25 Printable Snowman Coloring Pages Anyone Can Enjoy

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“Do you want to build a snowman?”

Imagine Anna (from Frozen) singing down the hallway and asking if you want to build a snowman. You’re not Elsa, but you would probably love to, anyway!

Unfortunately, sometimes it is too cold outside and you can’t motivate yourself to walk out the door. You are all bundled up, but it’s still so cold and you just can’t stand it.

Don’t worry. If you can’t build a snowman, why not color one instead?

In this post, we share with you 25 beautiful snowman coloring pages that are mostly free and printable. A few of them need to be purchased, but we believe that they are worth every penny.

Without further ado, let’s check them out!

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1. Winter Snowman

This coloring page is pretty easy to color. You can color it with your children and then display it on your wall every holiday season.

2. Snowman and Squirrel

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Here’s one for your older kids. You can have them color this as well and hang it on your wall with a frame. The tree is quite intricate, and your kids can use different shades of brown to color it.

3. Snowmen with Jackets

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Here is a coloring sheet for slightly older kids, as well or for the older folks in your home who want to relieve their stress and work on their motor skills. You can download it in PNG, PDF, or JPG format.

4. Kids Building Snowman

Everyone loves to build snowmen. Have your kids color this sheet from Honking Donkey before going outside to make a real one. Think of it as a blueprint for them to visualize how they are going to implement their design.

5. Building a Snowman

Here is a more difficult version of an image of children building a snowman. You can either print it directly or color it online.

6. Snowman and Kids

From Coloring Home, this free page of a snowman with two kids and a dog is available in PDF format. There is no need to transfer it into a Word document, as you can directly download and print it.

7. Snowman Dancing

Have you ever seen a snowman dance? Here is a dancing snowman for your entertainment.

8. Ice Skating Snowman

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How about a snowman who loves to ice skate? This snowman surely knows how to spend the holidays. It is quite easy to color, so it is great for kids and the elderly.

9. Merry Christmas!

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Here is a snowman design you can use for your gift cards. It has the “Merry Christmas” greeting, so there is no need to create your own lettering.

10. Santa and Mr. Snowman

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This coloring page features Santa building his own snowman. Don’t you love how Santa can be so fashion savvy?

11. Children Building a Snowman

frosty the snowman coloring pages | snowman and snowflakes coloring pages| snowman hat coloring pages

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This coloring page is great for kids who are spending the holidays with their siblings and cousins at home. Or they can invite their friends to color with them while waiting for Christmas. Have this sheet printed for them to enjoy!

12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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This coloring page is more intricately designed. You can use it for your letters and gift cards. Enjoy the process and get lost in the art of coloring!

13. Stars and Circles

Snowy Days

While this picture looks simple at first glance, it actually has some complicated features, including the shapes and lines that you need to take notice of when coloring.

14. Cheerful Snowman

While this image isn’t free, it has been designed to be printed on large size papers for wall murals, canvas prints, posters, and stickers. Totally worth it!

15. Snowmen in Different Styles

Some people want their snowmen in different styles. You can use this coloring page to get inspiration for the next snowman you build. There are three options available. You can print, download, or color it online.

16. Snowman and Forest Friends

This design was originally designed to be printed on rubber stamps, but you can always draw inspiration from it and create your own.

17. Happy Little Snowman

This cute little snowman from Crayola knows how to have fun. The design is easy to color, so it’s great for both adults and kids. Work on it with your family while hiding from the cold!

18. Sam the Snowman

Sam the Snowman is ready for a Christmas well-spent with Santa. You can print this coloring sheet directly by hitting the green “print” button or you can color it online by clicking the yellow “play online” button.

19. Snowman and Animals

Just like kids, animals love the snow, too. Although it might be difficult to find or build a new home once winter starts, they are usually well prepared for it. This sheet is perfect for tweens and teens who like both snow and animals.

20. Chubby Snowman

This design from Chubby Mermaid on Etsy is available in JPG format and fits short bond papers. Purchase and print it for a fun coloring night with the kids.

21. Snowman and Deer

Here is a design that shows how fond deer are of snowmen. You can save the picture and print it out to color during the holidays.

22. Happy Snowman

Snow is falling and this snowman is happy. It is his time of year! There are also other wonderful snowman coloring pages on this site. Pick the ones you like the best.

23. Joyful Snowman

Here is another design that shows how joyful snowmen are. You can print the image directly in high resolution by clicking the “print” button.

24. A Group of Snowmen

How many snowmen is too many? That’s a trick question, because you can never have too many! Color this crowd of snowmen, then go outside and make one of your own.

25. Snowmen Friends

Here is a group of four snowmen enjoying the holidays together. Ask three of your friends to color this with you to make the activity more fun.


These snowman coloring pages are meant to help you enjoy the holiday indoors when it’s too cold outside. We hope that they add color to your holiday and bring you and your family closer together.

Enjoy the holidays in the comfort of your home while coloring these pages!

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