93 Jealousy Affirmations to Overcome this Emotion

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Jealousy is a complex emotion that is difficult to understand and difficult to overcome. Because it can manifest in so many ways and be triggered by many different causes, it is easy for jealousy to take root and eventually destroy a relationship.

Affirmations for jealousy can help you calm your thoughts, manage your feelings, and overcome jealousy.

Why Jealousy Affirmations Are Important to Overcome this Emotion

Jealousy is an intense emotion, usually comprised of many other emotions, like fear, anger, hostility, and resentment.

It is almost always experienced in romantic relationships but can also appear in other types: Siblings may be jealous of each other, or a person may be jealous of a coworker or their friends.

In all cases, jealousy is a reaction to a perceived threat to a relationship that is emotionally important to them. Like all threat reactions, it stimulates our fight-or-flight response and causes extreme stress.

There are two types of jealousy arising from very different causes.

  • Reactive jealousy is a reaction to actions or situations that threaten the trust and security within the relationship. For example, we have had an external experience that causes us to feel doubt and jealousy.
  • Suspicious jealousy is based on our own negative self-perception, caused by low self-esteem and insecurity. For example, when we do not believe that we are worthy of love and loyalty, we expect our partner to abandon us and express jealousy, although there is no external cause to lose trust.

Jealousy is a normal and necessary human emotion because it alerts us to threats to our significant relationships and prompts us to take action to protect them.

But unhealthy jealousy can be toxic to ourselves and those who love us. Affirmations for jealousy can help us understand and overcome this emotion.

93 Jealousy Affirmations to Overcome this Emotion

  1. I am open and unafraid
  2. I can ask for help when I need it
  3. I am thankful for all that I have
  4. I do not compare myself with others
  5. I listen to only my positive inner voice
  1. I am secure and safe
  2. I breathe in peace and breathe out jealousy
  3. I have all that I need
  4. I am loved and lovable
  5. I am stronger than this emotion
  6. I improve my life by changing my thoughts
  7. I release negative emotions
  8. I am in control of my thoughts
  9. I deserve to be gentle towards myself
  10. I am learning to remain calm and peaceful
  11. I am in control of my feelings
  12. I am kind, so I do no harm
  13. I nurture and cherish myself
  14. I am enough in this situation
  15. I claim my happiness
  16. I welcome and fully experience all of my emotions
Affirmations for Jealousy - I welcome and fully experience all of my emotions | affirmation examples | affirmations for self love | affirmation examples
  1. All of my feelings are valid
  2. I am a positive person
  3. I nurture my own peace of mind
  4. I am worthy of love
  5. I am safe and protected
  6. My positive thoughts change my reality
  7. I can choose how to think about my life
  8. I have unlimited possibilities
  9. I act with kindness and compassion
  10. I am my best self
  11. I welcome happiness for myself and for all other beings
  12. I pay attention to the way my body feels
  13. I am filled with contentment
  14. I see myself as free from harmful thoughts and feelings
  15. I am thankful for this situation because I am learning how to take better care of myself
Affirmations for Jealousy - I am thankful for this situation because I am learning how to take better care of myself | words of affirmation | affirmations for insecurity in relationship | positive affirmations for jealousy
  1. I desire to keep my heart soft and open
  2. I release all tension and fear
  3. I will overcome negativity with love
  4. I compassionately accept all of my feelings
  5. I will focus on the many positive things in my life
  6. This feeling will subside
  7. I am fearless
  8. I give no time or energy to jealousy
  9. I am responsible for my own destiny
  10. I am precious and unique
  11. I breathe deeply and relax when I feel stressed

I breathe deeply and relax when I feel stressed”

  1. I am gaining courage and strength every day
  2. I am becoming a better person
  3. I will live my best life no matter what
  4. I can survive and grow through this difficulty
  5. This difficulty is an opportunity for me to thrive
  6. I choose to be a kind person
  7. I respect myself
  8. I release jealous feelings because they do not help me or others
  9. I let go of any feelings of jealousy and frustration
  10. I breathe in peace when I feel jealous
  11. I will think only kindness towards all other people
Affirmations for Jealousy - I will think only kindness towards all other people | affirmations for retroactive jealousy | affirmations to get rid of jealousy | what are some affirmations for self love
  1. I set aside negative emotions and actions
  2. I am more powerful than any feeling or thought
  3. I will be at peace through this difficult time
  4. I have inner and outer beauty
  5. I choose patience and love
  6. I can change my mood for the better
  7. I care for myself too much to bother with jealousy
  8. I deserve to have a peaceful life
  9. I desire the well-being of all people
  10. My jealousy is normal; everyone feels this way sometimes
  11. My jealousy will pass in time
  12. I am in control of my behavior
  13. I am secure; nothing can threaten me
  14. I am incomparably unique
  15. I pay attention to my emotions and behave in a healing manner
  16. I am proud of how I am handling this situation
  17. I deserve comfort and praise
  18. I recognize that jealousy is a normal human emotion
  19. I value myself highly
  20. I am not like anyone else, and no one else is like me
Affirmations for Jealousy - I am not like anyone else, and no one else is like me | affirmations to give your partner | the most powerful affirmations for self love | affirmations for self love
  1. I am strong in tough times
  2. I will get through this with grace
  3. What I love, I set free
  4. I control myself and leave others free
  5. My confidence will see me through
  6. My happiness depends only on my own choices and actions
  7. I make a difference in the world
  8. I am strong enough to be kind
  9. Everything will work out peacefully
  10. I release all strife and anger
  11. I breathe deeply and relax, letting go of all obsession
  12. I remain courageous and open to all I can learn
  13. I grow stronger through every difficulty
  14. I am fulfilled and complete in myself; I don’t need anything from others
  15. I am strong and hopeful

How to Use Jealousy Affirmations to Overcome this Emotion

To use affirmations for jealousy, take a deep breath and recite your favorite affirmation(s) aloud 5 times. Then, calm your thoughts and remind yourself that you are in control of your feelings and actions. Think calm, positive thoughts until the moment of jealousy has passed.

The most essential step in overcoming jealousy is to understand the cause. It can help to use a journal to truly explore your feelings. If you feel fear or anger, consider what you are really afraid of.

Think about other times you have felt these emotions and what triggered them. If you are dealing with feelings of insecurity, you may want to talk with a therapist to restore your self-confidence.

A common cause of jealousy is trust issues from past relationships that negatively affect your new relationship. In addition, you or your partner may have abandonment issues that stem from childhood, which require counseling. You or your partner may also have an unhealthy attachment style, which causes unhappiness and friction.

Whatever the root cause, jealousy should never be ignored. On the contrary, it is a warning that something is wrong in your relationship. But, first, jealousy must be explored and understood to identify and resolve the underlying problem.

Final Thoughts on Jealousy Affirmations to Overcome this Emotion

Affirmations for jealousy can help restore you to a calm, positive state, so you can communicate productively and work out your relationship problems with a clear mind. There are hundreds of ways to use affirmations to make positive changes in your life and make your life, and your love life, everything you have dreamed of.

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