13 Ways to Be a More Fun Person to Be Around

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Who doesn't like to be around fun people? Fun people exude a vibe that lifts the mood of those they come into contact with. They're usually happy-go-lucky and their positive energy makes you wonder if they ever have a bad day.  

They do… it's just that their pleasant and outgoing personality dominates everything else that’s going on. They’ve conditioned themselves to see the positive in all situations.  They are usually glass half full people.

You can be just as fun as they are by developing certain personality traits and sharpening your social skills. Learning how to be more fun is like developing a new habit. I'll explain how to transform into a social and entertaining person by following 13 different strategies.

It takes time and effort, but you'll know you're doing something right when you start seeing people gravitate toward you. Not only that, you'll enjoy the benefits of having the ability to naturally draw people in.

What are the Benefits of Being More Fun?

Those categorized as fun people are also called extroverts. They enjoy the personal and professional perks that come with their vibrant personality. Seen as “the life of the party,” these individuals seem to easily make new connections and have greater dating and relationship success.

Their high confidence levels, an ability to eloquently articulate themselves and impress people, tends to help them land higher-earning jobs. One study revealed that outgoing personalities enjoy these four key advantages in the workplace – motivation, performance, work-life balance, and emotional well-being.

This may explain why they tend to get promoted faster than those who are more socially withdrawn. Friendships are easy for them to establish because of their charm and down-to-earth vibe. The life of energetic people appears more exciting since they aren't shy to chase and enjoy new experiences. They experience positive emotions more often and, as such, are able to better navigate stressful situations.

In fact, research suggests that outgoing individuals are happier than most people.

What if I'm an Introvert, or Shy?

There's nothing wrong with being shy or introverted. I was a very shy child who was afraid to speak… and grew into a shy adult who was deathly afraid to voice my needs or ask for help. I was so shy that I avoided running into people who liked to converse. I was also self-conscious and wouldn't look people in the eye.

I trained myself to become the fun, goofy, confident person I am today – to be someone people gravitate to. You can do the same. You can learn to come out of your shell and show more of your fun side. However, finding your amusing side requires you to shift to an extroverted personality.

Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, first introduced “introverts” and “extroverts” as two opposing personality types. An extrovert is “a typically gregarious and unreserved person who enjoys and seeks out social interaction.” Unlike an introvert, who is emotionally reserved and less energetic, they've broken out of their shell and are outgoing and sociable. Extroverted people are also perceived as more socially intelligent and well-adjusted, although that's up for debate.

Even though these traits seem to make extroverts more favored over introverts who are perceived as boring, it doesn't mean you're odd or weird. Introverts have unique and amazing personality traits that promote personal and professional success. Besides, research suggests that each person has outgoing and reserved traits. The unreserved traits are more dominant in extroverts.

According to personality experts, it's possible, with some effort, to exhibit your extroverted traits on a greater level. Making the shift requires deliberately getting involved in more extroverted behavior and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zones.

13 Tips on How to be More Fun

The gist of how to be more fun is to step out of your comfort zone and self-limiting lifestyle. Don't expect results overnight. It's a process, but you should begin seeing results as you continue displaying the following extroverted characteristics. Before you know it, others will start drawing toward you like a moth to a flame.

1. Be more approachable

People normally hesitate to approach or strike up a conversation with someone who appears uptight. The secret of becoming a people magnet, in this case, is to relax and give off a pleasant and energetic aura. People are more likely to approach you if they think you're friendly, easy-going, and comfortable to be around.

Your welcoming presence is going to automatically prompt them to let their guards down and openly converse with you. Beaming with positive energy and happy facial expressions gives them unspoken permission to be themselves around you.

2. Increase your social exposure

Learning how to be more fun is like learning a new habit. Acquiring it requires you to up your social engagements and exposure to humans. Find safe places to meet people, such as local meetup groups, social clubs, or volunteer groups. You'll come in contact with more people and learn how to communicate with people who have different personalities, ethnicities, and social statuses.

how to be more fun to talk to | how to be more fun reddit | how to be more fun at parties
Find safe places to meet people, such as local meetup groups, social clubs, or volunteer groups.

Maximizing social exposure also increases your comfort level around and speaking with people. Little by little, you'll pick up on various social cues, e.g., facial and body language expressions, and learn how to skillfully handle different situations. Over time, you'll get better at understanding and effectively communicating with just about anyone.

3. Be open and willing to share

To be open is the opposite of appearing closed off or aloof. Have you ever noticed that showing vulnerability by opening up about your personal experiences, challenges, and mistakes breaks down the defense of others? That's exactly what will make you appear captivating. Your listeners will be all ears and grow more curious about you as you share your inner thoughts and feelings.

People also find openness and transparency attractive because it helps build trust. In fact, they'll realize you're totally relatable and may jump at the opportunity to share their own stories, even dark secrets. Before you know it, you are all having an enjoyable conversation where you're exchanging ideas or sharing personal experiences.

4. Improve emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) refers to the human ability to recognize and properly process your own emotions. EQ helps you manage stress in positive ways and show resilience in the face of adversity. Empathy is also a big part of EQ and allows you to feel how people feel. You're able to connect and sense when they're not okay.

As such, you will think before speaking or acting and will proceed in ways that are supportive, such as assisting them to find solutions. People will appreciate your company more if you try to understand, instead of being critical, judgmental, or offensive.

5. Show compassion and empathy

Transforming into someone who is seen as the life of the party doesn't mean you have to always be a ball of energy or a constant source of excitement. We are naturally drawn to people who are understanding, empathetic, and ready to offer words of encouragement. These are special characteristics that will make you fun to be around.

characteristics of a fun person | what makes a person fun | how to be fun around a guy
We are naturally drawn to people who are understanding, empathetic, and ready to offer words of encouragement.

Saying the right things at the right time and making your peers feel better about themselves will cause you to stand out. Those in your circle may start seeing you as their rock and seek comfort in your friendship when things go wrong in their lives. In this case, you're fun to be around in a way that's reassuring and uplifting.

6. Practice being non-judgmental

I don't know about you, but I dislike being around those who come across as judgmental. I want to be my true self. Always. Flaws and all. To prevent people from feeling as if they're walking on eggshells, you'll need to accept them for who they are.

Everyday life is already stressful, so when people get together with you, try and make them feel at ease. Allow them to let their hair down and act the fool. Be that person who won't criticize them or point out their faults when they open up and share themselves with you. Your friends and associates will come to love you as someone who is not only fun to be with but also a safe haven.

7. Don't talk about yourself all the time

Becoming a fun person essentially means becoming a people person. Enough of the “I this, and I that.” You'll risk coming across as self-centered and narcissistic. Instead, direct more focus on those around you and less on yourself.

People seek external or social validation as a way to feel better about themselves. Knowing that you see, hear, understand, compliment, and validate them will inspire people to stay connected. Who doesn't want to be around such a person? You'll be like their emotional support system when they feel down or need someone to talk to.

8. Let the joke be on you

No one wants to be around anyone who acts like they're perfect. That only makes them feel judged and more self-conscious about their flaws or weaknesses. Show that you're a fun and light-hearted person by unleashing your goofy side and poking fun at yourself.

You instantly become more likable and relatable if you can laugh at your own mistakes. I like to tell people that I'm such a klutz who can't seem to stop knocking things over. It's true. I'm clumsy. They think it's hilarious. Anyway, once I realized that making fun of my flaws made people laugh and connect more easily, I started joking about other personal imperfections.

9. Have a positive mindset

Fun, outgoing people usually experience more positive emotions than introverts, which causes them to look for the good in everything. They know how to turn things around and make the best of their experience.

Having a positive and cheerful mindset helps make life less stressful for you and those around you. You can develop this trait by reciting affirmations for positive thinking. Your glass-is-half attitude is going to be like a magnet that attracts people. Loved ones, friends, and coworkers will seek you out to help uplift their spirits. Your can-do attitude will inspire them to stay plugged into you or they'll try to harness that same quality.

10. Show you're 100% present

Don't you dislike it when the person you're interacting with seems distant or uninterested in what you're saying? It makes you feel unimportant. Giving your partner or those you socialize with your full attention instead of drifting off into your own thoughts will make them like you even more. Experts call it mindful communication.

Another way to show you're fully invested in whatever someone is saying is to put your phone away. Otherwise, you may get distracted by every ping. These gestures convey respect and make the person feel seen and heard.

11. Brim with confidence

You can convince others that you're not a boring, wet blanket by exuding confidence. People will want to connect with you once you show them you're comfortable in your own skin. Your ability to value their opinion and not be sensitive or defensive in another ways to demonstrate self-confidence.

how to be more fun reddit | how to be more fun at parties | characteristics of a fun person
Your ability to value their opinion and not be sensitive or defensive in another ways to demonstrate self-confidence.

As a self-assured person, people will love that you're not competing with them or afraid to be wrong. Your acquaintances will find you fun to be around because you're not easily offended or try to put them down to feel good about yourself.

12. Live more spontaneously

Somehow, society finds a carefree spirit to be more enticing. Before I became more extroverted, I had been called “boring,” a “party pooper,” and a “stick in the mud.” All because I liked to plan ahead before going on dates or meeting up with my friends. They were right, but I wasn't offended. That's just who I was. Truth be told, I'm still somewhat introverted. It's a core personality trait.

Nevertheless, the thing with fun people is that they don't like making appointments to go dining or partying. They're seeking social euphoria and they want it now! Therefore, learning how to be more fun involves developing spontaneity. Be ready to get going at a moment's notice. You'll soon be the one everyone's calling on when they're seeking social adventures and thrills.

13. Be open to new ideas and experiences

Another way you can be a source of entertainment for those close to you is through a willingness to step outside your comfort zone to relish new experiences. For example, I'm a foodie, and I love it when a non-foodie is willing to try out a new dish with me.

For you, it could be a willingness to try new things, such as going skating with your partner or snorkeling with friends.

The same principle applies to welcoming new ideas, such as an alternative way of doing something. It doesn't have to always be your way or the highway. People may think you're rigid and they'll probably avoid you if you act this way. 

Final Thoughts on How to be a More Fun Person to be Around

Remember you're unique and beautiful just as you are. You're simply exploring these strategies to show more of your fun side… whether it is buried deep or at the brim, waiting to spill over.

Thankfully, you have extroverted qualities by nature, which you'll need to improve on to achieve the personality shift. With deliberate effort and time, you'll transform into someone people love spending time with. For more tips on sharpening your social interaction skills, check out 60 Simple Ways to Make Someone Happy Today.

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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