65 Funny Mom Memes That Are Instantly Relatable

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Ever stumbled upon a meme and thought, “That's somy mom?!”

Mom memes brilliantly capture the joys, quirks, and hilarities of motherhood in a way we all can relate to. They're more than just humor; they're a nod to those universal “mom moments” we all know and love.

Within this article, you'll find a curated collection of 65 mom memes that are instantly relatable.

They aren’t just for laughs; they are shared moments of understanding that can bring joy to you and the incredible woman you call “Mom.”

Let’s check them out!

Table of Contents

1. No time to waste.

Why do moms always think we’re wasting time using our phones? We bet you can probably relate to this meme!

2. Mom’s frustrations are like…

Our mothers look like this when taking photos during graduation, birthdays, or any special event—which also frustrates us, because it’s tiring!

3. Never challenge your mother.

Who else has responded to Mom like this? We bet she said the same thing. Choose your words wisely, kids. Mom is fluent in over six million forms of punishing you.

4. I was kidding, Mom.

Ok, Ma, we were kidding. We’re not full at all. We are famished, and thank you for the five-star dessert!

5. It’s an endless trap.

Have you ever wondered why it always has to go in circles? Mom or Dad could just make a final decision. Why do they always tell you to ask the other? Plus, everyone knows Mom will eventually have the final say.

6. I’m busy, mother.

Are you sure you only did this when you were seven? You are still probably doing it now that you are a teen, or even an adult. It’s all right, we understand.

7. What are you doing?!

Seriously, though, why does Mom take note of everything we do when we look at our phones? We are innocent, Mom!

8. Oops, sorry.

You’d better be equipped for that morning scolding. Is your apology ready yet?

9. Get ready for war, Dad.

Moms look so fierce whenever dads do something they don’t like. It feels like the start of World War III!

10. Get ready for war, kid.

When Mom calls you by your full name, you better brace yourself. Something’s up, even if you don’t know what it is.

11. Are you done yet, Mom?

You are waiting by the door, hoping she will see you there, but an hour has already passed. Mom, can we please leave already?

12. Moms find everything.

Moms find everything, don’t they? How do things just appear out of nowhere when they start looking?

13. Guess it’s a good thing.

Thank you, Mother. You just saved my life and reputation from being hacked. You are indeed the best!

14. It’s taking forever!

It’s the Mom-meets-old-friends scenario again, and this meme perfectly sums up how long you are going to be stuck.

15. How are you, old friend?

“I should have gone with her” is all you can think, because you know you are stuck now!

16. What is happening?

Relate much? That’s what you get for asking for a snack instead of getting it yourself. Learn your lesson, kid.

17. It’s the thought that counts!

What a sweet cat—we mean “seven-year-old you.” It’s the thought that counts, anyway.

18. Not now, Mom.

Does your mom ever yell at you, even though you are minding your own business? You still have to listen to her, because she’s your mom. We’re selling patience. Would you like some?

19. Mom’s weapon.

Tell us which one is stronger. You are right. Mom’s slipper always wins!

20. Mom’s scary, you know.

Do you disagree? There is only one person Dad is afraid of, and you know who it is because you are scared of her, too.

21. Why now?!

“Mom, I can explain. Please hear me out.” Unfortunately, Mom has already started creating stories in her head. Poor kid!

22. The story of the search history.

Here’s a pro tip: Always clear your search history. You wouldn’t want your computer in the trash, would you?

23. Told you, it’s fun.

She said that you were wasting your time, but then she played it and realized it was one of the best things she’d done in years. Seriously, Mom?

24. Aren’t they the same?

They really are the same picture, at least if you ask Mom. You don’t want her to yell at you, so you better clean up your room.

25. Stop talking, human.

We said it earlier, but it bears repeating—choose your words wisely, child! You don’t want to cross swords with a goddess.

26. Stop it, Mom.

Why do mothers love to overthink things? You’ve gotta be careful when you talk to them, because their imaginations can run wild.

27. Do you copy?!

Even when Mom says she isn’t mad at you, it still isn’t safe to breathe. You’ve got to wait until the sector is totally clear.

28. So true.

Here’s a tip: If you want to show something to Mom, make sure she has her glasses.

29. Unstable heartbeat!

Yup, you should fear for your life once Mom starts calling you by your full name! That’s when things are about to get crazy!

30. Don’t you have fear?

Don’t let your guard down. The best way to avoid being scolded is to keep her updated about where you are!

31. The anxiety arises.

Trust me, you aren’t alone in feeling anxious. We all go through this when Mom takes too long to finish writing her text and we don’t know what she’s about to say!

32. Oh, I didn’t do it.

Why are you looking me, Mom? I don’t have them! Okay, I do!

33. Mom? Are you ok?

Well, it’s still a good thing you came. At least you know that she won’t stay until the store closes. Remind her that there’s laundry to be done—maybe that will get her home.

34. Please don’t swipe the photos.

You show her one photo, and suddenly they want to see your entire gallery. Mom, please stop swiping…now!

35. I’m not faking it, Mom!

Isn’t that enough proof? Mothers, hear us out. We are not faking it…sometimes.

36. I’m sorry, mother.

She seems to be holding on to that grudge, dude. We can’t blame her. You lost the most precious thing in the world! You lost the Tupperware!

37. I need a plan!

Here’s another meme that perfectly sums up the fear you feel the moment your mom gets ahold of your phone.

38. Calm down, mother.

Yes, Mom. Okay, Mom. Please stop, Mom! Lesson learned: Don’t show her any memes or roasts if you don’t want to be listening to a speech all day long.

39. Or else…

Ah, the evil sibling. Of course, we all love our little sisters (and brothers). Just make sure they are included in whatever you do so they won’t tell Mom.

40. I said calm down, mommy.

You asked for it. Again, don’t make a joke unless you are willing to listen to an all-day rant.

41. I should have said 10 am.

Moms are always early—you should know that already If you ever need to wake up at a specific time, tell her you need to get up an hour later. That way, she’ll wake you up just in time.

42. Yes, Mom, I won’t talk.

Ooh, everybody knows what this means. Raise your glass if you have ever experienced the secret grip!

43. Need to mitigate.

You better start buttering her up with good behavior if you don’t want to be next. Although, to be honest, you will probably still get a scolding, even if you do a million chores.

44. Aahh! My eardrums!

The first rule of being a good child (and not being subjected to non-stop rants) is to always answer the phone. Do not wait for the 10th missed call. You need to answer on the first ring of the first call, or you will be in big trouble.

45. Pick me up, Mom!

When everything else fails, there is always one person you can call.

46. You are not a barber, mother.

Somebody has to tell mothers the truth, sometimes—and it should probably be real barbers.

47. Am I talking to a wall?

Mom is never wrong. You know that. Stop talking to the wall, you’ll just hurt your throat.

48. Really, mom?

Oh, that calls for a celebration! Order all of your favorites!

49. Thank you, Grandma.

Who is your greatest ally? That’s right! It’s always Grandma. Mom can’t do anything when Grandma speaks, so make sure you are always on good terms with Grandma. Got it?

50. Don’t panic!

Stop looking for excuses not to help bring the groceries in. After all, she bought them for you to enjoy!

51. Mom’s Guilt Trip

via Tenor

Mom’s guilt tripping is the most powerful guilt trip ever. When Mom starts saying things to make you feel guilty…ooh boy, get ready. You are in trouble.

52. Start praying, kid.

You also know you are in trouble when she starts calling you by your full name. You better start praying to whomever you believe in!

53. I’m coming, Mom!

When she calls you by your full name and tells you to get over there, you better make it snappy!

54. It’s a ceasefire!

Mom called to say you are having pizza for dinner? Something’s probably wrong, but just enjoy it for now. Maybe it’s a cease fire!

55. It’s time to tell her, kiddo.

Let’s get serious, though. Mothers are always the best listeners. They know exactly how to ease your pain and calm your nerves. If you are in trouble, it’s probably time to tell her.

56. She pays for everything.

She pays for everything, anyway, so why wouldn’t she be available if you need to get something off your chest?

57. Go on, call her.

Go on, call her. Tell her all your doubts and fears. You’ll be surprised at how relieved she will make you feel.

58. Ask for help!

Ask for her help, because no matter what the circumstances are, you know she will always be there to catch you when you fall.

59. She’s your best friend, anyway.

She’s not just your mother—she is also your best friend. She will listen to whatever you have to say, and she will tell you all the things you need to hear. And if you don’t need advice, she will make you feel better with a hug.

60. She always got your back.

She always has your back. Who else would you be calling, anyway? There’s just something about Mom that you know you need—it’s the comfort that only motherly love can bring.

61. Tell her you’re proud of her.

Whenever you get the chance, whether you are in the presence of other people or not, tell her you’re proud of her. It might be difficult for you to open up, but it will never hurt to make your Mom’s heart melt.

62. She will always be number one!

Tell her she will always have a special place in your heart—your number one. After all, if it weren’t for her, you wouldn’t even be here!

63. She has always been the best!

Tell her she’s the best—because she is! You know you have the best mom. Make sure she knows it, too!

64. Scream it out!

Tell her you love her. Scream it out to the whole world—you love her more than anything. If you are too shy to shout it out, then go on and whisper your words of love to her.

65. After all, she’s the coolest!

After all, she isn’t just a regular mom. She is the coolest Mom you will ever have!

Final Words on Funny Mom Memes That Are Instantly Relatable

After scrolling through all these memes, doesn't it feel like you’ve taken a trip down memory lane?

Each meme, in its own witty way, celebrates the universal experiences and shared moments we've all had with our mothers. It's fascinating how a simple meme can accurately capture motherhood's essence and our unique bond with our moms.

We hope this collection brought a smile to your face. Maybe you've even picked out a few favorites to send to your mom. After all, shared laughter is one of the best gifts you can give.

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