21 Fairy Coloring Pages for Adults (New for 2024)

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Do you believe in fairies?

Whether you do or not, you can’t deny that they are pleasing to look at and color. Fairies are one of the most beloved mythical creatures because of their beauty and strength.

Some legends say that they are demoted angels, while others claims that they are born from nature. Wherever they are from, one thing is for sure: Their existence makes our lives and dreams more magical.

In this article, we share with you 21 fairy coloring pages that will take you straight to fairyland. Some are easy to color, while others may take a lot of time and effort to finish.

Check them out and see which ones suit your taste!

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1. Fairy Meeting

Check out these fairies that seem to be having a chat together. The design may be a bit complex for those who are not used to coloring, but it surely is worth the time and stress relief.

2. Star Fairy

Isn’t this fairy lovely? She looks like she’s straight out of an anime series. We called her the Star Fairy because she seems to have command over the moon and stars. Don’t you think so?

3. Mother Fairy

How about coloring our Mother Fairy? Her hair, dress, and crown—everything about her, actually—are so wonderful. This coloring page is great if you are looking for a challenge!

4. Fairy of Roses

Here’s another intricate design from the same source as the last one. She looks like one of Mother Fairy’s beautiful daughters, so we called her the Fairy of Roses. She can make roses bloom anytime, anywhere!

5. Little Fairy

This could be the Mother Fairy’s youngest daughter. The design is quite intricate, so we are sure you will enjoy coloring her.

6. Gothic Fairy Couple

If you are looking for a rather challenging piece, try out this fairy coloring page. Just look at how meticulously her wings are drawn! This looks like a joy to color.

7. Lovely Fairy Swinging

Here’s an even more detailed page that will surely challenge your coloring skills. Enjoy coloring this beautiful and cheerful fairy page. It will surely relieve you from any stress or anxiety you are feeling.

8. Fairy in Your Dreams

Simple yet elegantly drawn—that’s how we describe this coloring page. Some people are truly blessed with artistic talent. Express your inner artist by coloring this beautiful page!

9. Realistic Fairy

Doesn’t she look realistic? We wonder how she will look once you color her. You might want to use water-based coloring materials to make her look even more real.

10. Fairy or Angel?

What do you think—is this a fairy or an angle? Maybe she’s a Queen Fairy! Either way, she’ll be fun to color.

11. Steampunk Fairy

Here’s something a bit different. This steampunk fairy is ready for you to color her world.

12. Sophia the Fairy

This one may be a bit easy for adults, so we suggest coloring it if you want to enjoy some bonding time with your kids through.

13. Little Fairy Boy

Here’s a cute little fairy boy with strawberries! This design is part of an alphabet series from the site. You can check out their other designs to complete the alphabet.

14. Fairy of Nature

If you’re a fan of lines and swirls, this design might be perfect for you. It’s your fairy of nature, giving you your dose of beauty through geometric lines.

15. Fairy in Swirls

We really like the swirls and circles in this design. We can’t wait to get busy coloring this page. How about you?

16. Skull Fairy

How about this skull fairy for those who are thirsty for something a bit more gothic? It’s not hardcore goth (we have one of those later on the list), but it’s definitely a bit different than most of the other options.

17. Fairy of the Woods

Look at those wings and feathers—our hands are itching to color them in different shades. What colors would you use to liven up this lovely fairy?

18. Sexy Fairy

Here’s a fair that’s super seductive. Coloring her will be an exciting experience. If devils have sexy female counterparts, fairies do, too!

19. Fairy Guardian of the Moon

Doesn’t this fairy look like she’s the guardian of the moon! Imagine seeing her at the gates of the stars and cosmos. How much fun will it be to color her intricate hair, the little dragon, and the scepter?

20. Gothic Fairy

This fairy is hardcore goth. She also looks super challenging to color. Sounds like fun to us!

21. Forest Fairy

Here’s another goth-inspired coloring page. She looks like a fairy from the depths of the forest, and she’s having a conversation with all her subordinate fairies. Color them all!

Final Thoughts on Fairy Coloring Pages for Adults

We hope you enjoyed our list of fairy coloring pages for adults. If you want to take a break from the real world or simply work off some stress through coloring, print off your favorite designs and get busy.

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