60 Positive Beauty Affirmations to Feel More Attractive

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How many times have you felt unattractive or less beautiful than others? This feeling can often cause a lack of self-esteem and even jeopardize our social interactions.

Not fitting into society’s “beauty standards” can be frustrating. But it can also be a blessing in disguise.

If you want to change how you feel about your appearance without spending a single dollar, read the 60 positive beauty affirmations to feel more attractive.

Why Are Affirmations Important for Feeling More Attractive?

We live in a world of beautiful Hollywood stars, thin models, attractive bloggers, etc. Yet, we see people with perfect skin, bodies, hair, and eyes everywhere we look. When we turn on the TV, read a magazine, or browse the internet, they're there.

Being constantly surrounded by these “perfect” people can make us think we’re not good enough. Unfortunately, our society has become obsessed with looks, which isn’t good for anyone.

Not having “universal beauty characteristics” can mark our mental health. It can cause shame, anxiety issues, and a lack of confidence. In some cases, not feeling attractive leads to different disorders and can affect our relationships with family and friends.

The secret to feeling attractive doesn’t lie in cosmetic surgery, expensive creams, Photoshop, or looking like celebrities. Instead, it lies in our state of mind.

We’ve all heard that beauty comes from within, but somehow, we’ve lost sight of trying to reach impossible standards. Nothing can make us feel attractive if we don’t change how we think about ourselves.

Once we feel comfortable in our skin and accept ourselves, we’ll automatically feel more attractive. Our self-esteem will instantly radiate positive vibrations, and the people around us will notice it.

Positive beauty affirmations can help you change the way you feel about yourself. These positive statements can replace negative thoughts and emotions and make us love what we see in the mirror.

They are simple to do and don’t require much of your time. Furthermore, you can tailor them according to your specific situation and overcome the problem.

How Do Affirmations Work?

Many doubt whether saying a few positive sentences every now and then will change anything. But what if we tell you the effect of affirmations can be explained by science? Namely, our brain has the power to adapt to different situations and scenarios.

It’s called “neuroplasticity.” Sometimes, the brain gets a little “confused” and can’t differentiate between real-life and imagined scenarios. We can take advantage of this and rewire our brains using affirmations.

Keep in mind merely saying an affirmation won’t make them effective. Firstly, you need to believe in what you’re saying. You can’t say, “I’m a millionaire,” and be disappointed when that doesn’t happen.

Affirmations need to be honest, realistic and focus on your exact problem. The second important factor is persistence. You need to repeat affirmations every day to see improvements.

Don’t forget that negative affirmations also change our state of mind. Constantly telling yourself, “I’m not attractive,” “I don’t look beautiful,” or “Everyone looks better than me” only worsens the situation and creates a bigger problem.

If you want to change for the better and see yourself as more attractive, you need to shape your mind in a certain way.

60 Positive Beauty Affirmations to Feel More Attractive

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I feel confident in my body.
  3. My smile is radiant.
  4. I attract people with my self-esteem.
  5. I feel comfortable in my own skin.
  6. My smile emphasizes my beauty.
  7. I don’t need to change myself to feel attractive.
  8. I know that looking perfect at all times is impossible.

I know that looking perfect at all times is impossible.”

  1. Every day I become more beautiful.
  2. I accept myself and all my imperfections.
  3. My imperfections make me beautiful.
  4. I love myself any time of the day.
  5. My body and my mind are beautiful.
  6. I am attractive inside and out.
  7. I’m happy with how I look.
  8. I feel positive about my body.
  9. I love myself unconditionally.
  10. I don’t have to blend in with the rest to feel beautiful.
Beauty Affirmations - I don’t have to blend in with the rest to feel beautiful. | self love and beauty affirmations | angelic beauty affirmations | beauty affirmations tumblr
  1. My body is attractive just the way it is.
  2. I choose to turn my imperfections into my biggest strengths.
  3. Every day I notice improvements in how I feel about myself.
  4. I am worthy, just like everyone else.
  5. I radiate with confidence.
  6. My optimism makes me even more attractive.
  7. My attractiveness increases every single day.
  8. My beauty is worth being noticed and appreciated.

My beauty is worth being noticed and appreciated.”

  1. I accept myself the way I am.
  2. I am gorgeous and sexy.
  3. I become more attractive every single day.
  4. Others admire me for my self-esteem.
  5. My hair and eyes highlight my good looks.
  6. I like my natural look.
  7. Every part of my body is attractive.
  8. My confidence is one of my best qualities.
  9. There’s absolutely no reason for me to feel ashamed about my body.
Beauty Affirmations - There’s absolutely no reason for me to feel ashamed about my body. | beauty affirmations reddit | beautiful face affirmations | beauty affirmations pdf
  1. I look happy and healthy.
  2. I like how I look when I wake up.
  3. I love every scar, wrinkle, and freckle.
  4. I don’t let anyone make me feel bad about myself.
  5. My skin is radiant and perfect just the way it is.
  6. I’m grateful for my uniqueness.
  7. I feel great in my skin.
  8. My weight is perfect, just the way it is.
  9. Every feature of my face makes me attractive.

Every feature of my face makes me attractive.”

  1. I am grateful for having an attractive body.
  2. I like my curves.
  3. I love myself every day.
  4. People often compliment my appearance.
  5. I choose to eat healthily and exercise to keep my mind and body good shape.
  6. I have never looked better.
  7. I love my complexion.
  8. Everyone notices and appreciates my good looks.
  9. Every day I wake up feeling attractive and beautiful.
Beauty Affirmations - Every day I wake up feeling attractive and beautiful. | beauty affirmations law of attraction | beauty affirmations list | self-love and beauty affirmations
  1. My body is in excellent shape.
  2. My body is a reflection of my inner beauty.
  3. My body is attractive because I take good care of it.
  4. Nobody can make me feel bad or not attractive enough.
  5. Other people’s opinions don’t affect my self-image.
  6. I honor my body by eating healthy and exercising.
  7. Other people’s opinions of my body don’t affect me.

How to Use Affirmations for Feeling Attractive?

Positive beauty affirmations to feel attractive can help you fall in love with your body. That being said, there are no strict rules on using them.

If you’ve never used beauty affirmations before, you may spend some time experimenting until you find what works best for you.

For example, you can say them in the morning or at night while exercising, taking a shower, eating, etc. Or, you can say them before heading to an important meeting, going for a swim, or driving to the beach.

We’ve prepared steps to help you fully take advantage of affirmations:

  1. First, make a list of what you consider to be your negative qualities. You can also include criticism you may have received from your family, friends, or strangers. Remember that you shouldn’t spend time judging whether the criticism is valid, and remember everyone has flaws.
  2. Turn these negative qualities into several positive beauty affirmations. You can find plenty of affirmations on the internet, but you can also create your own. A thesaurus can help you come up with powerful words to use in your statements. Then, once you’ve written down the affirmations, you can ask a close friend to revise them.
  3. Say the affirmations several times a day. Ideally, this would be morning, afternoon, and evening. We recommend speaking the affirmations in front of the mirror and looking yourself in the eye while repeating them.
  4. Be persistent. Skipping days or saying affirmations without being focused won’t have any effect. Instead, create a routine and do your best to stick to it.

Additional tips:

  • Write down your favorite affirmations on paper and keep them in your wallet, pocket, or car. Then, you’ll have them close to you when you need to reassure yourself.
  • Set your favorite affirmation as the wallpaper on your phone or computer.
  • Record your affirmations and listen to them while meditating.
  • Think about your affirmations and adjust them if necessary.
  • Keep the affirmations short, concise, and realistic.
  • Ask a close family member or a friend to repeat the affirmations to you while you’re focusing on their meaning.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Feeling Attractive

In a culture obsessed with perfection, it can be hard to accept ourselves as we are. If you’ve ever struggled with feeling unattractive, you know how crippling that feeling can be.

You'll learn to love and accept yourself with positive beauty affirmations to feel attractive.

Remember that nobody’s perfect and how you see yourself affects how others see you. If you want to learn more about affirmations, read this six-step process for using them.

And if you want more encouraging affirmations, be sure to check out these blog posts:

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