55 Famous People & Celebrities with ENTP Personality Type

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According to Carl Jung, humans can be divided into sixteen distinctive personality categories. Based on his teachings, the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBPI) was created.

It is highly likely that you have taken this inventory at one point in your life, as it is the most commonly used personality assessment used by schools, the military, and even corporations. If you haven't taken the test, or if you have and can't remember what your category result was, you can take a quick assessment now. 

The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory

The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory measures our most basic instinctual reactions to approaching life and situations. It measures four areas:

  • Introvert vs Extrovert
  • Intuition vs Sensing
  • Thinking vs Feeling
  • Judging vs Perceiving

For a detailed explanation of these categories, we have a handy guide you can check out.  Each person scores higher in one of the two choices in each category and the scores are reduced to a four-letter personality type based on this score. Today, we are going to take a deeper look at those who have the ENTP personality type.

What is the ENTP Personality Type?

The letters ENTP stand for:

E-Extroverted. This indicates a need for people. Extroverts are happiest when they are interacting with others.

N- Intuition. These individuals love abstract theories and notice patterns others are likely to miss.

T-Thinking. These individuals base decisions on the available facts. They are not likely to go with a “gut instinct”.

P-Perceiving. These individuals don't like set rules and regulations but prefer instead to leave room for new options that may arise.

People with this personality type are often nicknamed The Debater. That is because they have mastered the art of debating and will argue about anything and everything. This isn't because they want to be difficult. It is because the ENTP loves to learn and by debating, they have the opportunity to bring out the facts on every side of an issue.

They are open-minded individuals who believe there is always more knowledge to be had.

These outgoing individuals are often the wittiest in the room, even though much of their wit can be sarcastic. After all, they are opinionated and not afraid to speak their minds. Many Type A personalities fall into this category. The ENTP individual is always looking for new avenues to conquer and is often highly skilled in many different areas.

These people thrive on competition. They aren't normally the jealous type but simply believe they can always improve where they are now. They are not one to settle and if someone is better at something than they are, it only proves they have room to grow.

Not surprisingly, many politicians and philosophers fall into this category. Besides the natural ability to argue any subject, they are also natural leaders. They have charismatic personalities that encourage others to both think and act.

They are non-conformists that encourage others to seek knowledge and their own path. Entrepreneurs are often ENTP personalities. They see possibilities where others don't, analyze all the details, and get moving. Life is never boring when shared with an ENTP.

55 ENTP Famous People


1. Socrates

Socrates loved playing Devil's advocate. His sarcastic nature helped others seek greater knowledge simply to try and catch him but his ability to ask even more questions often left those around him perplexed.

2. Voltaire

Quick-witted Voltaire was known to be quite argumentative. Yet his charismatic personality kept others coming back for more. He questioned everyone and everything in his quest to learn as much as possible.

3. Bertrand Russell

Russell didn't stick with one field but examined many, looking for a way to create the beautiful world he so easily envisioned.

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Bertrand Russell

His free-thinking, quick-witted personality was admired by many, even those he criticized with his straightforward way of talking.

4. Niccolò Machiavelli

This man argued about everything, including things he believed in. His goal was to help others think deeply. He loved analyzing history and sought to help others see that history was bound to repeat itself if we didn't understand what happened.

5. David Hume

While David Hume was non-conforming and opinionated, his charismatic personality drew people into his world. He was an excellent debater and said he loved listening to other people's opinions because it helped give him fuel for his own arguments.

6. Karl Popper

Popper himself often said he was a critical-rationalist. His questioning mind was also open to listening to those who debated theories with.

He believed that any genuine idea could eventually be proven and he wasn't one to idly chat when he could make the discussion go deeper.

7. John Stuart Mill

Mill had a reputation for arguing but his goal wasn't merely to argue. His greatest joy was to analyze arguments so he could destroy them completely.

8. Chuck Palahniuk

Palahniuk is best known for his dark humor. He makes people explore the unknown and is straightforward in his communication. He believes to live is to question the status quo.

9. George Bernard Shaw

Many think Shaw must have been a quiet individual but this man loved debating and was very opinionated and sarcastic. He was a non-conformist who couldn't stand being told what to do.

10. Marilyn Vos Savant

This is one of the most intelligent women in the world. She is both logical and open-minded and is an analytical thinker that loves math and science because they are provable. She is a direct communicator that doesn't mince words.

Politicians/Political Leaders

11. Henry Kissinger

This analytical thinker is also a great leader. He doesn't have the same charisma that many of this type have, but his visionary outlook draws people in to listen to his ideas.

12. Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was both a politician and an inventor. He had a deep mistrust of all authority figures and loved proving others wrong. His ability to see what could be instead of simply what was helped carve his place in history.

13. Catherine the Great

Unlike most women of her day, Catherine the Great was a great leader. Her curious nature, coupled with confidence helped greatly. She was opinionated and a non-conformist in just about all matters.

14. Newt Gingrich

Gingrich is seen as quick-witted and friendly by his colleagues. He is known to be a creative brainstormer that is knowledgeable on many subjects. Like many with this character, however, he is often off onto new things before seeing old ones to completion.

15. Mao Zedong

This man is an example of how a “great leader” doesn't always mean benevolent. This dictator has the charisma necessary to gain followers. He is outspoken and analytical in his thinking.

16. Barack Obama

We all know what a great debater Obama is. He is also known to be stubborn and is willing to question everything.

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Barack Obama

His sharp sense of humor comes out often. He has a penchant for having his hands in many areas such as law, politics, and writing.

17. Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelensky is a charismatic leader that uses his quick wit and intelligence to lead his country. He is multi-talented and open-minded and strives to bring the world to a place he envisions.

18. Boris Johnson

Johnson is another great leader on our list. He doesn't have to work at it as his charisma gets others to follow naturally. He is a critical thinker and excellent debater with high intelligence and a love for humanity.


19. Neil Patrick Harris

Harris has a quick wit and a penchant for looking for new ways to do everything. He is a very quick-thinking individual that sees the possibilities of what can be.

20. Hugh Grant

Grant is definitely not a “yes man”. He is an independent thinker who is well known for being outspoken. He is also known for being quite sarcastic to those who know him well.

21. Jon Stewart

Stewart is an outspoken man known for his quick wit and argumentative nature. He is analytical and a critical thinker and is always looking to get others to think in a different way.

22. Bill Maher

This very outspoken host has created a lot of controversy with his free-thinking, non-conformist attitude. His analytical manner helps him dive deeply into subjects that others gloss over or avoid completely.

23. Sacha Baron Cohen

Cohen is outgoing and spontaneous and loves a good debate. Curious about everything, Sacha loves seeing others express views that are different. This adventurer is definitely a people person.

24. Terry Gilliam

Gilliam is always trying to make connections between things that don't readily appear to connect. He's always ready to seek out the new and different. He truly makes people explore possibilities.

25. Robert Downey Jr.

Downey isn't always the easiest to work with. He is both argumentative and opinionated. His search for further knowledge, however, keeps him interesting.

26. Federico Fellini

Fellini is thought of as a creative individual with a warm heart and the wish to do as much good in the world as possible. He is an idealist that sees what can be and his persuasive nature allows others to share his vision.

27. Stephen Fry

This charming, friendly individual is a non-conformist who is known to be very quick-witted. Fry is a good example of how the ENTP personality can also show dependent traits as he literally needs to be noticed.

28. David Hyde Pierce

Pierce is well-known for his penchant for debating and asking hard questions that not only help him understand better but also help others think deeper. He is very straightforward and honest.

29. Amy Poehler

Poehler is a multi-talented person who plays many roles in life. Besides her outgoing manner, she is a fierce women's activist who doesn't mince words and can become downright argumentative when she encounters a closed mind.

30. Megan Mullally

This actress is often both quick-witted and sarcastic. She is a non-conformist that can't stand being tied down to oppressive viewpoints of what she should be doing or how she should do it.

31. Elizabeth Olsen

Olsen can be quite competitive but she has such a friendly, charming manner that others don't see her as a threat. She is an analytical thinker who loves a friendly debate.

32. Salma Hayek

Hayek has often been considered a handful by directors. Her outspoken, direct manner keeps her from remaining quiet when she sees something that can be improved or changed. She is thought to have an issue with authority figures.

33. Rose McGowan

Not content to stay still, McGowan is involved in many endeavors and is always striving to best her last attempt. She thrives on competition and is very outspoken about what she thinks.

34. Adam Savage

This creative thinker is always analyzing. He wants to know how and why things work. He spends much energy on brainstorming and looking for ways to get others to share his love of discovery.

35. Diablo Cody

Cody has always been known for showing her non-conforming attitude in her screenwriting. She has made it almost a mission to break the mold when it comes to how the world sees women. Her creativity often borders on sarcasm, and she is extremely confident.

36. Stephen Colbert

A definite people person who has a quick wit and is very outspoken. He loves debating and learning about others. His opinions show his open-minded nature and willingness to explore what can be.

37. Matthew Perry

Perry has a quick wit and people are drawn to him. Unlike many of this personality type, he needs time alone to be able to contemplate the deep thoughts he often has. When given that needed time, he becomes charismatic, pleasingly sarcastic, and charming.

38. Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock definitely thinks outside the box. He looked for the new and different and, while not much of a debater himself, he loved getting others to think deeply and examine that which was not readily seen.

39. Frank Zappa

Many don't realize just how intelligent Zappa was. This non-conformist was always striving to learn more and become better. His creativity is evident in all his music.

40. “Weird Al” Yankovich

You can't get more opinionated and sarcastic than Yankovich. He may not debate issues, but his music allows us to examine our beliefs and see the irony in many of them. Non-conforming definitely describes this man.

41. Kevin Barnes

Barnes is a versatile performer who is a master of many instruments. He is constantly seeking to increase his skill as a performer. Among those who know him, he is considered both charming and competitive.

42. Tom Hanks

Hanks is very likable. He is energetic and always on the go and pursues everything with a creative passion that is unequaled.

43. Joan Rivers

Known for her outspoken and sarcastic nature, Rivers is the epitome of daring. She used her quick wit to express her strong opinions and show the world a new version of what a woman could be outside the demure housewife.

44. Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds loves a great debate with anyone he considers his equal in skill. This helps him voice his opinions and at the same time learn how others think. He is very charming and likable.

45. Celine Dion

This non-conformist has done much to change the public's view of women. Creative and witty, she also has a great business sense and a competitive nature that keeps her moving ever forward.

The Rest

46. Ray Dalio

It takes an analytical mind to be in charge of the largest hedge fund company in the world. Dalio has the ability to think ahead, see opportunities, and instill a passion for success in those he leads.

47. Karl Lagerfield

Photographer and designer Lagerfield is known for his non-conforming designs that are consistently breaking tradition. He is a leader in independent thought in the artistic arena, which is quite a feat in an area populated by explorers.

48. Leonardo Da Vinci

We know the artwork of Da Vinci was beyond the norm, but his inventions showcase the ENTP personality best.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

He was always seeking greater knowledge and envisioned many things that others didn't even consider.

49. Richard Feynman

His work in quantum electrodynamics shows the critical thinking skills of this great physicist. His need to learn more helped keep his quest to leave the world a better place alive and his work forever changed the nature of our world.

50. Steve Wozniak

Wozniak is a great example of the entrepreneurial side of this personality category. He admits to being a great idea person who often allows others to find a way to make those ideas into reality. He is very creative and outgoing.

51. Werner Heisenberg

Another innovator in the field of quantum mechanics to add to our list. Heisenberg was continually questioning and never stopped seeking greater knowledge throughout his life. He mixed creativity with an analytical approach, leaving behind a great body of scientific work.

52. Murray Rothbard

Known an anarchist, Rothbard is the very definition of a non-conformist. His outspoken manner has made more than a few enemies. He is always looking for the new and different.

53. Igor Stravinsky

Stravinsky is considered a master at his craft. He often found connections in his music that shouldn't have worked but came out beautiful. His intelligence and analytical thinking are well-known among his peers.

54. Mark Cuban

As a non-conformist, Cuban sees the world from a different point of view and has the ability to see opportunities that are hidden from others. He is an idea person who gets others excited about each new adventure he dreams up.

55. Alexa Chung

Charismatic and quick-witted, Chung is a natural leader who is also extremely competitive. She is seeking her place among those at the top and has the determination to make it.

Final Thoughts on ENTP Famous People

The Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory is one of the most popular, but there are many tests out there that can help you take a deeper look into who you are. You can also check out these fun printable personality tests to get your kids into self-discovery.

No personality category is better than the other, they are simply a way to help you understand what your natural tendencies are. This allows you to help find the path or paths that will make you happier in life.

To know yourself is one of the greatest things in the world to help you become the best version of yourself and learn to become your own best friend.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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