25 Printable Adult Easter Coloring Pages for 2024

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Easter is a time to be joyful and grateful. It is a great opportunity to reflect on our actions and ask for forgiveness if appropriate. It is also a good time to celebrate the resurrection of the one who brought us salvation.

In this article, we share with you 25 printable adult easter coloring pages that you can use to keep your Easter Day busy and fun. Regardless of your religion, we think you will enjoy coloring these sheets while bonding with your friends and family.

Let’s get started!

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1. Happy Easter Day!

In Christianity, Easter Day is the day that commemorates the resurrection of Christ. It is a joyous day celebrated by most Catholics because it symbolizes the salvation of humanity, the defeat of death, and the hope of tomorrow’s glory.

2. Easter Doodle

Check out this doodle-style coloring page from Just Color. We think it would make a wonderful front page for an Easter gift card.

3. He is Risen

It is believed that the church bells stopped ringing on the day that Jesus died. But they rang again on Easter to announce His resurrection.

4. Happy Easter!

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Here is another perfect front page for your Easter card gifts. You can also use it on the inside of your card and write a heartfelt message on the space provided around the text. Be creative and let your loved ones enjoy Easter with your warm messages.

5. Easter Bunnies and Eggs

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These Easter bunnies and their eggs are for parents who have children who love to color. It is downloadable for free in a high-quality format.

6. Detailed Bunny and Eggs

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via homemade-gifts-made-easy

This detailed bunny and his eggs are for adults who like complicated artwork. It is in mandala form, so you’re sure to have a great time with it. Become engrossed in the coloring process and relax your mind, body, and soul.

7. Easter Eggs

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via homemade-gifts-made-easy

Here is an Easter coloring page for all ages—both your kids and the elderly at home will surely have a nice time coloring it. Grandparents and grandkids can color while bonding together over hot chocolate and lovely stories.

8. Easter Eggs & Flowers

This sheet is from Shutterstock and is not free. However, you can download it for free if it is your first time creating a Shutterstock account and you opt to continue with their free trial.

9. Easter Egg Tree

Eggs symbolize the resurrection itself—a new life that emerged after a tragic death. Just like the eggs in this easter tree, it is believed that the resurrection of Jesus gives life to our hope for salvation and deliverance.

10. Easter Eggs in a Basket

We are sure you will have fun coloring these Easter eggs in a basket. Just look at how detailed and intricate they are—perfect for the adult who’s looking for a challenging coloring page.

11. Easter Basket

This Easter basket is quite intricate, but we feel like older kids can manage. You can download it from SuperColoring for free and in high quality. You can also print it directly or color it online if you wish.

12. Easter Bunny

You can download this Easter bunny by saving the image after you open the link above. It is an intricate and involved sheet to color, so we think that you will enjoy coloring it.

13. Detailed Happy Easter Text

This Easter coloring page has a fee, but there is a free copy with a watermark. Check out this link for the free version. It is in PDF format and is ready for high-quality printing.

14. Elegant Easter Egg

This elegant Easter egg is definitely worth the download, time, and effort, especially for those who like challenging pages. You can imagine how classy and beautiful it will be once it’s done.

15. Intricately Designed Easter Eggs

This one is from Shutterstock as well, and is definitely worth the purchase price, especially if you want to design these eggs yourself.

16. Easter Wreath

Check out these Easter eggs in a wreath design. We love how the eggs are so beautifully drawn. We bet you’re going to have a wonderful time coloring them, along with the flowers.

17. Easter Egg Basket

How about a basket of Easter eggs? Don’t you think they will make a great addition to your collection of finished coloring pages?

18. Greetings from Chick and Bunny

Here’s a cute Easter coloring page for you and your kids. It has just the right amount of difficulty for them to enjoy, and it will also be fun for you.

19. Easter Balloons

Here’s another coloring page that can help you bond with your children this Easter! Those balloons sure look a lot like Easter eggs, ready to fly high into the sky.

20. Bunny Couple

Perhaps you were looking for an Easter design for couples? Try this page featuring bunny couples from Homemade Gifts Made Easy! Spend some time coloring with your partner and enjoy the holiday together!

21. Easter Egg Basket for Kids

Here is another basket full of eggs that will be lots of fun for the kids to color. It is simple and easy to color, but still a beautiful design.

22. Eggs & Bunnies

The kids might enjoy this picture too—a group of bunnies with their Easter eggs! Are your kids ready for the Easter egg hunt?

23. Easter Sunday

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. This might be a good coloring page to share with a religious friend.

24. Egg Mandala

This Easter egg mandala will surely keep you busy on Easter. After celebrating with your family, you can relax at home with this coloring page.

25. Easter Free Printables

Here’s a simple, religious Easter coloring page that you can enjoy with your family.

Final Thoughts on Printable Adult Easter Coloring Pages

We hope that the coloring pages we shared above were able to help you find the best options for you and your loved ones. Take some time off this Easter season and enjoy a day full of creativity with your friends and family members.

It is not every day that you get the chance to spend quality time with them. While you’re at it, share stories with each other and find happiness in their companionship.

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