19 Best 6-Player Board Games to Enjoy in 2024

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Are you looking for a six-player board game that would be perfect for family game nights?

Or perhaps your friends are pressuring you to find the best board game for your parties and overnights?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share with you the nineteen best six-player board games to try out this year. We picked these games based on customer reviews and ratings on a variety of online platforms, so you can be sure they will not disappoint.

Let’s check them out!

1. King of Tokyo

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King of Tokyo is a classic favorite of those who like to play in groups. It has around 30 minutes of playing time, and is most suitable for ages eight years old and above. Although it is a two- to eight-player game, most gamers like to play it with six people, as this provides the perfect balance.

In this game, you take the role of a mutant monster or a giant robot that’s trying to become the King of Tokyo. Your moves include combining your dice to gather energy, heal from wounds, and take down other monsters. You can also spend additional energy to activate your special abilities.

Winning this game requires you to be the fiercest and most strategic player. You have to think wisely and come up with the best dice combinations to enhance your moves. Whoever gets to the last round and defeats all the other monsters without taking too much of a beating is the winner. Use your special cards along with your dice combinations to achieve this.

King of Tokyo was named the Best Family Game, Best Children’s Game, and Best Party Game during the Golden Geeks Awards in 2012. It is designed by Richard Garfield, the same creator and designer of the popular game Magic: The Gathering.


  • Easy to teach to beginners (and even those who haven’t played other board games).
  • Rules are simple and easy to learn and understand.
  • The game artwork is colorful and the characters are fun.


  • Be cautious when purchasing, as some sellers deliver in poor condition.
  • Might be too easy and light for expert gamers.

2. Twilight Imperium

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Twilight Imperium is a strategy board game developed and manufactured by Fantasy Flight Games. It is designed by Christian Petersen, a board game master creator, and was originally released in 1997. The latest version, which is the fourth edition, was released in 2017 and features tons of changes from the previous editions.

This board game is famous for the length of its gameplay. Experts say that it takes at least six hours to finish it. If you are a beginner, it will probably take you more than eight. It is also popular for its in-depth strategic mechanism, which consists of making political, technological, military, and trade decisions.

The premise of the game revolves around dominating the space league. There are 17 different factions, and you choose to represent. Each faction is completely different than the others, so you’ll never get bored playing the same thing over and over. The game has a number of rules to learn and memorize, but it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.

We recommend Twilight Imperium for those who are looking for a game to play for hours. It is widely praised by expert and veteran gamers because of its depth and complexity. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend you try other games before delving into this one.


  • Customers praise the combat and strategy system of the game.
  • A perfect board game for expert gamers because of its twists and complexity.
  • The latest version significantly improved the entire board game series.


  • Not recommended for first-time board game players.
  • The gameplay is long and might bore some players.

3. Codenames: Pictures

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Codenames was originally a word association game that develops deduction skills among individuals and teamwork among group members. It revolves around the themes of spies and secret agents, with two teams racing to reveal each other’s identities. Whoever discovers all of their agents first is the winner.

The game is designed for two to eight players, and sometimes more. There are two rival spymasters who know the agents in all locations. These spymasters deliver messages to their operatives through codes to help them uncover the agents’ identities. The operatives must be clever enough to decode the messages correctly, otherwise an unpleasant encounter with either an enemy agent or an assassin might occur.

All versions of Codenames have the same general gameplay, rules, and mechanics. Codenames: Pictures differs only in that it has images instead of words that represent the agents. Each picture, however, contains multiple elements that the operatives need to take note of in order to win.


  • Game rules and mechanics are easy to learn and understand.
  • Every version of the game provides the same excitement and thrill.
  • A fast-paced game that can be repeated over and over, even on the same night.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.
  • The game’s artwork and design seems to be lacking.

4. 7 Wonders

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7 Wonders is a good game for three to seven players, with around 30 minutes of playing time. Created by Antoine Bauza in 2010, it is considered one of the best strategy board games of this generation. The goal of the game is to score the most number of points by gaining the most number of properties and resources.

This game is all about power and supremacy. You take the role of a leader of one of the great seven cities of the ancient world, and your task is to develop your city and build an empire that can dominate humanity. This is a card-drafting game, so it also has an element of luck.

The game is categorized into three ages, which are all played in the same manner. In each age, every player is given an opportunity to play a maximum of six cards. As the round goes, the players take turns and draw their cards from the table. At the end of each round (or age), everyone compares their strength and whoever has the most military points wins.

Veteran gamers agree that 7 Wonders is best played with many players. While it is still fun when there are only three to four players, the best experience comes when there are more than five.


  • Highly replayable because there are tons of ways to win and strategize.
  • Challenging enough for experts; easy enough for beginners.
  • A fast-paced game that provides quick thrills and entertainment.


  • Be careful when purchasing online, as some sellers deliver in poor condition.

5. Game of Thrones: The Board Game

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If you are an avid GOT fan and also a board gamer, then you probably already own this game. But for those who are yet to discover how wonderful it is, here’s a brief description.

This board game is based on HBO’s fantasy drama Game of Thrones. You take the role of a lord, controlling one of the six Great Houses of Westeros. From there, you set out on an epic journey towards power and dominance by mustering armies, winning wars, and gaining political power. Your goal is to secure absolute dominance over the lands of Westeros.

The game is suitable for three to six players and has around three hours of gameplay. The latest (second) edition includes new updates and past expansion sets. It also comes with tokens, footmen, knights, siege engines, ship units, and a unique set of house cards that represent all the characters from the book and the TV show.

This board game has received tons of positive reviews from satisfied customers on several online selling platforms. Board game reviewers and gamers also praise it for its artwork.


  • The board game has vibrant, intricate artwork.
  • A perfect gift for those who love in-depth and complex strategic games.
  • Customers suggest that it is best played when there are six players.


  • Not recommended for those who don’t like extremely complicated strategic board games.
  • Long hours of gameplay may not be suitable for those looking for quick entertainment.

6. Colt Express

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Colt Express has a slightly different theme from your typical, classic board game. We do not recommend it for teens and kids, but we highly recommend it for adults. This is because you take the role of a bandit in this game, and your main goal is to steal and scheme until you have taken all the money from a moving train.

In Colt Express, your goal is to be the “richest outlaw in the Old West,” so you have to rob the Union Pacific Express and beat your opponents (other bandits and the Marshall) to become the winner. All actions take place while inside the train, and each character you play has special abilities that you can use when making a move.

The game is divided into two parts: Schemin’ and Stealin’. In the Schemin’ part, you and the other players lay down in a common pile all the action cards you want to use during the round. During the Stealin’ part, the pile is flipped and all the cards are placed in order.

What’s most impressive about this game is that its components are beautifully made. Every piece has been intricately designed, and the train cars are even in 3D. 


  • The 3D aspect of the game makes it look more appealing and entertaining.
  • Only takes 40 minutes to finish the game.
  • Characters are unique and have their own special abilities.


  • Setting up the board game can be a bit time-consuming.

7. Between Two Cities

between two cities | board games | fun board games

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Between Two Cities is set in the early 1800s, when the world was yet to be re-constructed and re-urbanized. You take the role of a renowned city planner who has been called to re-design two completely different cities. However, you need to carefully devote your attention to them both, as you will be scored depending on the livability of each.

This is a cooperative board game, which means you need the help of a teammate in order to win. You need to have a partner to discuss and execute your plans with. How does the collaboration work? You work with the player on your left to build one city, and with the player on your right to build the other. This might seem a little difficult to understand, but once you play the game, you’ll find it’s actually quite easy.

Since this is a tile-drafting game with a mix of strategic planning and decision-making, you need to be comfortable working with your partner. The city with the highest livability score is the winner.

What’s particularly unique about this game is that it can be played solo or with a group. It even has a two-player variation. For groups, it can be played by three to seven players, and play time only takes around 20 minutes.


  • Perfect game filler or warm-up game during party nights.
  • Short gameplay makes it highly replayable.
  • Combination of strategic gaming and creative designing.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.
  • Expert board gamers might find the game’s strategy aspect lacking.

8. Mysterium

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Mysterium is a game that will test your investigative and deductive skills. It is a perfect choice for friends or family members who love using rational and logical thinking to solve a crime or mystery. While it is meant to be played by a minimum of two players, it is more fun and exciting when played by six to seven players.

In this game, the goal is to simply discover the truth about who killed the ghost of Warwick Manor. One player takes the role of the ghost and gives clues, while the others play as psychic investigators. The ultimate goal is to find the culprit, the murder scene, and the murder weapon, all before everyone gets kicked out of the game and loses.

Mysterium is a crowd favorite, and gets top marks from board gamers, reviewers, and other experts in the field. 


  • The storyline is great and makes the game fun and interesting.
  • High replayability, as there are tons of different ways to win (and lose) the game.
  • Best played when there are six to seven players.


  • Can be a bit of a drag if played by only a few people.
  • The rule book can be quite long and difficult to read.

9. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

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One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast-paced deduction game that’s perfect for game nights with three to 10 players. It is a very quick game, so there are plenty of chances to replay it in one sitting. The rules may seem tricky in the beginning, but once you play it, you’ll realize how easy the game is.

To start, you pick a card that determines your role in the game. You will either be a werewolf, a seer, a troublemaker, or any number of other characters. The roles vary, with some characters helping the villagers and others helping the werewolves. Your goal is to find out who the werewolves are. 

The game has two phases: a night phase and a day phase. The night phase is when some of the players perform actions (werewolves, for instance), while the day phase is when the others are supposed to move (villagers, tanners, and hunters). The players may only discuss who they think the werewolves are during the day phase. If the villagers find the werewolves, they win. If they don’t, then they lose.


  • A fast-paced game that only takes around 10 minutes to complete.
  • Improves deductive and observational skills.
  • Fun, thrilling, and exciting for all ages.


  • Some might get bored when playing as a villager.
  • Can be a bit disappointing if you discover that the werewolf is in the middle and none of the players drew that card.

10. Jamaica

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Jamaica is a pirate-themed game where the player with the most balanced position in the race and the most number of side goals accomplished is the winner. It can be played by three to six players, ages eight years old and above. It has around 30 to 60 minutes of gameplay, depending on how your tactics and techniques work.

The main goal is to sail around Jamaica while gathering the items required for victory. Some of these items include gold for port taxes, powder for naval battles, and food to fill your stomach while conquering the high seas. A fight ensues every time a pirate meets another pirate, and the winner has the chance to steal the goods or treasure of the other.

Since the game is played in rounds, everyone gets the chance to become the “captain.” Each player also holds cards that he can use to make or break a move. That said, it is very important to think wisely before using the cards, and to pursue an effective strategy.

Jamaica is published and manufactured by Asmodee, one of the giants in the game manufacturing industry. It is an all-time favorite of most veteran board game players, but it is also great for kids and beginners.


  • Rules are simple and easy to understand.
  • Provides good gameplay, regardless of the number of players.
  • The boardgame is easy to set up, organize, and clean up


  • Hardcore gamers might find it based too much on luck.

11. Caverna: The Cave Farmers

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Caverna is like Agricola (its predecessor), except that it is set in a cave in the deepest parts of the mountains. You take the role of the leader of a small dwarf family whose goal is to farm, cultivate, and expand your area. Whoever has the most developed territory when the game ends is declared the winner.

The game allows you to expand your family as well. There are some moves where you can acquire new family members, such as new offspring. This is a great strategy game for those who are fond of Agricola and Catan.

Caverna can be played in solo, cooperative, or competitive mode. It is great for one to seven players, and only has around 30 minutes of playing time. It also has a high rating on Amazon and other online selling platforms, so it shouldn’t disappoint.


  • Has high replayability because of several possible endings and strategies.
  • Enjoyed by a lot of board gamers, as evidenced by its high ratings on online platforms.
  • Good gameplay, regardless of playing mode (solo, cooperative, or competitive).


  • Some people report that it takes more than 30 minutes to finish the game.
  • Rules are quite a handful, and may be difficult for beginners and children.

12. Dixit

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Dixit is a bluffing game instead of a simple guessing one. In addition to analyzing clues and figuring out answers, your primary goal is to carefully deceive your opponents and prevent them from guessing your cards correctly. Winning the game requires exceptional deception and crafting skills.

Three types of players are needed to make this game work. There has to be an active player, a guesser, and another player. But since the game is made for up to six players, there can be more than one “other player.” These other players are the opponents who try to keep the active player and guesser from winning.

Dixit is a simple game, which means that it is appropriate even for children and beginners. It only has around 30 minutes of playtime and is most suitable for individuals who are eight years old and above. If you are looking for a fun game that you can play with the kids, then this is a good choice.


  • Suitable for beginner board game players, and even children as young as eight years old.
  • Has high replay value because of the various results that may come from each game.
  • Rules are simple and straightforward, making it friendly for everyone.


  • Cards may be too big and difficult to hold for some children.
  • Might be too easy and unexciting for expert board game players.

13. Arkham Horror

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Arkham Horror is considered one of the best roleplaying games of all time. It is based on the fictional universe created and designed by H.P. Lovecraft, a famous American horror writer. Since it is a roleplaying game, finishing the story signifies the completion of the game series.

The board game’s setting is during the roaring 1920s in London. You are an investigator who is in pursuit of the “Ancient Ones,” which are dark entities who want to conquer the world. You can choose from 16 characters who each have unique abilities and are able to upgrade depending on how you play the game.

Arkham Horror is best for friends or family members who like suspense and mysteries. It is also suggested for those who like long hours of gameplay, as it takes around two to three hours to finish. It is not suitable for very young audiences, as it contains elements like action and violence.


  • Lives up to its reputation as one of the best roleplaying games out there.
  • Seems complicated on the surface, but really has simple and straightforward rules.
  • Has high replayability since there are several possible endings.


  • Setting up the game may take some time.
  • Not recommended for those who like quick and simple games.

14. Zombicide

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If you like Arkham Horror because of its horror and suspense, then you might want to try Zombicide as well. As evident by its title, this game takes you to a world where zombies exist and are about to ruin the world. Your goal is to survive the apocalypse by completing the tasks and eliminating the zombies.

To fight the zombies, your character will use special skills like casting spells and fighting with weapons. But you need to fulfill certain objectives before these skills are activated or the weapons become available. Additionally, you will need to gather your friends and search for an escape before time runs out and the zombies catch all of you.

Zombicide is available in solo mode, but it is more fun and entertaining when played with friends. Fortunately, it can accommodate up to six players, so it is a good option during game nights, sleepovers, and family reunions.


  • The board game has exceptional design and artwork.
  • The game’s components, including the miniatures, are made of high-quality materials.
  • The level of difficulty is suitable for children ages 14 years old and above.


  • Expert gamers might find it boring without the expansion packs.
  • Very young kids may not be able to fully understand the game’s concept.

15. Betrayal at House on the Hill

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Betrayal at House on the Hill is a cooperative game, which means that all the players must work together in order to survive and finish the game. However, there is one player who takes the role of a “traitor” (hence the “betrayal” in the game’s title). So in addition to finding a way to escape, all the players must figure out who the traitor is before the game ends.

What is rather unique about this game is that you build the haunted house yourself. There is no mandatory design or structure that needs to be followed, making each round different. This also means that the game is highly replayable, as there can be several different stories and endings depending on how the house is built.

As the recipient of the 2004 Gamer’s Choice Award for Best Board Game of the Year, there is no doubt that this game is worth checking out. It is also a product of Avalon Hill, a manufacturing giant in the game industry.


  • Highly replayable because of the various possible endings.
  • Unique scenarios are available every round, depending on how the house is built.
  • The board’s design and artwork are exceptional.


  • Gameplay may take up to more than an hour, depending on the players’ techniques and strategies.

16. Cosmic Encounter

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If you are fond of alien-themed entertainment, then this game is for you. You take the role of the leader of an alien race who is on a quest to conquer the universe. You can do everything on your own, or you can form alliances to ensure your victory.

The goal is simple—to establish colonies in the planetary systems of your competitors. You are trying to build a galactic empire, and you can only do that by consolidating power and colonizing other areas.

The original version of the game is only for five players or less, but there is an expansion set that can accommodate a sixth player. (Check out this link for to find the expansion set.) The game has around one to two hours of playing time, so it’s sure to keep you entertained during game night.


  • The game’s theme and concept are well-matched to the artwork and design.
  • Has high replayability because of the different scenarios that players can come up with.
  • Keeps all the players involved throughout the game.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in very poor condition.

17. Power Grid: Deluxe

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Power Grid’s deluxe version is the same as the original version, except that it features new components, such as a double-sided board featuring both Europe and North America. It also has “newly customized wooden parts” and an “entire deck of new power plants” that make the experience more exciting.

Since the gameplay is almost the same, the goal is to still supply power to the cities by building plants, routers, and networks. It is all up to you how you want to manage your resources, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Whoever supplies the greatest number of cities at the end of the game wins.

The game is suitable for two to six players, and has around 1 hour and 30 minutes of playtime. It is appropriate for players 13 years old and above, but is recommended for those who have already played the original version.


  • Deluxe version makes the game a lot more interesting and fun.
  • Best played when there are more than three players.
  • It will really test your strategic and analytical skills.


  • Rules may be a bit complicated for beginners, children, and elders.

18. Catan

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Catan is a super popular game with a huge following. Since it has been around for a while now, many expert gamers are confident to recommend it for beginners and kids who want to start board gaming as a hobby.

The goal of the game is simple—to strengthen your territory by trading goods, building roads, and creating permanent settlements. You can improve your cities and their citizens by finishing tasks and accomplishing mini-goals. However, note that you are competing with the other players, so your strategy is important.

Catan has several expansion sets available for different types of players. There is a kids’ version, a simple version, and a difficult version. Whatever your preference is, this game has it available.


  • Can be a great way to strengthen your strategic and critical thinking skills.
  • Rules are simple and straightforward, which makes them easy to understand.
  • User-friendly for beginners, elders, and kids because of its simple rules and wonderful design.


  • Can be a bit boring for expert gamers who have already played it a bunch.

19. Bananagrams

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Bananagrams is technically a word (anagram) game, but it is worth mentioning in this list of board games. It can be played by one to eight players, regardless of age, skills, or intellectual capacity. In fact, it is recommended for those who are still developing mentally, as it is a good exercise for the brain.

This game is basically like Scrabble, except that it has faster gameplay and more relaxed rules. Like the classic board game, you are not allowed to make up words or enter misspelled ones. If you do, you will be kicked out of the game and called a “rotten banana.”

We highly recommend Bananagrams for those who are looking for a new word game. If you are tired of playing board games, then this is a great alternative.


  • The game is fast-paced, fun, and very entertaining.
  • Kids can join, and the game can enhance their vocabulary skills.
  • The game components are easy to arrange and organize.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some deliver in poor condition.

Final Thoughts on 6-Players Board Games

If you have a large social network, then you know that things can get a bit chaotic during game nights. We hope that these board games will help you and your friends and family have a great evening. Pick a game or two and get the party started!

If you’re looking for other interesting board games, here are some more recommendations:

Finally, if you want to increase your happiness and life satisfaction, then watch this free video that details the 7-minute habit for planning your day to focus on what's important.

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