43 Famous People & Celebrities with ESTJ Personality Type

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The Myers-Briggs Personality profile is one of the most widely used tests in the world. It is used by schools and businesses throughout the world to determine where a person can best use their inborn talents. And, today, I’m going to educate you on the most popular of the sixteen personality types… the ESTJ Personality.

But before we start, you may want to take the test to see if you fit into this category. Learning what type fits you best can help direct you on the path where you will feel happiest traveling, especially in regards to your career and relationships in general.

What the Letters Mean

Each letter of the personality type has a meaning.

E stands for an Extrovert. These people are energized by people and need to be around them frequently. They are very action-oriented.

S stands for Sensing. Sensing people use all their senses to gain information about their environment. They base their idea of reality only on the information that can be gained from their senses.

T stands for Thinking. Those with thinking personalities like to use what facts and available data they can when making decisions. They rarely go by mere hunches.

J stands for Judging. When dealing with the outside world, the judging personality prefers to have all the information available and everything in order. This includes leadership hierarchy and set rules.

The ESTJ Personality

If you are looking for an example of someone with the ESTJ personality, you aren't as likely to find them working at the local tree nursery or library.

This strong personality is often drawn to positions in politics, high-ranking military roles, or running large corporations. Many judges also share the same traits.

Interestingly, very few musicians or music artists have this personality type. For people drawn to television, you are more likely to see news commentators or talk show hosts than reporters of current events.

If you want examples of everyday people in your neighborhood, look closely at the person running the neighborhood watch or tenant council. The local activist is also very likely to be an ESTJ.

ESTJ individuals are very outspoken. They have a tendency to speak their minds and don't bother resorting to tact to get their point across. They can be diplomatic if needed, but will only go so far if it means compromising what they really think.

These individuals have strong moral values and don't mind standing alone if they believe in something. They are the model citizens who believe that there is a need for authority and they are adamant about following the law and tradition.

If they are in a situation where there is chaos, they are the first to take charge and start putting order into the situation. Many with this personality are considered quite bossy by those around them.

Strong women with this personality are often criticized as being unfeminine simply because they do stand up for themselves and don't hesitate to speak their minds.

There is a strong attachment to family among those with ESTJ personalities. They are the ones drawn to genealogy and they never forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates and make sure those things are celebrated. Traditional holidays are extremely important to these individuals. 

ESTJ personality types don't give respect merely because they are told they should. They believe respect is earned through hard work. They can't stand laziness or signs of entitlement.

Decisive individuals, they make taking control seem like the easiest possible thing. Rarely do these individuals act until they have all the facts and everything in order. Spontaneity isn't one of their traits.

In some cases, this personality type can carry their naturally assertive personality too far and become aggressive. They may also become overly ambitious, causing them to veer off course and get into shady areas.

For the most part, however, the extremes of these traits are kept in check because of the high moral values and respect for tradition.

43 ESTJ Famous People

Politicians and Military Leaders

This is where the ESTJ personality seems to thrive.

1. Bernie Sanders

While Bernie Sanders is willing to think outside tradition, he shows his ESTJ side by being very vocal and willing to stick by what he believes in regardless of the opposition. His extroversion inspires others to follow willingly.

2. Douglas MacArthur

One of the most famous military Army Generals of all time. He was raised in a military family and grew to respect authority.

His ability to take command and lead under severe pressure earned him the position of the Army's youngest major general.

3. Kamala Harris

Never at a loss for words, this strong woman is a strong believer in making sure justice is done. She has no trouble calling someone out if she wants answers to what she considers an injustice.

4. Michelle Obama

A strong family woman who accepts her powerful roles willingly and with ease. She made sure her daughters didn't allow their position to go to their heads, instilling in them a strong work ethic that saw them earning what they got.

5. George Washington

What better example of creating order out of chaos is there than this man. Washington was considered a willing and apt leader and he possessed a strong moral character.

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George Washington

He remained steady and confident in every situation he found himself in.

6. Lyndon B. Johnson

Often described as having a caustic personality, Johnson was prone to becoming almost a bully when he didn't get his way. He was ambitious and hated losing in any area of his life. He strove throughout his life to be the best at everything. He never wavered from his convictions.

7. Margaret Thatcher

Principled and steadfast in her beliefs, Thatcher often found herself making enemies. Yet, she was considered steadfast and dependable, and judicial in her rulings. She believed there was a definite right and wrong and never wavered when she believed in something being right.

8. Saddam Hussein

This man is a prime example of how ambition can push this type too far. He was a willing and confident leader but had the tendency to become aggressive in order to get things done that he believed were necessary.

In spite of it all, he considered his fellow countrymen as family and did all he could to see they had necessities like clean water and electricity.

9. Amy Klobuchar

Dutiful and organized, Amy is not afraid to get in and work to make things happen. She is very outspoken and assertive. She is more inclined to make her own rules whenever possible and has a strong ambitious drive that keeps her working long past the time those around her give up.

10. Hillary Clinton

Driven, ambitious, and a strong believer in making sure she knows all the facts before making a move, Clinton is another of the strong women on this list that has a reputation for being loud and bossy. She is dependable and is willing and steadfast in her beliefs.

11. Sonia Sotomayor

The Supreme Court is the perfect place for this ambitious, dedicated, and determined justice. She has a strong moral character and isn't noted for letting them slip. She holds others to the same high standards she sets for herself, believing that respect is earned through actions.

Business Leaders

Many of the larger businesses in the world are run by ESTJ personalities.

12. Steve Ballmer

The CEO of Microsoft has a huge responsibility but he wears it well. He holds himself and others to strong standards of conduct. Ballmer is steadfast and a hard worker who leads by example. He has no problem speaking out when he sees something of inferior quality.

13. Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar thrives in a structured business environment. He is a leader who expects to be followed without question. Before becoming a leader in the business world, his personality also served him well as both a politician and a political advisor.

14. John D. Rockefeller

This man was known from his earliest years to be a methodical thinker who wanted everything done in an orderly manner. He worked best when he could see immediate results from his actions.

For some, his straightforward approach was a bit overwhelming, but he was a confident leader who knew where he wanted to go and had worked out in advance how to get there.

15. Estee Lauder

Ahead of her time, this woman found her skills best suited her for leadership roles. She had a reputation of being adamant about what she expected from others, but none worked harder than her to achieve her goals. Determination and finesse with organizing both led to her success.

16. Henry Ford

Inventing the assembly line, Ford showed one of the greatest examples of believing that a methodical, organized approach was the best.

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Henry Ford

He had excellent leadership skills and was known to need to be in command in order to thrive. When things didn't go his way, however, he could be extremely domineering.

17. Sam Walton

The former CEO of Walmart was destined to create a business that was as large as his personality. Often criticized for being blunt, and even downright rude, he overwhelmed many along the way.

In spite of this, his drive and determination to be at the top kept him working hard until he succeeded.


Some of the most outspoken journalists in the world fall under this category.

18. Mike Wallace

During his long career, Mike Wallace was considered one of the best interviewers around. He had the tendency to get to the bottom of any situation he set out to cover. He was known to be very protective of those he loved and cared for. Unfortunately, that protectiveness often came across as wanting to take over because of his need to be in control.

19. Alan Dershowitz

Not known for subtly, Alan was one of the quickest to call out politicians and other professionals, such as judges, that he believed did not stand up to the moral obligations that were placed upon them. He fought diligently as an activist for the mentally ill.

20. Diane Sawyer

Ambitious is the one word that best describes Diane Sawyer. She is a natural leader who has the ability to lead with compassion and principle. She was considered one of the most powerful women in 2005. Her strong personality was often tempered with her compassion.

21. Megyn Kelly

Kelly started her career as a lawyer. This shows her inborn sense of believing that there is a definite right and wrong. As a journalist, she is known for her direct, unbiased delivery of the news.

She is noted for having a strong personality that can take on anyone who gets in her path.

22. Barbara Walters

Direct is a word that describes Barbara Walters. Her leadership skills were utilized in a less obvious way than many. She was able to lead those she interviewed down a path that left them open and vulnerable, yet she protected those she felt deserved it.

She knew what she wanted and didn't stop until she got it, even if it meant having to dig deep.

23. Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace has won both praise and criticism for her political and legal commentary. Very outspoken, she is determined to help the world see things from a victim's point of view.

She has stood her ground many times over with her views of a person's innocence in the face of all the evidence.

Film and TV

This category also includes many talk show hosts.

24. Uma Thurman

Having her hands in many areas, Thurman has taken charge of her own life and refuses to be dictated to by anyone. She has a strong internal code that she lives by. Her personality has often been described as both bold and loud.

25. Raymond Burr

Burr's personality was considered as large as his size. He took control of his career, but his assertiveness didn't extend to others. He was open, friendly, and generous. His determination was considered one of his strongest traits.

26. Drew Carey

Hard-working and responsible, Carrey is also very pragmatic. He prefers dealing with the logic in life and putting emotions on the back burner. He is considered very organized and responsible.

27. Joan Rivers

Never one to care much what others thought, Joan Rivers was known for speaking her mind, and doing so loudly.

estj anime characters | estj celebrities female | istj famous people
Joan Rivers

She had strong convictions about nearly everything and didn't care who knew about them.

28. Judith “Judge Judy” Sheindlin

Judge Judy has a strong moral sense that shows in her occupation. She has a strong personality that believes she has earned the respect of others and will quickly berate anyone who disagrees with her position as leader of the courtroom.

29. Piers Morgan

Often considered to be full of himself, Morgan has a confidence that intimidates others. Internally, he has a strong belief in how the world should be and is known for trying to make this view a reality.

30. Dr. Phil

This man is known to be quite aggressive with those who know him privately. His need to be in control and considered the top in his field has him tearing down those who would stand in his way or question his authority. His need to win is his biggest trait.

31. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a perfectionist that believes there is a correct way to do everything. She has the ability to lead but is often overly demanding, of both herself and others.

32. Emma Watson

Emma Watson has the ability to speak out loudly against what she considers to be an injustice. She will willingly take criticism and still stand strong in her beliefs. She has no problem taking control of any situation she finds herself in.

33. Simon Cowell

Cowell is someone that is most noted for his blunt, often downright mean comments. This man worked hard to become a noted figure in his profession and he strives to instill this work ethic and dedication to perfection in those around him.

Various Fields

A few ESTJ personalities do venture into careers that are populated with less ambitious personalities.

34. Ella Baker

As an activist, Ella Baker wasn't shy and she had an assertive personality that made some feel she was intimidating. A strong leader, she mentored many other activists as they joined her fight. 

35. Jimmy Butler

Butler is well-known for his demanding and inconsiderate personality. He has no problem going after what he wants and can become quite aggressive when he doesn't get his own way.

36. Billy Graham

Highly moralistic, Billy Graham had a deep sense of what was morally right and he strove daily to instill that belief in those around him. He was a determined person who strove to succeed in his mission.

37. Jerry Falwell

Founder of a mega-church, Falwell had an internal need to be in complete control of all those he led, and he set out to become the leader of as many as possible. He firmly believed he was meant to be a moral leader in this world.

38. Tom Clancy

One of the few authors who demands being in complete control of his career, Clancy is a born leader with a strong determination to reach the top.

39. Amy Chua

Known as the original “Tiger Mother”, Chua is outspoken and controversial. She believes in the ultimate hierarchy of rules and traditions and won't tolerate breaking these.

40. Frank Sinatra

Pragmatic by nature, Sinatra was a hard worker who set out to be at the top of his profession.

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Frank Sinatra

He wasn't known for being subtle and was often considered to be rude to those around him.

41. Adele

Principled and hard-working, Adele is a perfectionist. She has a strong sense of morals and won't tolerate others trying to compromise these beliefs. She has been described as having a very strong personality.

42. Bing Crosby

Crosby was considering a career in law before he turned to singing. He took control of his own career and was often considered demanding but fair. 

43. Trisha Yearwood

Ambitious and vocal are two of Yearwood's biggest traits. She has a pleasant personality that endears those around her and is seen as hardworking and dedicated.

Final Thoughts on ESTJ Famous People

We hope this article has given you better insight into one of the most impactful Myers-Briggs personality types. It is likely you know at least a few people with the ESTJ type, given this type of person is not one to slip into the background… but is right up front, leading the pack.

People are often drawn to these individuals and willing to follow their lead. These people can be inspiring.  That said, you must stay true to yourself and not lose sight of who you are or what you want. It is easy to get wrapped up in the charisma of an ESTJ personality.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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