Do I Have Abandonment Issues? 7 Quizzes to Find Out

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Are there times when you tremble in fear of someone leaving?

Do you often feel anxious because you are away from someone?

It may be difficult to admit, but you might have abandonment issues.

Abandonment stems from your fear of being alone. This fear may have been caused by a phobia or a trauma, both of which can arise from environmental factors, genetics, brain development, and brain chemistry.

In this post, we’ve gathered 7 quizzes to help you figure out if you have abandonment issues. It is important to note that these are not professional questionnaires. They are only online tests that may help you realize if it is time to get over it and focus on your mental health condition.

Let’s check them out!

1.'s Abandonment Issues Quiz covers the general concept of abandonment in this quiz. It does not focus entirely on one single aspect of your life, such as your marriage. It is much more focused on your fear of abandonment as a person.

Most of the questions are answered as yes, no, or maybe, but there are also those that ask how frequently you experience certain scenarios. Some of the questions cover your childhood experiences, while others focus on how you act around other people.

At the end of the quiz, the results tell you whether or not you have abandonment issues. You will also receive a bit of advice on how to proceed, depending on your results. If the quiz determines that you probably have such issues, you will be asked to seek professional help.

2. PsychMechanics

PsychMechanics's abandonment issues quiz is mostly focused on your relationship with your partner. It measures whether or not you fear being abandoned by the person you love romantically.

Once you’re done answering, you have to click the “submit” button for your results. Unfortunately, the results only show your score and its meaning. They tell you how weak or strong your abandonment issues are, but you are not provided with any advice.

Regardless, this test can help you determine whether or not you need to seek professional help.

3. SolutionTales

There are a total of 20 questions in SolutionTales' Psychology Quiz: Do I Have Abandonment Issues?, and they are a mixture of topics about your childhood experiences, family background, and relationship status.

The site loads a bit slowly and there are quite a lot of advertisements that pop up, which can interfere with you taking the quiz. But be patient and you will eventually get through it!

4. Seek the Wisdom

Seek the Wisdom's Do I have abandonment issues? quiz has a total of 15 questions that determine whether or not you are scared of being abandoned. Most of the questions are answerable with a yes or no, although some ask how frequently you experience a certain situation. We recommend answering them sincerely and honestly if you want legitimate results.

The results of this quiz will only tell you whether or not you have abandonment issues. Based on this information, you can decide if you need to seek professional help.

5. ProProfs

ProProfs' Do I Have Abandonment Issues? Quiz is short. It is composed of only 10 questions that are answerable by yes, no, a lot, not at all, maybe, or sometimes. Upon submitting your answers and viewing your results, the site will tell you whether or not you have abandonment issues. That is not an official diagnosis, however. You still need to seek the help of a professional health practitioner to confirm your mental health condition.

6. Quotev

We noticed that Quotev's Do you experience abandonment? test focuses a lot on the relationships of people with their partners. Most of the questions are about how you deal with a situation involving them, but there are also some that refer to other things as well.

What we really like about this quiz is the results section. He creator of the quiz states that he is not an expert, but he is able to provide a brief explanation as to why you may have abandonment issues.

7. The Feminine Woman

Thus site contains an infographic titled “15 Signs to Test Whether You Have Abandonment Issues.” The statements you will find on it are based on research that has evaluated what people with real abandonment issues often experience.

This quiz is quite easy to complete. All you have to do is score yourself. Each number is equivalent to one point, and there are three categories 3 or less (no abandonment issues), 4 to 8 (residual abandonment issues), and 8 or more (may have abandonment issues).

Final Words on Abandonment Issues Quizzes

We hope that, with the help of these quizzes, we were able to help you figure if you might possibly have abandonment issues. If it turns out from these tests that you might indeed have these issues, we highly suggest seeking help from a licensed practitioner. Mental health is no joke, and we hope you can create space in your busy schedule to take care of yourself.

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