7 What is Your Mental Age Quizzes & Tests

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What does your mental age tell you about your personality?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve been thinking like an adult, a teenager, or a kid recently?

Your mental age is different from your actual age. While you may look young and energetic, how you deal with life and its worries could reflect a different mental age. You could be more mature than you think, or naiver.

In this post, we have gathered seven mental age quizzes that may help you determine how your brain works or what maturity level your personality has achieved. These tests are not intended to degrade or praise you in any way. Instead, they are simply tools to help people reflect upon their actions and life decisions.

Let’s check them out!

1. Mental Age Test by AREALME

mental age drawing | how to calculate mental age | mental age example

Initially from Japan, the Mental Age Test by AREALME consists of 30 questions about your personal preferences. You only have to agree (true) or disagree (false) with the statements, but there is also a “neither” choice if you are somewhere in the middle. It will ask you your actual age and gender, but you can opt not to indicate them.

At the bottom of your results, you will see a summary that discusses how accurate this test is. The site admits that it is not 100% accurate, but it has kept improving its algorithm since its launch to ensure nearly accurate results.

2. Quiz Expo Mental Age Test

mental age drawing | mental age chart | how to calculate mental age

What is great about the Quiz Expo Mental Age Test is that it discusses beforehand what mental age is. It does not simply jump straight into the quiz, but instead gives you an overview of what your results might mean.

There are many answer options for each question. All you have to do is pick the best choice that suits your behavior, attitude, or perception. Most of the questions are about your personal preferences.

The site claims that this mental age quiz is 100 percent accurate. However, that is probably for ranking and keyword purposes only, since there is no test (even personality tests) that is 100 percent certain of its results.

3. My Mental Age

mental age quiz buzzfeed | mental age quiz psych2go | mental age quiz playbuzz

This test by My Mental Age is a multiple-choice quiz. It consists of 20 questions about your personal preferences in life and your behavior and attitude towards certain circumstances.

The site recommends that you think carefully before answering, but not to overthink. If you do so, you might interfere with the results by responding based on what you want the results to be.

After taking the test, it will show you your mental age as calculated by the site’s algorithm. There is a short explanation at the end about the number you received.

4. What’s Your Mental Age?

what is my mental age quiz | psych2go mental age quiz | guess my mental age quiz

Like the other tests on this list, the What’s Your Mental Age? quiz focuses on your preferences and attitude towards life. It is primarily made up of psychological questions, like what are the things that scare you and the factors that stress you out. Other questions are easier to answer, like how long you sleep at night or how many hours you exercise.

The site automatically computes your mental age at the end of the questionnaire. Unfortunately, your score does not come with an explanation. You only receive your mental age and a brief discussion on why the test can be helpful.

5. Reveal Your Mental Age

mental age example | adults with mental age of a child | what is mental age in psychology

The Reveal Your Mental Age quiz is a pretty short test consisting of only 14 questions, each with four or five possible answers. The questions are mostly about your personal preferences, beliefs, and general information about your lifestyle. For instance, one question asks whether you are older or younger than your friends.

This test is quick, so it’s something you can do in your spare time for fun. However, it doesn’t give you an explanation of your results. Therefore, we recommend it only for those who are bored and enjoy mental age quizzes.

6. What’s Your Mental Age? By HowStuffWorks

mental age quiz accurate | mental age quiz questions | mental age quiz quotev

HowStuffWorks aims to help its readers and visitors reassess their outlook on life with the help of this mental age quiz. The What’s Your Mental Age? By HowStuffWorks consists of 30 questions, with four possible answers each. The questions are primarily about your preferences in trivial things like TV shows, movies, etc.

You can change your answers while taking the test, and you can even go back to previous questions if you want. What isn’t allowed is to answer the next question until you have completed the one before it.

At the end of the quiz, the site will show your mental age and give you an explanation.

7. What’s Your Mental Age? By Hey Wise

mental age quiz heywise | mental age quiz online | mental age quiz bright side

Just a quick note: You need to have a good, reliable Internet connection to take this test. The questions are each on their own pages (with many advertisements), which load slowly. The possible answers are pretty wordy, too, so you will need to read them carefully.

But overall, we think What’s Your Mental Age? By Hey Wise is a good test if you want to know your mental age. There is no explanation provided, but it will at least give you an idea of what your maturity level is.

Final Words

We hope that we were able to help you choose the best mental age quiz. If you have the time, you might as well take the other personality tests on this list, too!

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