17 Traits and Characteristics of a High Value Man

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Are you looking for a unicorn when it comes to men? In more human terms, a unicorn man, also known as a high value man, is something of a rarity because he’s “all that” and more. If you’ve ever met a self-made man, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

He is the kind of man who turns heads and impresses people without saying a word. If you don’t want to be him, you want to have him as your partner.

A unicorn man has learned the value of treating himself and others well, which is perhaps one of the most valuable assets he possesses. 

Are you ready to learn all about the high value man and what characteristics he embodies? Prepare for your jaw to drop. 

What Is a High Value Man?

Defining a self-powered man is about describing a man who is authentic and has integrity that endears him to men and women. This man is one who has mastered the art of wellness—physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. 

He is the guy that other men want to be, and the partner that women want. His loyalty, self-assuredness, and natural qualities of leadership, makes this man a unicorn—he’s magical, almost mythical, and he does this all because he’s the ultimate role model.

A unicorn man turns life into art because he’s always driven to reach a state of wellness in everything he does. This life-outlook means he thrives in his physical appearance, spiritual health, and financial stability. 

Simply put, this unicorn man has developed a character that others look up to. He’s the archetypal “good guy.”

What Makes Being a High Value Man Desirable?

A man who is confident, intelligent, and looks after themselves is something wonderful to see. These and the other qualities of a high value man means they are in high demand and very appreciated by those near them. 

On a personal level, a powerful man oozes self-assuredness, and he is the embodiment of loyalty, compassion, kindness, and responsibility.

He invests in his own health and wellbeing, and you’ll frequently find him at the gym or running in the neighborhood. He reads and learns about life, the human spirit, and what it means to be human

No matter which company he moves in, he fits in seamlessly while still maintaining his selfhood and not compromising on his values. Guys look up to him, and he inspires them toward positive change. 

These high value men thrive in whichever profession they have chosen as they are dedicated and driven toward excellence. Their colleagues feel comfortable near them and know they can be depended on to play their part in their careers. 

Since they are so dedicated and able to handle change well, these men easily rise in the ranks of their career, making excellent managers and CEOs. 

How to Become a High Value Man

You may have already met a power man like this if you’re a guy. While you know he’s human, you also realize he’s somehow more than human, and you probably want to be like that too. Here’s how:

  • Embrace the journey of self-discovery and self-reflection by setting time aside each day to read intellectual books, watch TED talks, and make a conscious choice to transcend your current position in life.
  • Learn who you are and allow yourself to like your good points and work on your trouble points. Embrace authenticity and become comfortable in your skin.
  • Create a positive mindset by learning about resilience and fortitude. Take survival classes and play challenging sports to learn what your bottom line is and what you can overcome. Remind yourself that change is good, and it’s how we grow.
  • Learn about emotional intelligence and start to listen more than you talk. This is how you learn about how others feel, begin to think about how you feel, and practice greater awareness of feelings in general. Stop judging others.
  • Count blessings, practice daily gratitude, and demonstrate appreciation.
  • Work on your relationships. Ask yourself how you can make life better for others by taking better care of yourself. Practice presence in the lives of those you love.
  • Discover the power of saying NO. The right people will respect your boundaries, and those who don’t are not fit to be in your life. 

This is not a sprint to some magical finish line. Instead, prepare for a marathon, and if you run this race your whole life, no single step will be wasted. Keep working at it, never accept mediocrity, and value your personal best—you are enough.

How to Find a High Value Man

Having a high value partner is the dream for most singles (and even many who are already partnered). So how do you manage to win the attention of such a power man? 

  • Mirror what he shows by being self-confident, kind, compassionate, and emotionally mature. Have a positive mental outlook on life and the people around you. 
  • Be supportive instead of draining him—he’s already got many people who want stuff from him. He’ll notice if you support him and help him without him asking. Little things won’t go unnoticed. 
  • Be his equal, working on your own power instead of latching onto his. Be authentic, manage your feelings, and practice similar values as he does. Impress him with your respectful nature and quiet resilience. 

17 Traits and Characteristics of High Value Men

The real measure of a power man is found in his characteristics and traits. With a unicorn man, you will know him by who he is, how he behaves, and what he does

So look out for these traits and characteristics to identify this unicorn type of man.

1. Generous (But Not to a Fault)

The expression generous to a fault would typically mean someone is user-friendly, but that’s not one of a high value man’s traits. He’s generous, but he doesn’t let people use him. 

When he helps someone, it’s because he wants to help them, not because he is currying favor or trying to impress people. 

A self-powered man’s generosity comes back to his innate goodness, which means he wants people to thrive. So he makes life better for others because he genuinely cares about people.

Since his intentions are good, he engages in altruistic acts to help others, and you can take him at his word. 

If he promised to be there, he would be there. 

2. Emotionally Intelligent & Emotionally Available  

What a rare characteristic in itself—an emotionally intelligent and emotionally available man. The high value man can read people, and instead of reacting to the emotions of others, he can manage his own feelings and act without blowing up.

So a unicorn man can keep calm when others are losing their minds.

values of a man | traits of a high value man | how to become a high value man
In a world of chameleons, he remains steadfast in who he is, never letting the crowd tell him how to be or what to do.

He becomes the still point in the storm, and people naturally turn to him for emotional support and counsel. Using emotions positively allows the high value man to possess a near-mythical strength in that he’s not ruled by anger.

In his relationships, the high value man is emotionally self-aware, which means he can give all of himself to his partner, fully supporting them.

He is comfortable with his own vulnerability and that of his significant other. This leads to his other winning characteristic of being a great communicator. 

You can lean on him and depend on him to share his feelings openly with you.

3. Goes After His Goals

Ever the adventurer, a power man likes to set himself challenges. He sees challenges as opportunities to better himself, test himself, and learn about who he is.

So he sets himself goals, always pushing himself toward greatness

For the self-powered man, there’s no “ah, this is enough, now I can relax” mentality. It’s always about being more, living life to the full, and never wasting a moment.

4. Knows His Purpose in Life 

Most of us feel like we need a reason for living. We want a purpose in life. The unicorn man has discovered his, and he is building his life around that purpose.

Through personal reflection he is able to identify his goals, avoid distractions, and focus on the reasons for life.

Being able to meet his purpose each day is a source of happiness and pride to him. To meet that purpose, he develops a plan for living, a roadmap to keep him steadily heading toward his goals. 

Because he has his eyes on the prize, he doesn’t sweat the small stuff, and he takes obstacles in his stride. Challenges become growth points in his life, and this unicorn man inspires others with his drive and dedication. 

When you focus on the goal, you can take risks and push when the going is tough. This powerful man is well-equipped to handle whatever life throws at him due to his daily outlook.

5. Values Honesty and Transparency  

It’s a rare pleasure to meet a man who still values honesty and transparency in their daily life.

This man is so open to living authentically and with integrity that he never fears mistakes or apologizing for them. He’d never try to hide from a flaw or drum up excuses for failing. 

Because of his transparent feelings, this man never tries to hide his feelings, and cheating of any form is intolerable to him. He acts with respect toward all who cross paths with him. 

You can rest assured that when a high value man says something, you can believe in his honesty and easy face-value that fosters being open and avoiding lies and half-truths. Lying won’t challenge this man as he never believes in obscuring the truth. 

6. Cares for Himself 

When you have developed such self-awareness and emotional self-acceptance, you realize your life is a gift, as is your body. So, this man takes excellent care of himself, making sure he is well-groomed and sets aside time to meet his physical needs. 

Despite life getting busy, this man will make time to go work out at the gym, shave, or go for a haircut. Self-care for him is about being grateful for his body by showing gratitude for that body.

So he takes perfect care of his physique, going for regular health checkups, dressing comfortably, and following a healthy diet. 

His first impression is always good as you can easily see he puts in the work to maintain a healthy and happy body. He likes to dress neatly, and he will ensure his partner is also comfortable and well-dressed. 

Because he cares about himself, he won’t just shack up with random partners, nor will you find him drunk at a bar. When he drinks, he does so responsibly, and if he dates, he searches for a partner who will add to his world, not simply be a passenger in it. 

7. Lives His Life His Way and Embraces Authenticity 

When you are comfortable in your own skin (and mind), you can live life with the authenticity to do it your way. This self-aware and powerful man makes authenticity his guide, and he is comfortable with who he is. 

You can expect him to have a few quirks and habits, but instead of being bashful about these, he proudly embraces them, seeing them as a part of who he is. 

This man is who he is without fail. He grows, but never changes on a whim. In a world of chameleons, he remains steadfast in who he is, never letting the crowd tell him how to be or what to do.

For this power man, his personal values guide him toward his authenticity. He is agreeable by nature, but he sticks to his guns when he needs to.

Because he can read others and is aware of his own feelings, he can easily spot when someone is trying to manipulate him.

8. High Self-Esteem and Self-Confident

Since this quality man accepts his flaws, he has developed an unshakable self-esteem. It’s this firm sense of self and his own worth that motivate him when times are tough.

He doesn’t need to look for external validation as he knows he is enough (whether he succeeds or falls short of his goals).

But this man knows what he can and can’t do, and his confidence in his abilities is what helps him navigate life’s challenges and succeed where others fail.

This highly developed self-esteem earns him respect and banishes negativity

9. Growth Mindset 

One of the deciding factors in life’s success vs failure battle is your mindset. When you have a growth mindset, you can overcome any adversity, face challenges, and do better each day.

This power man’s mindset is focused on growth, and once he’s achieved something, he is already setting himself up for the next goal. 

alpha male | alpha male meaning | alpha males
When you are a power man, you lead through example, do what’s necessary, and don’t ask for permission.

Forward and onward is his motto. 

For this man, growth is life, and he sees everything as a chance to improve and become better at being himself. This confident man uses diligent effort, strategic thinking, and peer feedback to develop and achieve his goals.

10. Responsible 

Owning up to your limitations, challenges, and flaws is something that few people do—we’re always looking for a way out of that responsibility, right?

But this man is the one who steps up to the plate and swings at his own failures because he knows there are people counting on him. For him, blame rests squarely on his shoulders, and he carries that blame to the finish line without complaint. 

Being responsible is one of his strongest leadership qualities, and it’s a very admirable quality to ladies looking for Mr. Right

11. A Leader  

Unlike being responsible, being a leader is about innovation, guidance, and initiative. When you are a power man, you lead through example, do what’s necessary, and don’t ask for permission.

High value men look to what they can do, not waiting for someone to tell them what they should do. 

When he speaks, he does so with an inspirational aura, encouraging others to follow where he leads. He has a vision, and it’s planned in detail, but he values input and wants to lead strong minds, not sheep. 

Part of his leadership style is to work on getting genuine participation from those he is responsible for. He doesn’t use manipulation or gaslighting tactics to get what he wants. 

12. Respectful, Consistent, and Reliable 

If you were raised right, you were encouraged to develop the virtues of respect, reliability, and consistency. Should you be lucky enough to date one of these high value men, you can expect them to be absolute gentlemen

This man will treat his woman as his queen, and he is sure to make a great impression on her family. To him, family matters.

In his dealings with other people, you will note he is always respectful (in word and deed). You can set your watch to his punctuality, and he is always there to support those he cares about.

13. Seeks Balance in Life 

You know the saying about “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” High value men are anything but dull, and they aren’t into extremes either. 

These men are ambitious and have a lot going for them, yet they look for the middle ground in all aspects of their life, from work to love and play. 

They try to find a healthy work-life balance—one that works for them. They want to live a fulfilling life, and that is only possible when these guys value personal time, solitude, and social commitments while preventing boredom and burnout at the same time.  

14. Independent  

High value men are fiercely independent. They don’t need you or anyone else taking care of them because they are skilled to do so themselves. And if they don’t know how, they’ll make a plan and learn. 

This man isn’t clingy or needy. And if you are in a relationship with him, he’ll love it when you do hobbies together, but you don’t need to do everything together. He’ll respect that you’ll want space (and you should value his need for me-time too). 

A significant aspect of this guy’s independence is how he manages his finances. You’ll find that he’s fairly well-off because he knows how to budget, invest, spend, and save.

One of his goals in life is to be financially independent, and he’s hard at work to achieve this. 

15. Values Boundaries 

Have you realized that when you put up boundaries to protect yourself, others think you are holding a grudge? In truth, they are upset because you aren’t so user-friendly anymore. 

The good news is that high value men aren’t like this. They understand the value of having and enforcing boundaries, and if you are part of their life, they’ll encourage you to put up personal boundaries too. 

This kinda guy doesn’t take advantage of others, but he isn’t a doormat for them to walk over. While he is empathic, he knows when to walk away, how to maintain boundaries, and how to protect himself and those he cares about. 

16. Self-Aware and Focused on Self-Improvement 

High value men possess the rare qualities of being self-aware and are actively working on their self-improvement and development.

This guy wants to be the best version of himself that he can be, and he’s not afraid to put in the work. 

high value woman | how to become a high value man | signs of a high value man
A high value man is great at actively listening and communicating, whether it’s with his romantic partner, children, family, friends, colleagues, or employees.

As a self-starter, he knows that he needs to rely on himself to make a difference in his life. He’s also aware that when something isn’t working well, he’s responsible for figuring it out and putting in the effort, so he can turn his shortcomings into strengths. 

These qualities make him a well-rounded man because he knows there are no shortcuts on the road to personal success

17. Great Communication and Listening Skills 

He is great at actively listening and communicating, whether it’s with his romantic partner, children, family, friends, colleagues, or employees.

In part, being emotionally intelligent helps the high value man communicate how he feels, so he doesn’t keep his emotions bottled up and explodes when you least expect it. 

This type of man is also assertive.

He isn’t scared to tell others if there’s an issue, but he does it in such a way that the other person ends up respecting him more for being honest, logical, emotionally available, and not sugar-coating the truth nor being judgy or hyper critical. 

Final Thoughts on a High Value Man

A high value man is just like the name hints at: They are highly valued and, thus, highly sought-after. High value men are the perfect example of masculinity because they are kind, generous, respectful, reliable, leaders, and honest

They look after themselves in all aspects of their life, communicate well, are self-aware and focused on self-growth, and know what their purpose is. And who wouldn’t want to be a man the ladies can’t say no to?   

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