a video game.

Nothing passes the time like playing your favorite video game on PlayStation or X-Box.  Enjoy your time alone or connect with other players while you play by connecting your game online.

11.  Research and plan the details of your next trip. 

Take your mind off your current situation by planning what you will do next.  For example, look up vacation destinations and locations for day trips with amenities you would enjoy. 

12.  Work on your flower beds.

Before we know it, spring will be here.  So work on those flower beds and get them ready for spring.

13.  Make a phone call.

Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a long time.  Facetime a loved one, catch up about old times, and tell them how you feel about them and that you miss them.

14.  Do your homework.

Bored?  Do any homework you may have before you go back to class.  It may be boring to be at home alone, but it doesn’t mean your time cannot be productive.

15.  Write handwritten letters to your friends or family.

Put your feeling down on paper, write a letter to the people you care for most, and mail it.  It is a lost art that can be a touching sentiment.  We may be alone, but it doesn't have to be all about us.

16.  Take a nap.

Nothing passes the time of boredom like taking a nap.  Sleep makes time pass and gives you a refreshed mind and a more relaxed attitude.

17.  Donate gently used clothes and household goods. 

There are not only charities who are open to taking those gently used goods and furniture you no longer have use for, but there are people around you who could use what you no longer have use for as well. 

For example, you may have a young couple in your family starting out with nothing or a struggling neighbor.  One last option is to post your items on social media and offer to give them away for free.

18.  Start a blog.

Being alone is the perfect time to use the peace and quiet to write a blog.  You have subjects and ideas you feel strongly about, so why not write them down and post them in a blog.

19.  Watch YouTube or TikTok videos.

We often watch videos on YouTube and TikTok when we are supposed to be doing something else.  So why not enjoy your favorite videos and creators when you are bored and have nothing else going on.

20.  Paint a portrait.

One of the best ways to get lost and forget your boredom is by painting.  Whether you use oil paints, watercolor, or acrylic, paint a portrait and get lost in your gift of creativity.

21.   Shred Paperwork.

Do you have an old stack of paperwork at home or old letters you still need to deal with?  Shred them while you have nothing else to do.  You'll feel accomplished when you do.

22.  Build pallet furniture.

Bring some of your Pinterest ideas to light by building pallet furniture for your patio, porch, or man cave. 

23.  Pray.

Nothing changes our mood quite like spending quiet time in prayer.  Your mood is sure to be lightened and your outlook brighter.

24.  Exercise.

Ride your exercise bike, walk on the treadmill, lift weights, and do set-ups and pushups.  Take advantage of the time alone by focusing on your personal fitness goals.

25.  Work on your taxes.

Quiet time alone is the perfect time to do your taxes without distraction.  If you see a tax preparer or CPA, spend your time alone to get your paperwork and documentation for your tax deductions in order.

26.  Listen to some music.

Stream your Spotify playlist to your Bluetooth device or pull out the old vinyl record player and enjoy some of your favorite jams to pass the time. See how music affects your mood.

27.  Clean out your email inbox.

So many times, our email inbox is filled with old junk emails or things that can be filed into email folders because we haven't had time to organize it.  Until now, of course.

28.  Post selfies to your social media.

We always look for the perfect selfies to post on our social media pages.  So, what better time to snap photos in different rooms, in front of various backgrounds and lighting to boost your social media presence.

29.  Create new style choices.

Being home alone is the perfect time to go through and pair together some of your outfits you have not tried before.  For instance, match the red blouse and matching shoes with the black skirt, bright yellow belt, and jewelry to match. 

what to do when bored at home alone with no money | crazy things to do alone at home | fun things to do alone outside
It is a great time to take a couple of hours to deep clean our kitchen floors and move and clean behind large pieces of furniture or appliances. 

Then, snap photos and send them to friends for their opinions.  Make sure none of the clothes in the pictures are borrowed from one of your friends.  That may not be good.

30.  Try out new hairstyles.

If your hair is normally straight, go curly.  If it is usually curly, go straight.  Put your hair up, wear it all down, and try something new.

31.  Retail Therapy from home.

I know this gets many of us in trouble, but shopping online doesn't hurt when you're bored. 

32.  Get out your board game collection.

As a child who grew up spending a lot of time alone, I can tell you there is nothing wrong with playing a board game alone.  It can be a fun way to pass the time.

33.  Play solitaire.

Whether playing with a deck of cards or electronically, playing solitaire is an excellent way to eliminate boredom.

34.  Work on your beard.

Trim up your beard and try out your new beard conditioner and oil.  It will bring life to your beard and keep you looking sharp.

35.  Start writing a book.

Start working on the outline for the novel that you have been procrastinating on writing. 

36.  Write a heartfelt letter to your spouse or significant other.

Let them know you have been home alone and could think of nothing else but them.

37.  Add organization to your kitchen pantry.

If your pantry is full of food but lacks organization, being bored while at home is the perfect time to go through some of the old food in your pantry. 

Organize it so you can see everything you have so you spend less time digging for things.  Also, throw items out that may be older and outdated.

38.  Practice new dance moves.

Turn on your favorite jams and practice your favorite dance moves.  Then, if you are brave enough, post them on your social media so that your friends and followers can see how amazingly talented you are.

39.  Take a long bath.

Get out the bubble bath, bath salts, candles, and your drink of choice, and relax in the tub.

40.  Work on your cosmetic skills.

Get out your makeup brushes, powder, lipstick, eyeliner, and false eyelashes.  Then, pull up a makeup tutorial online and follow expert advice to try new looks with your makeup.

41.  Do your laundry.

Wash that load of clothes sitting in your clothes hamper for some time.  It has probably been there for some time and may be running over.  But it will make the time go by faster.

42.  Give yourself a Medi/Pedi.

Home with nothing to do, upgrade those fingers and toenails.  File them, paint them, and give them a fresh new look for the next time you go out.

43.  Invite someone over.

Invite a good friend or relative over for a visit.  This will fix your loneliness and boredom.

44.  Color.

Sharpen those old crayons and get out the coloring book and color. 

45.  Read the Newspaper.

If your community still has a local paper, read it and see what is happening in your backyard.  Discover new businesses to visit or organizations to volunteer your time to.

46.  Write in your journal.

Being alone in a peaceful and quiet place is the perfect time to jot your feelings down on paper and begin journaling.

47.  Catch your favorite podcast.

Sometimes we simply don't have an hour to sit and catch up on our favorite podcasters, but since you are home with nothing else better to do, it is a perfect time.

48.  Mow your lawn.

I know this is not an option for many of us this time of year, but for those who still have growing grass, this is a perfect time to manicure your lawn.

49.  Plan your meals for the week.

While you have some downtime, you should prep your meals for the week.  You'll be glad you did.

50.  Ask your friend if you can come over.

If you are bored and alone at home, visit a friend; they are probably bored and alone too.

51.  Delete photos from your phone.

Like me, you can accumulate hundreds of photos on your phone.  They range from selfies to screenshots and pictures you saved from online. 

crazy things to do alone at home | things to do at home alone for a girl | fun things to do alone at home
Trim up your beard and try out your new beard conditioner and oil. 

So, take the time to delete those old pictures and free up valuable space on your device.

52.  Browse listings for houses online.

Maybe you are bored because there is nothing to do in your area.  Browse houses in communities where you feel you have plenty of amenities you would enjoy.

53.  Learn to play a musical instrument.

Learn how to jam out on a guitar, tickle the ivory on the piano, or skillfully beat the drums.  You can find thousands of tutorials online to teach you how to play any instrument. 

54.  Ask your crush to go on a date.

You have been eyeing her for some time.  You have been flirting with him, vying for his attention since you met him.  So, call them, or hit them up on social media and ask them out. 

55.  Balance your checkbook.

I may be revealing my age with this one.  Keep up with your personal or business finances and make sure everything lines up.  The banking system does make mistakes from time to time.

56.  Cuddle on the couch with a pet.

There is nothing quite like laying on the couch with your furry friend.  Love on them and enjoy those wet doggy kisses or cat cuddles.

57.  Scrapbooking.

Gather those old pictures together and place them in a scrapbook.  Then, add some elegant designs and crafts to it.  This should be creative and fun.

58.  Design a logo for your business.

Many of us have business ideas but still, need to design a logo for the company.  Or, you may have the business logo, but it needs an upgrade.  So, now is the perfect time to spruce it up.

59.  Design a tattoo.

You have been talking about getting a tattoo for years.  Now is the time to get a design together and decide what you want and where on your body you want it. 

60.  Rotate and flip your mattress.

Have you been waking up with back aches and stiffness?  Does your mattress feel less comfortable than it used to?  It may be time to flip that mattress and rotate it.  You’ll thank me later.

61.  Learn a new language.

This is a perfect time to start learning to speak a new language you have always wanted.  There are many apps available to help you get started, like Babbel.

62.   Make your own jewelry.

Grab a jewelry kit to upgrade your accessory game with items unique to you and your style.

63.  Play nosy neighbor.

This game has no winners or losers.  You simply stare out the window and see what is happening around you.  You will see people and things about your neighborhood you have never noticed before.

64.  Make some homemade ice cream.

I do this all the time.  Take some whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk and fold them together. 

Then, put it in the freezer for a while, and you will have the best-tasting ice cream you've ever had.  You will make it all the time going forward, especially when you aren't bored.

65.  Make a list of goals.

Use your downtime to plan out your year.  Decide what you would like to accomplish and put a plan of action in place to make it happen. 

what to do when youre home alone and bored as a kid | fun things to do alone at home | 100 things to do when youre bored
If your community still has a local paper, read it and see what is happening in your backyard.

Make shorter-term goals and decide how you will reward yourself with each accomplishment.

66.  Try your hand at knitting.

Knitting is another crafty habit you can learn online.  It's not just for grandmas who sit and watch soap operas.  People old and young love to knit and crochet.

67.  Set up a massage table for your spouse. 

Plan a romantic evening for your spouse.  Then, to top it off, end the evening with a romantic, candlelit, rose petal saturated, area for your spouse to relax.  At the same time, you ease their tension with a massage.

68.  Go LIVE on social media.

Going live gives you a chance to connect with people far and near who may be in the same situation as you are, being bored and alone at home.

69.  Organize your shed.

You hate it when you go to the shed to find a tool, and it is out of place and nowhere to be found.  Adding a little organization now, while you have the time, will lessen your frustration later. 

70.  Fire up the grill.

Fire up a nice juicy steak, grill some burgers and hot dogs, or cook up some of your favorite hot wings outside on the grill.  Then, snap pictures of it and put them on your social media.  You will not be home alone and bored for long with a spread like that.

71.   Light up the firepit.

Get the firepit hot and sit outside and make some smores.  You can enjoy the outdoors or relax with your favorite outdoor snack. 

Final Thoughts on 71 Things to Do When You're Alone & Bored at Home

It’s almost ironic that most of us have a tendency to get bored when we are alone at home… yet there are so many great things we can do to pass the time.  Whether you are up for something relaxing, fun, or productive… there is something on this list to scratch that itch. Just choose what makes you happy

Use the time to better yourself intellectually by challenging your brain with games or learning new skills.  Or put an end to procrastination by taking on hobbies and projects you’ve been putting off. 

You can reach out to friends and loved ones that you’ve been too busy to keep up with because of your hectic schedules… either by writing them a letter or setting up a video chat.

When you're bored at home alone, take matters into your own hands. Change the situation by inviting change. And who knows? Perhaps by making the most of your situation, your newfound creativity and innovative ideas can make a difference in someone else's life… maybe even the world!

what to do when youre bored at home alone | what to do when your bored at home alone in your room | things to do at home alone for a girl
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