17 Tactics to Give Off More Feminine Energy [New for 2024]

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To make it in a man's world, I’ve had to play by his rules. But I’m realizing that there's nothing wrong with the differences delineating woman from man and I‘m ready to embrace myself fully!

The problem is, I've been suppressing my “woman-ness” to be successful for so long, I’m not sure how to give off the right amount of feminine energy.   So in this post, we'll explore the power of feminine energy and suggest ways to exude it more.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is all of the nurturing traits it takes to connect to human beings in a meaningful and fulfilling way. It's compassionate, kind, empathetic, patient and emotional. It's about embracing your intuition and creativity. Feminine energy is fluid and free. It's about being. It encompasses receiving and is represented by nature. As humans, we have both feminine and masculine energies.

Aaah, the power.

But feminine energy is the opposite of masculine energy. This may seem like a given, but it's important to understand that each type of energy has its own unique traits. They're polar opposites, but like batteries, things won't work as they're supposed to without the right balance of both. 

In our society, assertive characteristics are regarded positively and highlighted as what it takes to become successful. Masculine energy attributes like aggressiveness, drive, logic, doing and structure are more valued.

Being emotional, displaying a softer side and being still can be seen as less desirable, lazy or weak.

But we are relational creatures. The ability to harmonize with others, collaborate and effectively communicate is just as important to success.

And success is not just defined as climbing the ladder at work or acquiring more material goods. Success is also about having satisfying, amicable relationships.

There's a reason nature is referred to as female. Mother Nature and Hurricane Katrina are fluid, free, strong and powerful. Nature or Mother Nature is life. She is water, sun, oxygen and food. She is anything but undesirable and lazy. 

As humans, we are interdependent. We need each other. The traits of feminine energy make it possible for human beings to compromise, forgive, work together and resolve conflicts.

You know, those things necessary for us to journey through life's hardships together, and continue to live peaceably with one another.

We can see examples of women using their feminine energy more and more nowadays. As more women speak out about things that uniquely affect us as women, like sexual harassment, abuse and depression, they are using their power to connect and build a sisterhood of support. 

When they share stories of being abused and manipulated, they are exposing their vulnerabilities and every woman's right to the masculine energy trait, protection.

They're demonstrating that it's okay to talk about situations when the characteristics that make up our feminine energy — being loving, accepting, gentle and kind — have led to the need to receive the masculine energy of protection, even though the need was unmet. 

They're manifesting their female energy by being reflective, emotional, inclusive and letting women know it's okay to forgive themselves for something that was never their fault.

Women are leading initiatives that hold perpetrators of harassment and abuse accountable. They're showing that our combined feminine energy has the power of a hurricane, and can bring positive change like many of the elements of Mother Nature.

What Do Men Really Want?

Although we may have to act more masculine to compete in the workplace, men are not looking for a carbon copy of themselves. They want and need balance, just like us.

As I stated earlier, masculine and feminine energy are polar opposites, meaning they attract one another. A man with strong or a lot of masculine energy wants a woman with strong or a lot of feminine energy. Its yin and yang. It's balance. It's biology. 

A man is attracted to those inner and outer qualities that distinguish woman from man. He doesn't want to feel like he's hanging out with one of the boys when he's getting romantic. 

17 Tactics to Give Off More Feminine Energy 

1. Let your creativity flow.

When you tap into your creativity, you're connecting to your feminine energy. After all, we are women. Without us, human life cannot be created. Life cannot be born.

Unleash your creative side. Yours may come in dance, making beautiful furniture, painting murals or giving people flattering haircuts and hair styles.

One of the many things I discovered from my research is that I am happiest when I’m in my feminine energy. I was surprised to learn that when I'm writing or doing spoken word or playing an instrument, I'm manifesting my feminine energy.

2. Connect with nature and your senses.

This is a way to embrace your sensuality, too. Being sensual means enjoying gratification through your senses. Become one with nature and revel in how good the sun feels on your skin. 

Take in the beauty of greenery, and enjoy the smell of fresh flowers as you walk through the park. 

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A man is attracted to those inner and outer qualities that distinguish woman from man.

Inhale the refreshing scents of a candle that is released only when you ignite it with the natural element, fire. Gaze across the ocean, look into a lake or soak in a bathtub full of water.

3. Indulge in self-reflection.

Connect to your inner thoughts, feelings and spirituality. Who are you and what does life — your life — mean? You can meditate, journal or talk to a therapist or life coach to understand yourself better.

4. Embrace receiving.

As women, we naturally give so much more than we take. Giving is integral to nurturing. But it's okay to receive.

Our bodies are naturally designed this way. To conceive, we must “receive” the man. Ideally — or at least in the old, old days — to give birth to and care for the baby, we had to receive what the man provided.

He gave (through hunting or working) what was necessary to supply food and shelter for ourselves and the baby. And he gave his protection.

Ask for help when you need it. Accept help when it's offered. Let that man get the door for you, carry your groceries or be the one who pays. 

Accept a compliment. Pamper yourself. A spa day or a massage sounds good.

5. Be playful and spontaneous.

We spend so much time doing things. Let's throw away the phrase, “An idle mind is the devil's playground.” Our society values busyness. But we all need rest, and not just sleep or physical rest. Our minds need to relax and just be.

Sometimes we need to do what we want, just because we want to, not because it's productive or has some end goal.

Feminine energy is fluid, like water. If you just let it flow freely, there's no telling where it will go. It's not rigid and structured like masculine energy. Be free and have fun.

6. Support other like-minded women.

Celebrate feminine energy by building a sisterhood. Build-up other women in your life who are a positive support system for you. Join a women's organization or book club.

7. Practice loving yourself.

When you love yourself, you can truly embrace who you are. What better way to exude your feminine energy than by accepting and loving yourself as a woman and everything that means?

Feminine energy is nurturing. Compassion is nurturing. Give yourself compassion and unconditional acceptance. 

8. Balance the feminine and masculine energies within you.

Since we all have both, be mindful of the balance. Make sure that the masculine doesn't outweigh the feminine.

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There's a time and place for everything. The workplace may be the place for aggressiveness, but you may want to step back into your more sensual side when you leave the office.

9. Do things that make you feel grounded.

At the risk of sounding like a hippy, take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass. Grounding yourself means connecting with the earth. Go for a swim. Stretch out on a sandy beach, being mindful of how the sand feels against your bare skin.

10. Enjoy more rest and peace.

Compassion, acceptance and forgiveness are qualities of feminine energy. These characteristics are peaceful. Masculine energy is about achieving and doing. Feminine energy is about stillness and rejuvenation.

11. Be conscious of your femininity.

Be mindful of your female energy. Being mindful is experiencing the present intentionally and consciously. You can practice mindfulness with your five senses.

It's also recognizing how you feel without judgment. When you feel you're in your feminine energy, are you more aware of the scents around you? Are you more emotional? Do you feel more like a nurturer?

12. Understand, embrace and express your emotions.

To embrace and express your emotions, you must first understand them. Since the phrase, “She's emotional right now,” usually has a negative connotation, we suppress our feelings. We've not only been taught it's weak or even inappropriate to show how we feel, but to feel how we feel, too. 

Start by seeking to understand your many emotions. Document them in a journal. You want to capture your feelings in different situations — work, school, home, alone, with others. Accept what you're feeling without judgement (it's integral to mindfulness).

13. Laugh more.

Laughter, as long as it's not at someone's expense, can say, “Me too.”  It can say, “I understand.” It's inviting. It can break the tension in the room. 

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To embrace and express your emotions, you must first understand them.

Laughing also releases endorphins; those chemicals that make us feel good. Laughter is communication that is heart-felt, sincere and soothing. You're creating positive energy when you laugh — for yourself and others.

14. Own and cherish your beauty.

Compose your own standard of beauty. Recognize that just because you are a woman, you are beautiful. The world does not define what's beautiful. You do!

Cherish your beauty by capturing it forever in pictures. Get dressed up in what makes you feel feminine, beautiful and priceless.

Ditch the selfies for a minute. If you have a few bucks to spare, pamper yourself and schedule a professional photoshoot. Of course, asking a friend to capture your feminine essence and energy by taking your picture works just as well.

15. Allow your intuition to guide you more.

That sixth sense that we have, ladies, is worth listening to. Where it is more masculine to jump right in, it's more feminine to really think things through and see things in more than just black and white.

You know how it is when you just know something? You don't know how you know, you just know. That's that feminine energy. It speaks to us for a reason.

The next time someone gets impatient because you have to think about a decision a little longer than they'd like you to, or they don't understand your rationale, keep looking inward to get the answers you need before acting.

16. Give yourself me-time.

Reconnect with yourself through meditation, prayer or yoga. This is your time alone to connect with your inner self. We are all so busy, but once you make this part of your daily routine, you can find ways to fit it in.

Take a walk during your lunch break. Take a Saturday afternoon or after-work nap. Don't go straight home to the husband and kids after you run that errand. Stop at a park or riverbank. Enjoy the sunshine or the hovering clouds.

17. Reflect on your strengths.

In order to balance your energies, you not only must know what each is, you must be aware of how they are present in your life and essence currently. 

Reflecting on your strengths involves using many of the tactics already suggested. It combines balancing masculine and feminine energy, me time, intuition, self-reflection, cherishing your beauty and loving yourself. 

Reflect on what you do best, or what you really enjoy doing. Think about how you positively impact others. Those are your strengths.

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Make sure that the masculine doesn't outweigh the feminine.

To do this, you must be still with yourself and understand who you are. You must look within and be honest about what you see. And then, you must make a decision to accept and embrace it, and change what you don't like.

If you are not going to take steps to change or improve what you don't like, it's crucial that you accept and embrace these self-qualities.

Your strengths are an integral part of the definition of beauty that every woman has the right to define for herself. 

These strengths are what those pictures you'll take to own and cherish your beauty will capture — exuding from inside out. Your strengths are what makes it so easy to love you!

Final Thoughts on How to Give off Feminine Energy

You may have to figure out how you’re already giving off feminine energy, and do more of it. Before my research, I had no idea that when I'm doing what I love and do best — being creative — I'm manifesting mine.

I still manifest my masculine energy at work, but I have peace and contentment when exuding feminine energy. I have faith you will too if you heed the advice I’ve provided here. 

For more guidance on your personal journey, check out these affirmations specifically for women to bring you one step closer to unleashing your feminine energy!

Finally, if you want to increase your happiness and life satisfaction, then watch this free video that details the 7-minute habit for planning your day to focus on what's important.

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