113 Monthly Affirmations to Recite Each New Month

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Every month is an opportunity for a fresh start. The beginning of the month is a great time to reflect on your goals and accomplishments, set new goals, and encourage yourself to achieve more.

Monthly affirmations are a powerful technique to take advantage of this time and make the most of the month ahead.

Why Monthly Affirmations are Important to Recite Each New Month

Like in the new year, a new month is a time for self-reflection and new beginnings. Setting time aside every month to review your accomplishments and set new goals is a great way to make continual progress on big goals, establish healthy habits, and beat procrastination. Here are some of the benefits of setting monthly goals.

Make Meaningful Progress

A month is a long enough period to accomplish more substantial tasks, like reading a novel or writing a business plan. A week is often not enough time to complete more extensive jobs, and a busy day or two can throw you off your plans.

Reduce Tracking and Tasking

Weekly and daily tasks are essential for certain types of accomplishments. But for larger jobs and goals, it can be challenging to break them down into small segments for daily or weekly tracking so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment.

Monthly plans require less segmentation and are easier to track.

Build Good Habits

While scientists agree that the adage “21 days to build a new habit” isn’t true, a month is a long enough period to establish a new routine that supports good habits.

Building healthy habits starts by establishing a routine so that the new habitual behavior is automatically triggered by the sequence of events in the routine. If you can set a new routine for a month, you are halfway to building a new habit.

Beat Procrastination

Research shows that procrastination is not a time management issue. Instead, it is a way of managing negative emotions. Procrastinators are driven by a need to manage negative feelings and bad moods at the moment.

One of the best ways to beat procrastination is to practice self-compassion and build positive emotions, improving motivation and reducing procrastination.

Taking the time each month to reflect on the previous month, recognize your accomplishments, and set new goals with positive monthly affirmations is a great way to become a better version of yourself and accomplish everything you want.

113 Monthly Affirmations to Recite Each New Month

  1. This month is a new beginning
  2. Today everything is possible
  3. I will achieve my goals this month
  4. I am a winner
  5. I can do anything I set my mind to
  1. I am more powerful this month than I have ever been
  2. I succeed at everything I undertake
  3. I am thankful for this fresh start
  4. I have the energy to accomplish my goals
  5. I refuse to worry about things that I cannot control
  6. I am honest with myself and with others
  7. This month, I choose to be happy
  8. I create happiness for myself and others
  9. I have the courage to overcome every difficulty
  10. I deserve success
  11. I welcome my bright future
  12. I choose health and happiness
  13. I feel stronger than ever
  14. I blossom with purpose
  15. I accomplish what I set out to do
  16. My future is golden
  17. My potential is unlimited
  18. This month will be the best one yet
Monthly Affirmations - This month will be the best one yet | positive affirmations examples | monthly affirmations 2021 | morning affirmations
  1. My life is full of opportunity
  2. I am optimistic and creative
  3. I never give up
  4. I am brave
  5. I am calm and focused
  6. I believe in my future
  7. My life is an adventure
  8. I am the hero of my life
  9. Each month I am stronger than the month before
  10. I recognize and accept my feelings
  11. I can handle whatever comes along
  12. I expect great things this month
  13. This month, I am enough
  14. I always do my best
  15. I am full of peace
  16. I inspire the people around me to do their best
  17. I am motivated to succeed
  18. I take excellent care of myself
  19. I take my responsibilities seriously
  20. I have a positive attitude
  21. I overcome fear and achieve my dreams
  22. This is my time to thrive
  23. I am at my best right now
  24. I am unique; there is no one like me
  25. I am focused on my happiness and success
Monthly Affirmations - I am focused on my happiness and success | list of affirmations | affirmations for women | month of may affirmations
  1. My body is strong and healthy
  2. My mind is clear and peaceful
  3. I am everything I need
  4. I trust in my abilities
  5. I am a confident person
  6. This is the best time of my life
  7. Everything will work out for the best
  8. I work hard for my goals and dreams
  9. I am proud of myself
  10. I have faith in myself
  11. I am in control
  12. I look forward eagerly to this month
  13. I am glad to be me
  14. I accept that there will be challenges
  15. Every difficulty I overcome makes me stronger

Every difficulty I overcome makes me stronger”

  1. I am creating my best life
  2. I am worthy of every good thing
  3. Everything is possible for me
  4. Peace flows through my life
  5. I am confident and calm
  6. I always find what I need
  7. No matter what, I will never give up
  8. I succeed because I persevere
  9. My life is great
  10. This month is full of possibilities for me
Monthly Affirmations - This month is full of possibilities for me | monthly affirmations 2022 | powerful daily affirmations | positive affirmations examples
  1. I am fearless
  2. I am exuberant
  3. I am grateful for all my possibilities
  4. I am open to new ideas
  5. I know my work, and I do it well
  6. This month, I am committed to achieving my goals
  7. I am full of vitality
  8. I am glad to be alive
  9. My mental and physical health grows and grows
  10. I am full of inner beauty
  11. This month, I am safe and secure
  12. I keep my eyes on the prize
  13. Each day this month will bring me greater well-being
  14. I can get help if I need it
  15. My success is inevitable
  16. I have so many talents
  17. This month I will learn new things
  18. This month I will work hard for what I want
  19. This month, I will be kind
  20. I am mindful of what is important
  21. I love the way my life is growing
  22. It’s great to know I can succeed
  23. I am powerful
  24. My future looks better and better
  25. This month, I will be focused
  26. Difficulties do not scare me
  27. Every challenge is an opportunity
  28. I foresee an excellent month
  29. I improve month by month
  30. I am enjoying my life
  31. I have good intentions, and I act on them
Monthly Affirmations - I have good intentions, and I act on them | morning affirmations | list of affirmations | month of may affirmations
  1. This month, I am making my own future
  2. This month, I will seize every opportunity
  3. This month, my dreams are coming true
  4. I am in control of my thoughts
  5. I can make changes in my life
  6. I will fill each day of this month with purpose and happiness
  7. This month will be positive and productive 
  8. I am full of optimism for the coming month
  9. I have great ideas

How to Use Monthly Affirmations Every New Month

Monthly affirmations should be part of your goal-setting and tracking routine. Setting the right goals with incremental tasks that move you forward is the best way to make a long-term plan to accomplish great things.

The goals you set can either support you or sabotage your success, so it’s essential to create your goals carefully and then choose the affirmations that support those goals. To use monthly affirmations:

Determine Your Big Ambitions

You may use a journal or vision board to help you create a clear and specific picture of your biggest dreams and goals.

Break the Journey into Steps

If you want to accomplish something over the next year, break it down into 12 steps you can complete monthly to move you toward your dream.

Establish a Routine

Build a daily routine that includes active steps toward your goal. Use monthly affirmations to keep you focused and positive about your actions.

Recognize Your Accomplishments

To build positive habits and avoid procrastination, it is essential to recognize and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Creating a reward system for yourself reinforces the behaviors you want to encourage and promotes your happiness and success.

Final Thoughts on Monthly Affirmations to Recite Each New Month

Monthly affirmations are a powerful way to change your life. Combined with reasonable goals and positive reinforcement, you can make every month a new beginning and make every month better than before.

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