81 Best Compliments for Teachers That Praise Their Efforts

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Great teachers boost the morale of the children they teach.  They establish a system that teaches children that hard work, dedication, and giving themselves to learning are fulfilling and rewarding.  They also provide them with the confidence to keep trying when the work can be difficult. 

It is sobering to think that every single person holding down a job in this world has benefitted by having teachers.  Whether you are a bookkeeper, CEO, bank teller, writer, accountant, nurse, or maintenance person… as some point, some teacher, had an impact on your life.  

It is incredible to think that the greatest geniuses of all time – like Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, and Steve Jobs – all had teachers.  Imagine being one of the teachers who taught a genius that changed the world? 

Can you ponder the thought of having the bragging rights to say that you taught science to Albert Einstein?   

It is safe to say that teachers make the world go ‘round and deserve praise for their efforts. Today, many teachers are often treated as babysitters more than educators… yet they stick by “their kids”. 

They want them to succeed and be happy. They genuinely care for them, despite sometimes being under stressful circumstances. 

Why are compliments so important to give and receive?

Teachers are extraordinary people responsible for educating the next generation of great leaders and influencers.  But unfortunately, they are undervalued, which reflects in their pay and unreasonable expectations often placed on their shoulders. 

So, to give a teacher, a compliment may be the affirmation they need to keep going and know that they are making a difference in the lives of the children they teach.

Sincere compliments are so important because they help to form an incredible bond between two people.  You don't even have to give them to someone in person.  If you spend a lot of time online and on social media, you may send and receive compliments there.  Compliments create an atmosphere of gratitude and positivity in our interactions with others. 

Giving someone an authentic compliment gives them a good feeling inside and enhances their self-confidence.  Moreover, it gives us a warm feeling inside.  It causes us to take the focus off ourselves and to see the good in others. 

That said, giving compliments often allows us to see the good in ourselves.  For me, it shines a light on what I value most in others that I interact with.  Furthermore, it helps me to remember that we are all in this together, and I appreciate what others bring to the world.  Remember, we all have value.

Giving and receiving compliments is a powerful benefit and can be magnetic.  It shows respect and appreciation for someone, spreading love and causing a chain reaction. 

It may feel awkward initially, but if it is sincere, the receiver will be significantly empowered and comforted by what you shared with them.  The saying goes, “What is from the heart touches the heart.”

Giving and receiving compliments is also essential because we become a great source of happiness and positivity in people's lives.  In addition, everything we spread to others will be multiplied back to us over and over again. 

So why not offer others genuine, well-thought-out praises.  Not necessarily looking for an immediate response because it may take time to process what you share with them. 

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Giving someone an authentic compliment gives them a good feeling inside and enhances their self-confidence.

I live by the scripture Proverbs 3:27, which says, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.”  If someone has made a powerful impact on my life, I have the power to thank them and share what I appreciate about them.  It could be a waitress at a restaurant, to reaching out to people I admire. 

Some of the most fruitful compliments are the ones that are usually focused on the specific attributes of a person’s life.  We don't usually think much of a grand and general compliment. 

However, when a compliment brings out the value of someone down to the small details of their lives, those words will have more power and credibility with the other person.

For instance, when we say, “You have a gorgeous smile,” you highlight a noticeable trait.  You may receive an awkward yet polite “Thank You” response at best. 

Conversely, when you see them and say, “Thank you for helping us today.  You were attentive and personable and made us feel like we were your only customers.  How long have you worked here?” things change.

We are now inviting sincere conversation because we have broken the ice, and they have let their invisible guards down.  People respond better to a genuine compliment and an expression of gratitude.  

81 Best Compliments for Teachers That Praise Their Efforts

  1. Thank you for explaining things where I can easily understand them.
  2. Thank you for the life lessons and for making me a better person.
  3. You are so knowledgeable and kind.
  4. Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed.
  5. My child is so anxious to learn because of you.
  6. You don’t just teach us, but you prepare us for the road ahead.
  7. You are making a massive impact on my kids' lives.
  8. One of the best decisions I ever made was to have you as a role model.
  9. I appreciate you for shaping me into the person I am today by helping me with my studies.
  10. I appreciate the lengths you go through so that even I can comprehend complicated matters.
  11. I never liked the subject but seeing you so passionate about it ignited a passion in me for it as well.
  12. I am forever indebted to you for being a great teacher and helping me academically and personally.
  13. I appreciate your advice when I am struggling and ready to give up.
  14. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you for helping me when I struggled to choose a career. Your guidance will never be forgotten.
  15. The years I was in your class were some of the best years of my life.
  16. You helped me to stand up for myself when I was bullied and mistreated by other students. Thank you for being there for me.
  17. You always taught me the right thing to do when I was going down the wrong path in life. I appreciate you for that.
  18. You put your heart into all you did as a teacher. I am grateful for you being my teacher and guide.
  19. You are much appreciated for helping my child understand and enjoy a complicated subject they once dreaded.
  20. Thank you for lighting a fire under me and giving me the desire to make something positive of myself.
  21. I appreciate you being so caring and building a connection with my child.
  22. You have made learning fun for me because I used to struggle and hated going to school before.
  23. I will always be grateful that my children had you as a teacher.
  24. You give me something to look forward to when I go to school.
  25. You were my favorite teacher growing up. I am glad my child is in your class as well. I learned so much from you, and you made school enjoyable.
  26. I am so glad my kids had you as a teacher. I wish more teachers were as knowledgeable and engaging as you.
  27. Good teacher such as you should never be taken for granted.
  28. You have made a massive difference in our family’s life by being such a great teacher to my children.
  29. I was consistently told I have learning disabilities and was unteachable until I met you. You were patient and kind and had a way of helping me understand things I couldn't comprehend.
  30. I am no longer nervous about dropping my kids off at school, knowing there are caring and compassionate teachers like you on staff.
compliments for teachers from principal | compliments for teachers from parents | positive comments for teachers
It is safe to say that teachers make the world go ‘round and deserve praise for their efforts.
  1. My child looks forward to school now. Even during the summer, they desire to be in school and it's all your fault. Thank you!
  2. You are such a phenomenal teacher that my child comes home every evening and cannot wait to share the incredible things they have learned with me.
  3. You have the best quality as a teacher. You treat us all equally and don’t show any favoritism.
  4. Thank you for not just being my educator but being a mentor and friend.
  5. If it were not for you, I would have failed all my final exams. Thank you for being a great teacher and tutor.
  6. I didn’t think college was in the picture, but you gave me the confidence to go for it.
  7. You have drawn out things in me that I never knew were there. I owe all my success and confidence to you.
  8. I can see why my children like you so much. You are so good at interacting with the children in your class.
  9. Thank you! Because of you, math makes sense to me now.
  10. I love writing now because of your teaching.
  11. I owe you a vote of thanks. You have influenced me and are a big part of how far I have come.
  12. Thank you for caring for me as a person, not just how quickly I got my work done in class.
  13. You never treated me as a problem child, even when my behavior wasn't the easiest to deal with. Thank you!
  14. I hope to be a teacher one day. I pray I am at least half as great a teacher as you.
  15. You instilled confidence in me to accomplish my dreams.
  16. I am grateful to you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and doing things I never had the knowledge to do before.
  17. Whenever someone comes to me for help, I try to offer them the same advice and help you gave me.
  18. You are such a great model of patience. Without you taking your time to sow into my life, I don’t know where I would be today.
  19. I give you credit for my full scholarship. You made learning fun, and I enjoyed learning all I could.
  20. Thank you for helping to give my child a vision for the future. You got through to them even when I couldn’t.
  21. You are everything a teacher should be. We need more teachers like you.
  22. You should be cloned because we need more teachers with your qualities.
  23. I have learned so much from you and how you prepare your lessons and teach your students.
  24. Everyone who talks about you as a teacher speaks glowingly of you. They really enjoy your class.
  25. So many parents request you as their children’s teacher. They know you make learning fun.
  26. For at least one year of their lives, you get to make an imprint on a group of students. That year will be life-changing for them.
  27. You’re the teacher I want to be when I grow up.
  28. You give parents hope that there are still dedicated teachers out there.
  29. You make choosing to send my kids to this school a no-brainer. You are an excellent teacher.
  30. I wouldn’t have graduated without you. Thank you!
  31. I always tell my parents that I am blessed to have you as my teacher.
  32. Thank you for never giving up on me.
  33. I am so lucky to have you in my corner.
  34. Thank you for fixing me when everyone thought I was broken.
  35. You are one of the only reasons I chose to attend school.
  36. You have inspired me to want to teach because you are so happy doing what you do.
  37. Even after I graduate, I will come back to visit you because you have inspired me.
  38. I looked at you like a second mom.
  39. You treated me as one of your children and made me feel special.
  40. Thank you for helping to show me the right path and helping me to be a better person.
compliments for teachers from students | one word compliments for teachers | how to compliment a teacher in a letter
Some of the most fruitful compliments are the ones that are usually focused on the specific attributes of a person’s life.
  1. I am an effective communicator because of you. I can’t thank you enough.
  2. Teaching is an art that you have obviously mastered.
  3. As a teacher, you change the world over and over again.
  4. My child tapped into their creative side because you drew it out of him. Only a phenomenal teacher like you could have done that.
  5. You were more than a teacher to me; you were also a counselor and gave me excellent guidance when I didn't know what to do.
  6. You were so helpful and supportive to me. I will never forget you.
  7. You have played such a significant role in my life. I have been lucky to have your direction.
  8. You saw something in me that I could not see and pulled it out of me. You changed my life.
  9. You are an important pillar in the framework of my life.
  10. You gave me the ability to dream and desire better for myself than I knew I could ever have.
  11. Thank you!

Final Thoughts on 81 Best Compliments for Teachers That Praise Their Efforts

Most of us can think of at least one teacher from our past that made a huge difference in our lives.  If you haven't done so, I challenge you to find them on social media if you can.  Then send them a sincere compliment to praise them for their efforts, showing gratitude

Teachers don't have the easiest jobs in the world. Besides teaching the required curriculum, they have to teach and manage personalities within the classroom and those of the student parents. They also most deal with co-workers and their own family issues at home. 

How teachers juggle it all, I may never know.  But I do know that without the great teachers I was blessed to have throughout the years, I don't know where my life would be.  And for that, I say, “Thank You!”

compliments for teachers | 100 compliments for a teacher | positive comments for teachers
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