13 Qualities of a Good Woman You Should Look For

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Many would say that good qualities are relative.  That depends on each person, their values, and what they consider reasonable.  However, there are also those qualities that almost all of us look for in a good person. 

When looking for a good woman, there are qualities that we desire from a person so that we have the type of relationship that we are looking for.  These qualities are needed to live the way we hope to live with someone.  Aside from these qualities, we cannot live at peace, have security, feel loved, build trust, and be genuinely happy.

Why is it important to date someone with good qualities?

We look for several good qualities in a person we are looking to date.  They mainly depend on what we are looking for out of the relationship.  For instance, if we are looking for a long-term relationship ending in marriage, we would desire particular good qualities… as opposed to a person looking to date casually or on a not-so-serious basis. 

In either circumstance, no one wants to spend their time with a man or woman who is any of the following negative personality traits:

  • Egocentric – the things they say or do are centered around making themselves the center of attention.  Furthermore, their efforts make them look good and feed their ego.  Their plan is to lead the world to believe they believe in differential treatment.
  • Pessimistic – feeling that the universe is against them, and when things go badly, they feel justified in their beliefs.  People like this tend to complain about things they do not have rather than stepping out to do better for themselves and others.
  • Always has to be right (correct) – this person will do anything to discredit you to be right in a disagreement.  Even if it means attacking your character.  No one wants to date someone who cannot admit when they are wrong.
  • Dishonesty – No one wants to date someone they cannot trust.  Not being able to believe what someone says is a recipe for disaster in a relationship.
  • Manipulative – a person who uses others to get what they want out of a relationship.  They will use many tactics, including guilt, to make others give in to their way.
  • Judgmental – this type of person will judge a person without having the whole back story of why they are in the situation they are in.  Usually, the judgment is not good and dismisses a person as being “no good.”

Furthermore, no one desires to date a person with these other qualities either.  People who are passive-aggressive, predatory, greedy, unforgiving, or narcissistic.  

These negative traits can cause emotional distress, anxiety, distrust, lack of self-confidence, poor health, and fear of the future.   This is why it is vital to date someone who shares the values we find most important. 

A common practice I had during my dating days was approaching each date as a chance to make a new friend and then working on building that friendship.  We would explore it, and if it led to more, great!  But fun and relatability was my first concern. 

Usually, a person will show their negative traits early on.  I looked at it like this, “If I dated a woman and she enhanced my life, great!  I simply distanced myself if she didn't share my values or drug me down, not enhancing my life.” 

13 Qualities of a Good Woman You Should Look For

1.  Woman of Great Integrity

A woman with great integrity has a set of values that she will live by no matter what.  She will treat you with the utmost respect, honesty, and care.  Furthermore, looking for a woman with great integrity shows you she is trustworthy, treats you with respect, and believes in helping others.

2.  Woman who is nurturing

You have a good woman when you have one who is nurturing.  Not to be confused with “taking care of someone” like a mother would a child. 

When she is nurturing, she can see your individual needs at a given moment and know just what to do or say to make you feel better.  Having a woman like this is a blessing and should be valued. 

3.  She isn’t the jealous type

Women often compare themselves to other women and tend to be jealous.  It is said that relationships are built on trust.  Therefore, jealousy can ruin the foundation of a relationship. 

7 qualities of a good woman | qualities of a good woman to marry | qualities of a good woman bible verse
When looking for a good woman, there are qualities that we desire from a person so that we have the type of relationship that we are looking for.

It leads to accusations and stress.  A good woman is secure in who she is and doesn't get jealous or feel threatened by others very quickly. 

4.  She is a forgiving woman

A forgiving woman usually isn't vindictive and doesn't seek to make it her mission to harm someone who has done her wrong.  Even if a relationship ends badly and it was your fault, a good woman will move on without trying to do things to get back at you for your mistakes. 

Furthermore, this type of woman is sincere and doesn't hold on to a grudge, hatred, or bitterness like a badge of honor.  Instead, she finds ways to move forward.

5.  Woman with Compassion

This is one of my personal favorites in a woman.  Women like this can be trusted with some of your deepest and darkest moments of pain.  In addition, she becomes a safe place for you to lay your head.   

This woman lets you speak your mind before jumping to a conclusion on a matter.  Moreover, she shares in your joy as well as in your pain.  Because her overall goal is to see you doing and feeling better. 

6.  She is fun to be around

Women like this warm the heart because, no matter the situation, she knows how to have fun.  Even how to make a mundane task feel like a great experience.  No one desires to be around a woman who is serious all the time and a “stick in the mud.” 

However, a woman who brings laughter to a relationship or an environment is someone everyone feels drawn to, and her behavior is contagious.  Furthermore, she is always looking for ways to enjoy life.

7.  Displays great kindness

The most beautiful and remarkable women in the world are those who radiate kindness to others everywhere she goes.  She doesn’t wallow in self-pity but sincerely looks to be a blessing to others.  That is where she finds her greatest joy.  That is one of the most incredible qualities a woman can possess. 

8.  Encourages you and others

It is a true blessing to have a woman in your life who makes an effort to highlight your best qualities, especially when you are going through a difficult time in life. 

Furthermore, she knows how to encourage you to “keep going,” “keep pushing,” and “don’t quit.”  Her words of encouragement and support help you to accomplish things you never thought possible in your life.

9.  She displays loyalty

Loyalty is an excellent quality for a woman to have.  She is “down” for you, whether amongst friends or family, no matter where she is.  Moreover, she doesn't like it when others speak ill of you behind your back and will speak up about it.  Simply put, she always has your back.

10.  A woman who always looks to be better

A good quality in a woman is one who accepts her flaws.  She accepts what she can’t change but is always striving to be a better person and do life better than she did in the past. 

Furthermore, she is always on a path of self-improvement.   She doesn’t make a habit of looking down and judging others for their flaws, yet she strives to improve and be the best version of herself.  

11.  Woman who values self-care

A quality woman values self-care.  She recognizes the importance of doing things that make her feel good, refreshed, and refocused.  She doesn't mind if she has to do them alone

Whether it is getting a massage, acupuncture, pedicure, relaxing by the pool, or reading a book by the fireplace… she values being able to nourish herself.   When she does so, she is able to give others the best she has to offer.  

12.  She is a gracious woman

Gracious women are some of the sweetest women alive.  She does things for you and others out of the goodness of her heart, not for what she can get from you. 

qualities of a good woman in the bible | qualities of a good woman quotes | 12 attributes of a good woman
If we are looking for a long-term relationship ending in marriage, we would desire particular good qualities.

Furthermore, she is just a genuine person who is kind, good-hearted, polite, and generous.  Most anyone appreciates a courteous, considerate, thoughtful, and pleasant woman.

13.  She does not seek to change you

A good woman won’t make it her mission to change you but accepts you for who you are.  In addition, she inspires you to be the best version of yourself.  She isn’t nagging you to change, nor is she setting ultimatums for you and making threats to retaliate if you don't change.  

A good woman doesn't bring this type of pressure and manipulation to the relationship.

Is it a good idea to try to change someone you think may be “the one”?

To further expound on the previous point, trying to change someone in a relationship is never a good idea.  Therefore, it can be a breeding ground for resentment, stress, and frustration. 

Furthermore, the very nature of trying to change someone indicates that the person you are trying to change is not good enough the way they are.  And if you cannot accept them the way they are, it may be time to distance yourself from them if you two are dating and end the relationship. 

However, it doesn't hurt to seek counseling and hash things out in a mutual environment if you are married.  A marriage counselor can possibly help your spouse see how their actions are affecting you and help them see the error of their ways and change.   

If you do it on your own, you could create a worse situation and say things you cannot take back.

Final Thoughts on 13 Qualities of a Good Woman You Should Look For

So many say that there aren't any good women out there, which is wrong.  We must be patient enough to get to know someone and see their great qualities emerge.  In addition, we should also remember that no one is perfect.  We all have flaws. 

For instance, suppose a good woman only possesses 9 out of the 13 good qualities mentioned.  In that case, it may not be enough of a disqualifier from considering her in a relationship.  However, you don't want to lower your standards either. 

Ultimately, we should know what type of woman we are looking for, then let her blow our minds when she exceeds our expectations.  I know from experience because it happened to me! Also, if you’re wondering if you possess the qualities that a woman may be looking for in a good man, be sure to read our article on 11 qualities of a good man.

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