7 Pathological Liar Tests: Is This Person a Compulsive Liar?

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Do you know someone who is a pathological liar?

Are you wondering if you might be one?

Pathological lying is also known as pseudologia fantastica. Some call it mythomania, while others call it compulsive or morbid lying. Technically, it is a behavioral pattern in people who exaggerate their lies to make them more convincing.

It has been added as a mental health disorder under the DSM 5-TR, and is also considered a symptom of other mental health conditions, such as narcissism and antisocial personality disorder.

If you are wondering whether or not you exhibit signs of this behavior, you’ve landed on the right page. In this post, we have gathered seven pathological liar tests to help you figure out if you have these tendencies.

Note, however, that these tests are not intended to replace professional diagnosis and expert opinion. You should still consult a mental health professional to help you deal with your situation.

1. Psych Central: Am I a Compulsive Liar?

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Let’s start with this pathological liar test from Psych Central: Am I a Compulsive Liar?, consisting of 12 questions—each with four options. You have to answer whether you definitely agree, slightly agree, slightly disagree, or definitely disagree. The results are shown immediately once you submit the test.

Psych Central states that the questionnaire is for anyone who may be having thoughts about their lying behavior—is it a pathological lying habit, or is it just normal? Remember that, like all the other tests you will find on the Internet, the results are not intended to diagnose.

2. PsychMechanics: Pathological Liar Test (Self-test)

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From PsychMechanics, we found this Pathological Liar Test (Self-test) that includes 14 questions, all based on recent studies about pathological lying. Each of them has three possible answers: often, sometimes, and never. It takes around two minutes to complete the test.

The results only show your score and whether or not you appear to be a pathological liar. For better results, it is always best to consult a psychologist or a mental health expert.

3. Marriage.com: Are You a Pathological Liar?

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This Marriage.com: Are You a Pathological Liar? consist of 10 questions about your lying behavior, this test focuses on situational queries. For instance, it asks what you would feel if you were to tell your boss that you were seriously ill just so you could go out of town in the middle of the week.

There are three options for each answer, and each of them are detailed and descriptive. You might be tempted to manipulate your answers just so you can get the results you desire, but that defeats the purpose. You would need to be honest when answering, otherwise you’ll know you are a pathological liar!

4. ProProfs: Are You A Pathological Liar?

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Similar to the previous entry, the ProProfs: Are You A Pathological Liar? consists of 10 questions that are mostly situational. One example is what you would probably do if you were to fail in school—will you tell your parents, lie about it, or avoid the topic?

Your results for this quiz are accompanied by a very brief explanation.

5. Psychologenie: Pathological Liar Test

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Psychologenie believes that lying is a standard human behavior—that it is normal for people to lie. But being a pathological liar is different. It is unhealthy and can ruin not just your relationships, but also your mental health. Take the Psychologenie: Pathological Liar Test to find out if you are a pathological liar and need help from a health professional.

6. Healthline: How to Cope with Someone’s Compulsive Lies

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This Healthline: How to Cope with Someone’s Compulsive Lies article we found is not a test. However, it gives us a list of signs to watch out for to determine if someone is a pathological liar.

Check out the section that talks about how to identify if someone is pathologically lying or not. If you think of a person and your answer to all the points is yes, then you are most likely dealing with one.

7. United We Care: Compulsive Liar Test

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We included this reference because it provides information on compulsive or pathological lying tests in detail. You won’t find a test here, but you will find information on the different kinds of compulsive lying tests and how they are used by mental health experts to identify possible signs of lying behavior.

Final Words on Pathological Liar Tests: Is This Person a Compulsive Liar?

Remember, pathological lying is different from normal lying. If you suspect yourself or someone you know may be a pathological liar, it is time to seek professional help. Otherwise, the consequences might break down your relationships with others.

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