15 Powerful Prayers Before Studying for a Test or Exam

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When you get ready to study, do you ever wonder where to begin? Maybe you feel overwhelmed with the knowledge of an upcoming test. The thought of preparing for the exam makes you anxious and stressed out.

I think you'll agree with me when I say that stressing over an upcoming test hinders your ability to study effectively. Therefore, beginning with a prayer before studying can help you prepare yourself mentally for more effective and distraction-free studying.

In this post, I've included 15 prayers you can pray before studying for a test or exam that will ease your mind, reduce your stress, and increase your confidence in your studying efforts.

What is the Power of Prayer?

The power of prayer is prayer's ability to change your perspective. By praying to God about your upcoming test, you take your focus off of your situation and turn it towards God. By doing so, you change your state of mind. Therefore, you move into a more positive frame of mind as you find life purpose in religion.

Basically, you can think of prayer having a calming influence on your inner thoughts. In this regard, it's similar to meditation and mindfulness. Once your mind is calm, your stress and anxiety level will decrease. In turn, your body will settle down, allowing you to focus more clearly.

Overall, you'll be physically and mentally prepared to focus on your studies. Moreover, you'll be able to remember more since your mental blocks have been removed. Ultimately, you will be able to study more effectively. Plus, you'll experience the positive effects of gratitude as you thank God for the ability and opportunity to study within your prayers.

Prayer and Self-Confidence

Often, one will experience an increase in self-confidence due to the calming effect of prayer. As you study, the clarity and focus you experience will help you with information retention. This will boost your self-confidence, which is vital to successful test preparation. Believing in yourself will provide you with the encouragement you need to apply yourself to your studies. Amazingly, the whole process of believing in yourself starts by placing your belief in God through prayer.

Family and Peer Support

Along with believing in yourself, having a support network of family and friends helps, as well. Knowing that you have someone praying for your success in studying provides even more encouragement. When you get ready to study for a test, ask a family member or friend to offer a prayer before studying. This will add an even further boost to your confidence just by knowing that you have support in your prayer and studying efforts.

Prayer Before Studying- 15 Prayers You Can Use

Now that we've looked at the power of prayer, here are prayers you can say before studying.

One quick reminder- Don't just say the words. Focus on them. Mean them. Let them become the true intent of your heart.

1. A Prayer for Clarity of Thought

Dear God, I pray that you give me clarity of thought as I begin to study. I have a test coming up that I want to do well on. Please remove any distractions so that I can focus on my study materials. My thoughts are going in so many different directions.

Bring my focus to bear on the subject at hand. May my efforts be fruitful. Bring to mind the things that need my focus. And, may I remember everything that I study. Thank you for clearing my mind of all distractions.


2. Prayer for Preparation for Study

Lord, I know that you are with me as I get ready to study. I know you have a plan and purpose for my life. May your purpose be fulfilled as I am studying for this exam. Grant me peace concerning this test. Help me to focus on my notes and make the best use of my time. I am studying for this test to honor you.

I thank you for the ability to study and learn. They are a gift from you. Also, thank you for your help in recalling information to my memory. Let my study time be effective, so that I may learn what you want me to learn. I ask these things in your name.


3. Thomas Aquinas' Prayer Before Study

Creator of all things, true Source of light and wisdom, lofty origin of all being, graciously let a ray of Your brilliance penetrate into the darkness of my understanding and take from me the double darkness in which I have been born, an obscurity of both sin and ignorance.

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One will experience an increase in self-confidence due to the calming effect of prayer.

Give me a sharp sense of understanding, a retentive memory, and the ability to grasp things correctly and fundamentally.

Grant me the talent of being exact in my explanations, and the ability to express myself with thoroughness and charm. Point out the beginning, direct the progress, and help in completion;
through Christ our Lord.


Source: ArchDiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

4. Prayer to Remove Worries

Lord, as I begin to study for this test, please remove all my worries. I give them over to you as you have taught me to do. I know that you care for me and will take care of me.

May your love for me give me confidence as I place my trust in you. I know that you guide and direct your servants. Guide me in my study time.

Also, give me faith in myself and help me to study to the best of my abilities. Let my studies please you, and let this bring me peace. In the name of Jesus,


5. Prayer to Remove Anxiety

Heavenly Father, you have given me so much. You've given me life, love, and happiness. I know that everything good in my life comes from you.

Because of this, I know that I have nothing to fear. Therefore, I know that you will bless my study time and help me do well on this test. I give my anxiety over to you in faith, knowing that you are able to remove it from my mind. To Him who is able to do abundantly above what I ask or think, thank you for hearing my prayer and removing my anxiety.


6. Prayer for Success in Studying

God, I pray that you grant me success in studying for this test. May I work diligently and use my time effectively. Grant me success and good grades.

I recognize that hard work isn't enough. I need the wisdom that you supply to apply what I have learned. I humbly ask that you bless me with success for your glory.


7. Prayer for Recall

Almighty God, I ask that you increase my memory recall as I study for this exam. May the things that my instructor has said and the things that I have read come to mind. Let me not stress over it, but let my thoughts flow smoothly.

Thank you for giving me the ability to learn and to study. I acknowledge these skills as gifts from you. Grant me the opportunity to use these gifts as I study.

In the name of Jesus, I pray.


8. Prayer About Test Stress

Father, I'm stressed over this test. Please help me to study what I need to study, so that I'm prepared for this test. Ease my stress, so that I can focus.

God, I pray that I realize that you are with me, helping me to be ready for this test. I place my trust in you. I believe that you are able to help me. Also, I believe that you want to help me and decrease my stress level.

May your peace fill my heart and mind as I study for this test.


9. Prayer to Increase Knowledge

God, I ask that you increase my knowledge. Right now, I know that I'm taking this class and studying for this test because you want me to. Also, I know that you love me. Furthermore, I know that you take care of those that you love.

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The whole process of believing in yourself starts by placing your belief in God through prayer.

Therefore, I know that you will help me with studying for this test. I know that you will help me remember the things I need to remember. Plus, you'll help me ignore any distractions.

Finally, I thank you for giving me the knowledge I need to do well on this test. My help comes from you.


10. Prayers for Good Study Habits

Father God, you know that I need help with studying. Please guide me to better study habits. I realize that I need help in organizing my study time. Please help me do this.

Also, I know that I get easily distracted. Please help me to concentrate, so I can learn what I'm supposed to learn. Also, help me to remember these things when I need to.

Make me a good steward of the time and opportunity you have given me. Grant me your favor in my study habits.


11. Prayer of Remembering God's Faithfulness

God, as I come to you once again in prayer, I'm reminded of how faithful you are. You've heard and answered my prayers in the past. Therefore, I have faith that you will answer me again as I pray for help with studying for this test.

Please bless my efforts and increase my effectiveness. I ask that you multiply my memory recall and strengthen my study habits. Most of all, I ask that you supply me with wisdom to apply what I have learned.

To the God who listens, I lift my voice and ask all of these things in your name.


12. A Prayer for Honoring God Through Study

Lord, may my study efforts honor you. I'm reminded that I'm to do everything as a service to you. Therefore, let me give my best effort as I study for this exam.

Give me the confidence I need to correctly answer every question. Let my responses be for your glory. Knowing that I take this test under your grace and mercy, I want to do my very best as an offering of thanksgiving for the wisdom you have given me.

With thanks, I offer this prayer.


13. A Prayer for Confidence

God, please give me the confidence I need to study for this test. Help me accept that my knowledge of the material is enough. Let me not doubt my ability to study and learn.

Please remind me of the grace you have provided me. As I study, let every right answer remind me that you are with me and have called me to be a student. As such, help me have faith in myself as I study. Let me know that my efforts will bear fruit.

To you belongs the victory.


14. A Prayer of Humility in Studying

All-powerful God, please help me to remain humble as I study. May my pride not get in the way of my learning. Help me to remember I'm still a student and have a lot I need to learn.

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You'll experience the positive effects of gratitude as you thank God for the ability and opportunity to study within your prayers.

Help me apply myself to my studies. There's always more for me to learn. Let me make the most of my study time.

I ask for your guiding hand and place my faith in you.


15. A Prayer for a Passion for Learning

Loving Heavenly Father, grant me a passion for learning and a longing for wisdom. May I eagerly look forward to study time. Let me not see it as a chore I grudgingly do. Instead, let me see it as an opportunity to grow.

Help me to grow from my study time. As I learn about the world around me, help me to know you more through what I learn. I accept that I was created for a connection with you.

Let me experience that connection as I study.


Final Thoughts on Prayer Before Studying

Prayer before studying focuses your thoughts on the task at hand… and gives you the confidence you need to tackle tough subjects. As you pray, you are reminded that you're meant to be a student.

Therefore, study time should be seen as a gift. For that, you can offer up a prayer of gratitude as you offer up a prayer before studying. If you're looking for more ways to show gratitude for the gift of learning you've been given, consider taking the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge .

Also, if you're looking for more prayers to increase your overall happiness, take a look at these 17 Uplifting Prayers to Increase Your Happiness.

Finally, if you want to increase your happiness and life satisfaction, then watch this free video that details the 7-minute habit for planning your day to focus on what's important.

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