27 Butterfly Coloring Pages for Adults in 2024

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Butterflies are quite fascinating, although they have a very short lifespan.

A quick search on the Internet will show you that they only live for an average of a month.

What makes them fascinating is their beauty and symbolism.

In Chinese culture, a butterfly is believed to symbolize happiness and prosperity. It may also mean good luck or a life full of love.

Other cultures say that a butterfly symbolizes rebirth and transformation. This is perhaps because of its metamorphosis.

In this post, we share with you 27 butterfly coloring pages that shall keep you busy yet relaxed. As adults, we find peace in things that look majestic and beautiful. We hope that coloring these pages will help you feel calm and rejuvenated.

Let’s take a look!

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1. Wandering Butterfly

First off, delight yourself with this wandering butterfly from Best Coloring Pages for Kids. Although it’s made for kids, it is also a great coloring page for adults. It’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon in the garden, bonding with your children.

2. Butterflies on a Branch

If you are looking for something that is quite difficult, this might be a good option. The lines are detailed and intricate, making for a great coloring experience.

3. Lovely Butterflies

How about this simple butterfly illustration? It’s great for adults and older kids who love coloring beautiful things.

4. Strawberries and Butterflies

If you like strawberries, print this page out and enjoy coloring them with different shades of red. Then add a touch of lilac, purple, or any other color you like, to make your butterflies vibrant and beautiful.

5. Simple Butterfly

Here’s a simple design that’s easy to color but also very satisfying. This page is perfect for a quick 30-minute break from all of your stressful responsibilities.

6. On a Petal

Here’s another simple illustration from the same site. You could use colored pencils for this design if you want to emphasize the body of the butterfly.

7. Garden of Butterflies

This page may be quite difficult to color if you only crayons or colored pens. In our opinion, it would look great with watercolor paint and in pastel colors. You can also frame it and use it for wall decor.

8. Warhol Butterflies

Andy Warhol was very fond of butterflies. If you feel like celebrating his art and coloring a creative design, this page, inspired by his paintings, is a great fit.

9. Mandala-Like Butterfly Design

If you prefer to color butterflies in mandala style, you can enjoy this page as a fun stress reliever.

10. Butterfly Bunch

We like this design because it has bigger spaces for those who like coloring with wide brushes. That being said, a thin brush would probably work much better for the swirls.

11. Butterfly for Kids

If your kids want a bit of a challenge, let them color this intricate design. Print several copies for you and for them. The lines on the wings can be colored with different shades if you want.

12. I Believe in Miracles

The main focus of this coloring page is the quote, but the butterfly is equally beautiful. We are sure the entire page will help you relax and enjoy your afternoon.

13. Intricate Butterfly Mandala

Here’s a super detailed design that will really challenge your coloring abilities. This butterfly mandala design is intricate enough to keep you busy for a week. If you pull it off beautifully, you can even use it as wall decor.

14. Classy Butterfly

Here’s another one you can color, frame, and use as a home decoration. It may look easy on the surface, but those lines and swirls may be more challenging than you think.

15. Grass and Butterflies

Here’s another easy design that is great for both kids and adults. Color it in detail or use only a few colors for something simple.

16. Monarch Butterfly

How beautiful is this monarch? This butterfly is so elegant and classy, despite its simplicity. Enjoy coloring it!

17. Butterfly Princess

Doesn’t this butterfly give off princess vibes? The wings on the lower half look like an elegant dress, while the upper ones look like they are attached to the dress.

18. Elegant Butterfly

What makes this design so elegant are the flowers in the butterfly’s wings—do you think so?

19. Stained Glass Butterfly Art

Are you fond of stained-glass art? This design looks like stained-glass to us. Print it, color it, and hang it on your door!

20. John 3:16

Here’s a verse from the Bible with butterfly designs for those who like spiritual and inspiring messages.

21. Stems and Butterflies

Here’s another detailed design for those who like flowers. We love how these lines are so delicate. You can use this template to design your living room with flower and butterfly images.

22. Butterfly Doodles

This is a great design to color with your kids, as it isn’t too challenging. It is relaxing enough to be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age.

23. Butterfly Wonderland

This one might be a bit challenging for beginners, but it sure is exciting and interesting for expert colorers. Get lost in the coloring process and watch your worries drift away.

24. Flowers and Butterflies

Print this template for you and your kids to enjoy during summer vacation. It might be a good opportunity to explain to your kids the metamorphosis of butterflies. 

25. Detailed Butterfly Mandala

We love butterfly mandalas. Give this design a try, and we’re sure it will relax you more than you can imagine. You could use multimedia arts—a mixture of colored pens and watercolor paint to make it look more alive.

26. Butterfly Kingdom

Have you ever dreamt of being in a butterfly kingdom? Let your imagination run wild while coloring this page!

27. Summer Feels

Ready for butterfly season? Summer isn’t the only time when they come out, but it sure is a great time to hang out in the park and watch them fly around!

Final Thoughts on Butterfly Coloring Pages for Adults

There you have it—our list of beautiful butterfly coloring pages for adults. We hope you can find time to check them out and color them.

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