51 Funny Valentine’s Day Memes for 2024

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you found a date yet?

If you are still looking for your better half, how about indulging yourself with these funny Valentine memes?

Check out our list and laugh (or cry because you are single!) your heart out while checking out these memes.

1. Thank you, teacher.

Who needs a partner when you have the best teacher? Not all teachers do this for their students, so you’re pretty lucky if your teacher is like this. Appreciate it instead of obsessing over that classmate you hoped would be your valentine!

2. Sad, single life.

What a funny meme to send your friends on February 14! Screw waiting for love. Maybe it’s high time you go look for it.

3. Valentine’s Day Plan

It seems like Gru’s plan has failed—he’s still lonely. How about you? It’s that time of the year! Do you have a plan?

4. Where are you, soulmate?

Maybe you can ask Scooby-Doo and the gang to look for your soulmate. They’re good at finding things.

5. Are you sure?

We thought this silly meme was worth a laugh! Look how hard he’s sweating, and the sun isn’t even up!

6. Single people be like…

This goes to all our single people out there. It’s okay, you can gorge yourself on whipped cream and ice cream and cry your heart out while waiting for love.

7. Target customers on Valentine’s Day…

This meme is too funny not to include. It’s that time of the year when every single product at Target heightens your awareness of being single.

8. Candy is cheaper.

There’s always a silver lining, even if you are alone on Valentine’s Day. After all, there’s going to be a lot of delicious chocolate on sale in a couple of hours!

9. That’s harsh.

Does this one hit a little too close to home? Our apologies. It’s too good and too true not to include it.

10. Purrrrfect V-Day!

Who cares if you’re single? You have your cat to spend the purrrrrfect Valentine’s Day with!

11. Old times were sweet.

Times seem to be different now. Love is harder to find. But that’s okay. Being single just means you are ready to mingle!

12. What a lovely message.

Here’s a cheeky message for your friends on Valentine’s Day. Cheesy love letters get old, but a card that gets you laughing is a winner any day of the week.

13. Cheers to those tears!

Actually, it’s sipping on those “I’m still single” tears…and yes, that is what many of us will be doing on Valentine’s Day!

14. Chocolates on sale!

Here’s another meme about the cheap candy that goes on sale as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. What more can a sweet tooth ask for?!

15. Are you really happy?

People always say they are happy being single, but when Valentine’s Day comes along, we start to question our life decisions. The reality is, you are your own best valentine! Show yourself some love!

16. Best wishes!

Here’s our Valentine’s Day wish for you…may you have all the best things in life, including one that is completely void of drama.

17. Isn’t that a great idea?

Is this the true meaning of enlightenment—knowing that Valentine’s Day is a hoax? You probably only think so if you don’t have someone to snuggle on February 14!

18. Waking up with absolutely nothing.

If you think it’s bad being single on Valentine’s Day, imagine having a valentine, but not receiving any gifts! That’s almost worse.

19. Nicely done.

Maybe finding love is easier than we all think. If all it takes is a box of chocolates, then anyone can pull it off—even Forrest Gump!

20. Don’t hide it.

What an easy choice! Draw 25, of course. Nobody is going to admit they are sad about being single!

21. Romantic Advice from Grumpy Cat

Here’s some romantic advice from the grumpy cat—although we aren’t sure he is qualified to give relationship advice. We say, if you love someone, you’ve got to tell them no matter what, even if they don’t love you back. Life is too short to be living with regrets.

22. Face the truth, dear.

We are just kidding, of course. We know you can love yourself better than anyone else. But we also hope that you find someone to share that love with soon!

23. Restaurant Reservation

This one made us chuckle, in a sort of sad, depressing way. We can’t think of a better meme to sum up being single on Valentine’s Day.

24. Dating myself be like…

Here’s a great idea for all our singles out there. Reserve a place, bring a mirror, and voila! Have a date with yourself. Think of it as a form of self-love—or just a really creepy, weird way to not be alone.

25. February 14 is a date.

You can always count on Dwight to give the most matter-of-fact answers. But we all know he will be sneaking away with Angela to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

26. Me on Valentine’s day.

No matter the situation, we can always relate to Spongebob. There’s nothing wrong with spending time with yourself—even on Valentine’s Day!

27. A matter of perspective.

Harsh! But also pretty funny. Here’s a bit of perspective when you are feeling down in the dumps on Valentine’s Day.

28. Feb. 15 is the real holiday.

There are a lot of memes out there about discounted chocolate on the day after Valentine’s Day. Maybe they know something we don’t!

29. Who can relate?

We feel you, Harry! Can you imagine a lonelier existence? Fortunately, he eventually found love—and if Harry can, so can the rest of us!

30. Get lost, cupid.

Sometimes being single is easier than being in love. So, stay away, Cupid! Shoot your arrows into someone else.

31. True love.

Don’t buy her flowers; they’ll eventually wilt. Buy her nuggets instead. Everyone loves nuggets!

32. Don’t forget!

If this is you on Valentine’s Day, then there’s absolutely no reason to be alone. Send memes to everyone showing how romantic you are—or how silly.

33. You are my butter half!

Here’s a cheesy, cute, funny little meme for everyone who sees the lighter side of love. Send it to your sweetie and sweep them off their feet all over again.

34. Will you be my valentine?

Here’s an idea: Use memes to ask your crush out on a date. Send this meme to them and you never know—you just might find yourself with a valentine!

35. I forgot to get a girlfriend!

When it’s Valentine’s Day and you forgot to do the most important thing to prepare! Send this meme to that one guy in your group of friends who is always getting cold feet when it comes to their crush!

36. Penny’s Greeting

Penny is definitely a mood. Who else can relate?

37. Single Awareness Day

Ok, it’s Valentine’s Day—but it is also Single Awareness Day. In other words, we are all celebrating, whether we’ve found love or not!

38. Cute greeting from this kiddo.

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a greeting from this cute little kiddo? Send this to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day and make their day!

39. Thank you, friends.

Here’s to all our couple friends who allow us to tag along as a third wheel whenever they have a date. You guys are a treasure! We just hope you can control yourselves and wait til you get home to start with the PDA.

40. False alarm.

When you thought someone prepared something for you, and it turns out to be for somebody else…that’s the worst! Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is nothing like this.

41. Shout out to my single people!

Here’s a shout-out (and call-out) to all our single people this Valentine’s Day! You don’t need to be in love to celebrate—you are the love!

42. It’s a happy life!

Why would you trade your freedom for a relationship that might just fall apart? No more drama—it’s you time.

43. You are alone… day.

But then it hits you…you’ve been single for a long time now and eventually we all get tired of being alone.

44. Pi Love You

Are you looking for a unique way to make your special someone’s day? How about sending them this clever meme? Just make sure they understand the significance!

45. Good morning!

Hello there, cat person. Here’s a good morning greeting on day of love from this crazy, lovely cat.

46. It’s a joke.

Some people think Valentine’s Day is a joke—do you agree? It probably depends on your relationship status right now.

47. You’re so single like Camila.

Can you feel Camila Cabello’s frustration? It’s no use getting frustrated over things that aren’t meant for you. You’ll find someone eventually!

48. Greetings from this lovely pup!

Sending everyone Valentine's greetings from this cute and lovely doggo. We hope he makes your day, just like he made ours

49. What do I get for myself?

Here’s a serious suggestion: Buy yourself something that you’ve always wanted. It’s the day of love, and that means you need to show yourself some affection.

50. You got to read clues, dude.

Men, we are here to tell you that you should never believe your woman when she tells you not to get her a gift. It’s a trap! If she says she doesn’t want you to get her anything for Valentine’s Day, that means you need to get her something even bigger and better than last year.

51. I can buy myself flowers

Can you hear Miley singing in the background? “I can buy myself flowers”might be the ultimate anthem for singles on Valentine’s Day.

Final Words on Funny Valentine's Day Memes

Most of these Valentine’s memes are meant to give singles a bit of a chuckle on Valentine’s Day. But on a more serious note, there is really nothing wrong with being single. You’ve got to love yourself first before you can give love to others, anyway.

Love and be loved. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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