61 Funny Halloween Memes for a Spooky Time in 2024

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Want to cultivate an eerie connection between chuckles and chills?

Halloween is not just about ghouls, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. It's also a time for creativity, laughter, and playful poking fun at our spooky mischief.

In this article, as the shadows grow longer and the night sets in, we've conjured a collection of Halloween memes that promise to make your bones rattle with laughter.

So, dim the lights, grab a handful of candy, and prepare for a ghoulishly good time.

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. You don’t need a costume.

That’s some infinity-level emotional damage right there. Don’t you think so?

2. Expectation vs. Reality

It’s OK, kid. It’s important that you tried. It’s Halloween, after all—it’s supposed to look creepy.

3. Halloween shopping with the boys.

This is what happens when you let the boys go Halloween shopping. There is never a dull day when the crew is out and about.

4. How dare they?!

Who would dare say that when skeletons are waiting to be unleashed from the graveyard?

5. Early celebration!

No, we’re not judging you. We support whatever early celebration you may be having right now. It’s the spooky month, and you are entitled to any celebration you deem fit.

6. Please, don’t leave me.

We all have that introverted friend we cannot leave alone during parties. If you are an extroverted friend, please don’t invite them, only to abandon them an hour later.

7. Oh, the rich ones!

Whoever came up with “trick or treat” during Halloween must have owned a candy company. And they just keep getting richer!

8. What did you say, kid?!

Childish, who? No one’s ever an adult during Halloween. We are all kids at this time of the year.

9. Dad is prepared, too.

Of course, Dad has prepared a costume, too…but does he have to wear it out in public?

10. At least, you tried.

Being the creepy yet cool kid will never get out of style. Shake that booty and kill the beat.

11. Poor Spidey.

“Seriously, dude?” says the actual spider. He’s got a point, though. Why would you destroy the real one when it will give creepier vibes?

12. No other choice.

There really is no other choice. October is the month to get spooky. Halloween is coming soon!

13. How are you so brave?!

Things are so much scarier and more real when you are young. Those high schoolers must seem like superheroes, the way they aren’t even fazed by haunted houses!

14. I have a license for that!

They don’t get to tell you what to do. You have a Spooky Content License to post all you want.

15. Perfection!

The boys understood the assignment—and built a perfect scene!

16. It’s time.

Who else is waiting for the first of October to transform? It’s not just the last day of October that we celebrate, but the entire month!

17. Can’t wait.

You don’t need to wait for the exact day, though. It’s already the spooky month. Start celebrating early!

18. But why?!

Send this meme to your friend who doesn’t like Halloween. How could they not enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year?

19. Oh, is it October already?

And you do the pumpkin dance! Time to get creepy!

20. Best house ever!

This is everyone’s favorite house. Just make sure you get there before all the other kids do!

21. Bad but wise.

While it might be naughty, we have to admit it is a wise move. Just don’t get caught!

22. Best-est house ever!!

Someone must love Halloween! What do you want to bet they give out the best candy, too?

23. It has to be the best.

Children nowadays spend a lot of time thinking about and planning their Halloween costumes. Everything has to be perfect!

24. I still love Halloween.

It may have been a rough year, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself. Keep the party going until your face melts!

25. As an intellectual…

Here’s a meme for the intellectuals out there. Instead of saying trick-or-treat, why not get scientific about it. Show everyone the sophisticated way to celebrate!

26. Spider-verse.

Why do kids love Spiderman so much? He is our friendly neighborhood hero, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Spider-man will always have a special place in our hearts.

27. The best costume award goes to…

This little cutey deserves all of the candy.

28. Oh, wait, the best costume award goes to…

Of course, if you are into the creepy rather than cute, then this is definitely the winner.

29. Parenting 101.

Here’s some advice from Jigsaw whenever your kids won’t stop asking you to buy stuff. It might just work!

30. Look what I found!

Things are about to get interesting….

31. Somebody said crazy?

Maybe she didn’t get the memo. But who cares? We bet she rocked the entire company with that outfit.

32. Best pumpkin carving ever!

Is there anyone out there artistic enough to create this pumpkinscape for us? This is the best carving we have ever seen!

33. An effective costume.

Her classmates probably swore off Halloween for life. Good grief, kid. You win!

34. Wear them or eat them?

It’s a common dilemma for those who have a sweet tooth. We feel your struggle!

35. Why is everybody normal?!

Did no one else get the memo? This was supposed to be a costume party! Don’t worry, at least you look fabulous.

36. She’s still cute.

No matter how mad she gets, you still love her. Give her a kiss and make up!

37. Best school ever!

Imagine you went to this school and saw your principal dressed up as Gru. You’d be less likely to ditch class, that’s for sure!

38. Crazy love.

Both of you being crazy is better than just one of you being nuts! Crazy loves company!

39. More trick or treat?

You need to slow down with the sweets, my friend. We know it’s Halloween, but you still have to think about your blood sugar!

40. Myers has problems, too.

Oh, poor Michael. Have you ever stopped to consider the issues that were metaphorically killing him?

41. It’s the pumpkin pizza!

When you love Halloween and pizza—what’s better than a pumpkin pizza?

42. Halloween Dance

Here are a few steps you need to learn for Halloween. It’s an easy dance. We bet you already know it.

43. Ready for him?

We bet you didn’t expect him to give you a finger heart! Still killing it after all these years!

44. Party time!

This, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Bring back the finger heart, Michael!

45. Dancing Myers

We can’t get enough of Michael Myers this Halloween. How good is this killer dance?!

46. Oh, they are happy and ready!

Your favorite villains, merrily dancing through the woods. They don’t seem so scary now, do they?

47. Well, it’s Halloween!

It’s Halloween, and you need your best costume. Even brides are terrifying in October!

48. Give me that pumpkin.

When your co-worker scares you with a pumpkin head, you know Halloween is right around the corner. What better way to keep The Office exciting?

49. Happy Ghost Hunting!

Just a cute GIF to send to your friends who enjoy ghost hunting during Halloween.

50. Eat, drink, and be scary.

Here’s another greeting card for your Halloween rampage for this month!

51. Twerk or treat?

When kids come trick-or-treating, and you open the door for a twerk-or-treat—things are getting crazy this Halloween season!

52. Doggie is ready to be a spidey.

We will have a heart attack if this dog comes chasing after us. It’s just too cute!

53. Employee of the Year

Say hello to our employee of the year! You have to love that co-worker who is always excited about costume parties.

54. Doggie, have mercy.

Get ready for another heart attack! This dog kills with cuteness!

55. The Jokers

Are we the only ones freaked out by this GIF? Clowns are creepy!

56. No, thanks.

We feel you, kid. We’d back out, too, if the Wicked Witch of the West was after us.

57. Our favorite couple.

They aren’t just our favorite Halloween couple—they are our favorite couple anytime, anywhere!

58. Halloween activities for your cat.

Here are some activities from Pusheen the Cat. If you and your cat spend Halloween together in your room, isolated from the world, at least you can keep each other entertained.

59. Excited for Halloween?

Who is so excited about Halloween that they forgot to wear clothes? This guy!

60. Halloween is cool!

Don’t let the Halloween haters get you down. This holiday is super cool!

61. We love Halloween!

We love Halloween, and no one can ever change that!

Final Words on Funny Halloween Memes

Isn’t our crypt of comedy brimming with some spooktacular fun? We hope you enjoyed this collection of eerie giggles and light-hearted scares.

Remember, a chuckle is the best way to scare off any lurking shadows. Stay spooky and keep laughing!

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