57 Free Winter Coloring Pages for Adults

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Winter is here! Are you ready?

You might be feeling bored staying at home. It’s cold outside and you can’t do all of the things you normally do. What can you do to keep yourself entertained?


Coloring is no longer just for kids. More and more adults are turning to this fun activity as a way to recuperate and relax from the stresses of life.

You may not be aware that coloring offers a lot of therapeutic benefits, especially for our mental and emotional state. In addition to alleviating stress and anxiety, it also enhances cognitive function and stabilizes emotions.

In this article, we share with you a list of beautifully drawn winter coloring pages for adults. The best part is that they are all free.

Let’s check them out!

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1. Hello, Winter!

Here’s a chance to say hello to the new season. Winter is a crowd favorite because it includes Christmas, a holiday that brings us together and leads to lots of happiness and love. As the song says, ‘tis the season to be jolly!

2. Snow Scene

Winter is also the season for snow, and this coloring page sums it up nicely. It involves a scene of a neighborhood in wintertime. Your place might look like this, so you might want to draw inspiration from it.

3. Winter Resthouse

Does your family have a resthouse? Do you wish you had one? Either way, this image will help you daydream and relax. Color this page while you visit your resthouse or dream of owning one.

4. Indoor Feels on a Winter Day

If it’s a little too cold outside, you might want to spend your time indoors beside the fireplace, with a hot chocolate on the table. While you rest indoors, coloring is the perfect activity once you get tired of watching Netflix and playing mobile games.

5. Hark How the Bells!

Christmas caroling is an age-old winter tradition. If you are stuck at home due to the pandemic, turn on the speaker and play some Christmas songs while coloring this sheet for a perfect winter day.

6. Toys for Christmas

Kids patiently wait all year for Christmas because they love receiving gifts. Look how the kids in this image are window shopping eagerly, impervious to the cold. The children in your home are probably looking forward to Christmas, too!

7. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Snowmen are only possible during the cold months of winter, so take this opportunity to build one with your friends and family. If there’s no snow outside, then at least enjoy this coloring page with them.

8. Kids on a Winter Day

Here is another picture of children enjoying the winter season. If your kids like playing outside during winter, you can use this page to get them excited. If not, you can still spend time coloring with them.

9. Christmas House

Check out this beautiful Christmas house from Super Coloring. It even has reindeer and a sleigh, which is perfect for the holiday.

10. Snowy Village on Christmas Eve

Does your neighborhood look like this? Oh, what a wonderful sight! We are sure you will enjoy coloring this page because of the detailed design.

11. Winter Front Yard

Here is a close-up of a magnificent house with a beautiful front yard. Don’t you just love how intricate the design is? You won’t have an easy time coloring this, but we’re pretty sure that you are going to enjoy it.

12. Winter Farmland

This page shows what a farm would look like during winter. Farmers typically don’t favor the winter season because of the snow and how their crops and animals can suffer. Nevertheless, we know they still appreciate its beauty.

13. Winter Train Station

Do you spend Christmas at home? If so, do you commute or take public transportation? If you typically take a road trip in your car, you might want to try riding a train this winter for something different. It is always fun to see the world from a different perspective.

14. Santa Flying Away

This coloring page features Santa flying over a village with his reindeer and sleigh. Just looking at this picture makes you feel that Christmas is near.

15. Winter House

This page features a simple image of a house during the winter season. Does your house look like this? If you have a lot of time to spare, you can try drawing and coloring your own house to make the activity more personal.

16. Let It Snow Calligraphy

This page features simple yet beautiful calligraphy with the statement, “Let it snow!” Snow is a symbol of winter, so you might want to use this page to create a card for your family and friends as you all welcome the cold season.

17. Winter Wonderland Calligraphy

Sometimes simple is the best option. This coloring page simply says, “Winter Wonderland,” but it is beautiful and elegant and would make a great Christmas card.

18. Winter Wonderland

If you like coloring really intricate pages, then this one is for you. You might not be able to finish it in one sitting since it’s so complicated. Take your time and enjoy it, even if it takes a couple of days.

19. Winter Cabin

Here is a winter cabin for those who love the countryside. Does your family own a property like this? If so, they might enjoy this coloring page, too.

20. Snowflake Mandala

This page is great for those who enjoy challenges. It might look simple at first, but the curls are actually pretty intricate. The design is so beautiful that it can even be used as inspiration for an amulet.

21. Snowflakes Design

These snowflakes are not as difficult as the previous design, so the page is suitable for both kids and adults. You can also use this sheet for your gift cards and presents.

22. Lovely Snowflakes

Now these are rather intricate snowflakes, and they are also quite small, so they might be challenging to color. But we are sure you will enjoy them if you are fond of elaborate drawings.

23. Winter Girl and Her Coffee

These next two images are for those who love hot drinks. Here is a girl with a warm coffee in her hands—perfect for a cold, snowy morning. Coloring this design is super fun because you can use different colors to highlight the knits.

24. Winter Girl and Her Hot Choco

This picture features a girl sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Enjoy coloring it while sipping on a hot drink of your own.

25. Winter Girl Wandering

Look at this girl wandering the streets on a beautiful winter day. It might be cold, but she doesn’t seem to mind!

26. Winter Girl on a Winter Night

Here is another young woman out enjoying the winter season. Her mandala-like clothing will surely keep you busy while you color on a cold evening.

27. Zentangle Snowman

This intricate snowman design is perfect for the more advanced coloring enthusiast. It is a great option for adults and older kids with a lot of artistic flair.

28. Snowflake Season

Here is another snowflake design that you can enjoy while passing the time on a cold winter afternoon. This coloring page from Alisa Burke is free, but you need to request access before you can completely download it.

29. Winter Clothes

Do you know that some people actually have separate cabinets for their winter clothes? If you live somewhere that gets really cold, it’s important to have an appropriate wardrobe for the season. And even if you don’t, you can pretend while coloring this collection of garments.

30. Winter is Love

Here is a doodle of everything you need to do winter right. Skates, and umbrella, a scarf, winter mittens—you name it! There is also a snowman, because winter is not complete without one.

31. Winter Doodle

Here is another doodle with the word “winter” integrated into it. You can color this page and use it as a Christmas card or gift.

32. Snowflake Star Mandala

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This is a rather easy mandala that everyone can enjoy coloring. You can color it with your kids while watching a movie or drinking hot coffee.

33. Over the Snowy Window

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We suggest coloring this page while sitting next to the window and watching the snow fall outside. Enjoy spending a bit of time with your family while enjoying this wonderful recreational activity.

34. Ice Skate Mandala

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Do you own ice skates? If so, don’t you wish that you could design them like this? Even if your real skates aren’t this creative, you can at least color this mandala skate design and imagine what real ones would look like!

35. Patterned Winter Mittens

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See how creative you can be while coloring these beautiful mittens. Complicated designs such as this help you get into the zone so you can enjoy some stress relief.

36. Ready to Skate!

This complicated design is perfect for adults who like challenging designs. There are a lot of small spaces to fill in. You might not be able to finish this one sitting, but you can definitely finish it in half a day—and what else do you have to do on a lazy winter afternoon?

37. Choco Love

Finally, here is an image for all the hot cocoa lovers out there, with the requisite marshmallows on the side. What a lovely way to spend a winter morning!

38. Winter Owl

Don’t you just love the sight of owls in the wintertime? Here’s an image you can color and then decorate your wall with. It’s quite intricate, so we’re sure you’ll have a wonderful time working on it.

39. Winter Mood

Ready for winter? Set the mood with this coloring page. Almost everything relate to winter is featured on this printable coloring page. Print it off and color it with the kids at home.

40. Winter Mittens

Are your winter mittens ready? We sure hope they are. We are getting super excited for winter. Aren’t those pine trees and snowflakes lovely?

41. Winter Snowflake Mandala

Here’s a coloring sheet for those who like challenging yet minimalist projects. What a lovely design to decorate your walls with once you finish it!

42. Snow Globe Decoration

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Do you own a snow globe? If not, you can always color this wonderful page with a Christmas tree inside. It works great as a gift card for the holiday season!

43. Patterned Winter Mittens

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Here’s another beautifully designed set of winter mittens for those who like playing outside during snow time. It is a lot more detailed than the previous image, so it’s perfect for those who like to relax through color therapy.

44. Building a Snowman

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Building a snowman is the quintessential winter pastime. Look at how must these kids are enjoying themselves!

45. Winter Penguins

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These winter penguins are too cute to resist! Surely anyone would love to color them. Since it features simple lines and large spaces, this sheet is a great option for small children.

46. Winter is Magical

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Winter is the most magical season. It can be very cold and difficult, but a lot of people still look forward to it every year. After all, when else can you enjoy the snow?

47. Little Town in Winter

What does your town look like in winter? Is it a lot like this? We hope so! We also hope you enjoy coloring this lovely sheet!

48. December Delight

Embrace the frosty charm of December with this enchanting coloring page. Let your creativity melt away the winter chill with every stroke of color, and bring these letters to life with your favorite shades.

49. Winter Frosty Fun

Color your way through winter’s wonderland with this creative masterpiece. The letters W-I-N-T-E-R form a snowy stack; amidst them, you’ll find a snowman giving the “OK” for fun and an adventurous child snowboarding down the slopes.

50. Snowman Spectacular

Snowmen steal the show with their unique fashion and expressive faces in this whimsical winter world.

From dapper snowmen in top hats to classy snowmen with canes, your coloring adventure awaits. The frame adorned with tiny ribbons adds a festive flair to this delightful doodle.

51. Snowflake Variations

Zoom in and explore the mesmerizing world of snowflakes like never before. Each delicate flake showcases an intricate design, from classic patterns to contemporary twists. Dive into the details and bring these frozen gems to life with your colors.

52. A Snowman’s Pride

Meet the proudest snowman, adorned with a cozy scarf and a stylish bonnet. In the backdrop, a snow-covered house and leafless trees create the perfect setting for a heartwarming winter coloring adventure.

53. Cozy Christmas Hearth: Awaiting the Glow

Step into this cozy corner of Christmas magic as you color an enchanting fireplace adorned with festive ornaments and stacked firewood. Let your creativity kindle the holiday spirit in this heartwarming scene.

54. Snowman Family

Join this adorable snowman family, wrapped in scarves and wearing snow hats, as they bask in the beauty of winter together. This is a heartwarming picture of togetherness, perfect for adding your colorful touch to their frosty joy!

55. Winter’s Serenity

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of winter with this exquisitely detailed illustration featuring a graceful deer and a bundled-up girl.

This stunning artwork, worthy of framing, captures the essence of a winter wonderland, where nature and human connection harmonize in perfect symphony.

56. Winter’s Elegance: Sipping Sweet Moments

In a scene that exudes winter’s elegance, a lovely girl dressed in her finest winter attire and bonnet savors a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

As you breathe color into this enchanting portrayal, it becomes a captivating decoration, capturing the beauty of a winter’s day, the warmth of a cozy moment, and the grace of a young lady.

57. Winter’s Magic: An Elf’s Snowy Embrace

Here’s a charming young elf radiating beauty and warmth in winter attire, sharing a loving embrace with her snowman companion.

This intricate and heartfelt artwork is a testament to the bond of friendship and the enchanting beauty of winter. When you’ve added your artistic touch, it becomes a captivating decoration, ready to bring smiles and wonder to any space.

Final Words on Winter Coloring Pages

Winter is here, which means it’s time to get cozy. Enjoy the cold while it lasts and spend some time coloring with your friends, family, and loved ones.

We hope that the list we shared above was able to help you find some fun winter coloring pages. Get online and grab a few—they are all free!

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