45 Funny Mental Health Memes That Are Relatable

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Ever scrolled through social media and stumbled upon a meme that felt a little too real?

We've all been there, finding humor in the little truths that resonate with our own experiences.

Mental health memes have become a unique way for many people to express their feelings, making the struggles they face more relatable.

While humor can't replace professional therapy, a good laugh can certainly help lighten the mood and make us feel less alone in our challenges.

In this article, we've gathered 45 mental health memes that hit close to home for anyone who's battled with their mind. From the hilarious to the all-too-true, there's something here that's bound to resonate.

Ready to find a meme that speaks to your soul? Dive in and let the laughs begin!

1. They need therapy, too.

Therapists are people, too. They have their own struggles to deal with and mental health to take care of. The next time you see a therapist trying to compose themselves, maybe a hug is what they need.

2. Good grades or good mental health?

This one’s for our students out there having a hard time dealing both with their mental health and academic performance. While this meme is funny, remember that the choice is easy: your mental health.

3. Wrong choice.

Mental health always comes first. When you are feeling healthy, your schoolwork will seem much easier!

4. Wish it was that easy.

You can’t just tell someone to “get over it,” because it is never easy to do that. It is important to try to understand where they are coming from.

5. Why do kids hate school?

Education is important, of course. But maybe there’s a better way?

6. My mental health funeral.

Sometimes, it feels like our mental health is dead and needs to be buried. But that’s not something to celebrate!

7. Ironic, yes.

How often do we give other people advice while our own lives are in the process of blowing up? Focus on your own mental health first, and let it speak for you.

8. It’s hard, you know.

Do you ever feel like you are talking to a wall? For those who have never experienced mental health problems, they can be very difficult to understand.

9. Sounds like a plan.

Send this meme to everyone you know who keeps on saying “Just be happy” when it’s crystal clear that you cannot. Doing so will probably improve your mental health a little.

10. Hang in there, buddy!

When nothing’s left for you to cling to except that one single thread. We think most people can relate to this meme.

11. Wrong timing, as usual.

Most of us feel this way from time to time. Really, what’s your problem, brain? Would it hurt to give us a break every once in a while?

12. I need to sleep!

Do you experience this, too? A lot of us do! Why does anxiety attack us when we’re about to fall sleep?

13. “Be a man.”

Here’s a common notion we grew up believing: Men are supposed tough. But as it turns out, that’s not always true. Men are people, too, and they need support from the society they live in.

14. A protector needs a protector.

Do you have a friend who prioritizes your mental health? Who protects your heart all the time? You probably need to watch out for their mental health, too. Protect them at all costs!

15. Doggo of Mental Stability

Just a cute, lovely doggo in the middle of this article to make you smile and improve your mental health!

16. Tomorrow needs you.

Tomorrow needs you. The future needs you. Even on your darkest day, try to keep this in your mind.

17. Are you, too?

This one made us laugh. We will be indefinitely unavailable, so don’t call us!

18. It’s not yet ready!

When you check in with yourself and realize that things are going up in smoke—and then you pretend like everything is cool.

19. Let’s laugh it out.

Sometimes, that’s what you need to do. It’s not burying the feelings, it’s just trying to deal with the emotions.

20. What are those?

Have you ever interacted with someone who has ADHD? If so, you probably understand what this meme is referring to. People with ADHD have beautiful, creative, turbulent minds!

21. I can multitask.

Hey, at least you are a multitasker! Still, it doesn’t hurt to let it out sometimes. You don’t need to rant or vent, you just have to release some of that pent up emotion.

22. Soulmate!

This is priceless! There’s nothing better than finding someone with the same quirks as you!

23. Here it comes.

It’s that time of week again. Prepare yourself!

24. I’m fine, no worries.

Wondering how to hide your anxiety from everyone else? Study the face of the girl in this classical painting. Maybe you’ll learn something.

25. What’s sleep?

Just because you’re tired doesn’t mean you’re sleepy. The mind can be your worst enemy sometimes!

26. I’m the best candidate.

Easy? Check. Last-minute? Check. Crucial? Check. Combination of the three? Big check! People with ADHD can relate.

27. Don’t try.

Some people would rather keep their intrusive thoughts to themselves. We should respect that. If they want to open up, they will do so without you having to force them.

28. Wellness Check

Time for a wellness check! Has your mind been peaceful lately?

29. It’s not just obvious.

When you have severe mental health issues and you know there’s no simple cure, but you just decide to go with it and be happy.

30. Thank you for asking.

When someone asks how’s your mental health, and you’re ready to answer—tell them! They might be able to help. If you aren’t ready to answer, politely decline, but thank them for asking.

31. Bipolar is not crazy.

Ask anyone who is bipolar and they’ll tell you—they aren’t crazy! They just have very mercurial emotions.

32. Mental Health Day!

Did you know that mental health day is October 10? But we say that if you need a mental health day, you should take it, no matter the date. Take care of yourself!

33. What to do on Mental Health Day?

If you decide to have a mental health day, it’s perfectly fine to just lie down and let your mind wander. You need this day to rest and not worry about anything. Invite peace and it shall come.

34. It’s ok to not be ok.

Take it from Dr. Grey: Not everybody has to be happy all the time. It’s ok if you don’t feel ok. No one’s forcing you to be happy. If there is someone who tries, send them this meme instead.

35. I’ve been counting.

Who else feels like they are going through several nervous breakdowns per week? We think everyone does—even those with perfectly stable mental health conditions.

36. I need a reboot.

Here’s one for those who suffer in silence. We understand it’s hard to feel overloaded with thoughts and feelings. You need a reboot, and that’s fine. Take your time to heal.

37. I can’t fix it.

Sometimes, we need help, even if we want to deny it. The first step to getting help is admitting to yourself what you are experiencing. If you want to fix it, you’ve got to admit you can’t.

38. I cannot brain today.

It’s all right to be like this cat—to not brain today, or even tomorrow. You need time to clear your mind. But don’t do it forever. You have to take care of life, after all.

39. I eat my pain and my feelings.

When we bottle up our feelings, we eat the pain. And just like food, it turns us into what we are. That’s why it’s so important to let our feelings out!

40. And it’s chaotic.

It is never easy to battle with your inner demons. It’s like there’s a war inside your mind and there’s no way to escape it.

41. Almost there.

Even if you haven’t had a nervous breakdown recently, it probably feels like one is right around the corner.

42. Where are my brains?

Do you ever wonder where you brain has run off to, and why it isn’t helping you out? It’s probably hanging out in your feet.

43. You need to relax.

No matter what happens, you need to relax. That’s the solution. Breathe in, breathe out. Soothe your senses.

44. Self-care isn’t selfish.

It’s never selfish to practice self-care. You’re doing it to keep yourself happy and healthy. That way, you can show up for other people and be the best, most supportive version of yourself.

45. Do the mental breakdance!

When you’re finally relaxed and past the mental breakdown do the mental breakdance! There’s no room for stress when you are getting your boogie on.

Final Thoughts on Mental Health Memes

Laughing at life's challenges, especially the ones related to our mental well-being, can be a comforting way to navigate tough times.

These mental health memes provide a dash of humor while shedding light on the very real struggles many people face daily.

We hope you found a meme or two that resonated with you. Remember, it's okay to seek light in the shadows and to share a chuckle with others who understand.

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