67 Funny Christmas Memes to Ho Ho Ho Through the Holiday

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Looking for some Christmas memes to check out this holiday season?

Christmas is the season of joy, wonder, and never-ending to-do lists. In the midst of decorating, gift wrapping, and holiday cooking, have you ever thought about taking a breather with Christmas memes?

These little nuggets of online humor can be your escape to a world of festive laughter. From relatable family moments to Santa’s quirky adventures, Christmas memes encapsulate the essence of the season.

Let’s unwrap the joy together as we dive into our collection of the jolliest Christmas memes. From classic Grinchy humor to heartwarming tales of friendship, these memes will make your heart grow three sizes bigger.

Let’s check them out!

Table of Contents

1. Christmas Songs Fatigue

When it’s barely mid-November and retail workers are already on their 1000th Jingle Bells—the holiday spirit might be strong, but the playlist is on a loop.

2. Where is the Christmas Tree?

The empty spot where holiday cheer should be, but all you’ve got are dreams of a Christmas tree and the echo of festive songs past.

3. Radio stations after October be like…

Radio stations are making that sharp turn straight into Christmas tunes, because why wait for Thanksgiving when you can jingle all the way in November?

4. The confusion is real.

The confusion when the Christmas spirit leaps over Thanksgiving like a hurdle. Where is Thanksgiving supposed to position itself?

5. Say what, human?

While listeners are still grappling with the Christmas hits, radio stations are already plotting the Easter parade. The holiday playlist waits for no one!

6. Oh, let them take over.

As the Thanksgiving leftovers cool, Christmas memes prance onto the stage with the confidence of a king. It’s their season to shine, and they know it.

7. Christmas Serenade Starter

November’s chill winds carry the scent of pumpkin spice and the distant echo of Mariah Carey warming up her vocal cords. It’s the prelude to the carol that defines a season.

8. She’s not yet over it.

Caught in the seasonal switcheroo, some of us are still munching on Halloween candy while others have sprinted straight to decking the halls.

9. On a frenzy!

With the speed of a holiday comet, nothing beats the Christmas morning dash to the tree, where the wrapping paper doesn’t stand a chance.

10. Why, Santa?

The two faces of Christmas morning: the triumphant grin when Santa nails your wishlist and the polite smile for the camera when he doesn’t.

11. Aren’t you excited too?

The clock strikes midnight on October 31st, and it is as if Cinderella’s pumpkin has turned into a Christmas tree—ready for a festive transformation.

12. Oh, Nirvana!

That blissful moment when cutting wrapping paper becomes a symphony of seamless swishes—a small holiday miracle in its own right.

13. The waiting game.

On Christmas morning, time moves at a snail’s pace until it is time to tear into the presents. Oh, such agony!

14. Spooky yet festive.

When you’ve rolled right from Halloween into Christmas, and your bones are still rattling with eerie cheer. Why choose between jolly and ghostly when you can be both?

15. Holiday Hack

When your neighbor’s Christmas display is so lit, your best move is to ride those coattails with a one-word wonder. Sometimes, “Ditto” is the brightest decoration.

16. May the Christmas force be with you!

Channeling your inner elf to help with wrapping gifts, and wielding the tape like a Jedi master in training. The force is strong with the little helper!

17. Who said I didn’t shop?

Elevate holiday shopping to an Olympic sport with a Christmas Eve sprint that’s more intense than any Black Friday rush. Procrastinators, unite in speed!

18. As it should be.

Achieving the ultimate goal of gifting everyone in the family comes at the noble cost of a wallet’s sacrifice—a small price to pay for festive smiles.

19. This strategy never gets old.

We all transform into model children as Christmas approaches, because sometimes the best way to stay on Santa’s nice list is through doing the dishes.

20. Get real, dude.

Dreaming big for Christmas gifts, where mythical creatures are somehow more attainable than real-life connections. At least Santa’s got a sense of humor—and maybe a dragon in every color.

21. Idaho-ho-ho!

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When the holiday spirit hits hard, you’re ready to rename states for that extra Christmas cheer. “Idahohoho”—where the laughs are easy and the sleigh bells jingle.

22. Later, Phoebe.

When the holiday sneaks up on you, but “later” is a lifestyle. December 24th becomes the ultimate test of your gift-hunting skills (or the best excuse for gift cards).

23. Eternally waiting.

Patience level: skeletal. Just you, casually embodying the “waiting for Christmas break” mood with a festive hat.

24. Don’t ask, all right?

When the Christmas cheer was all about the feast, this cat’s holiday gains were relatable.

25. Greatest villain, indeed.

You are that one relative who spices up the silent night with hot takes. Cue the dramatic gasps and mashed potato missiles—holiday dinners just got a whole lot more interesting.

26. Kids’ list.

Little one’s list just hit the floor…and it’s still going. Santa will need a bigger sleigh and a lot of elves for this haul.

27. Here’s a wrapping hack.

Who says you can't mix and match holidays? When the Christmas wrap is gone, birthday paper gets the job done. Improvise, adapt, and keep the holiday cheer!

28. 2-in-1, yeah!

Caught between festive cheer and eerie fears? This ginger-dead man knows the struggle is real when you live in Halloween’s thrill during Christmas’ appeal.

29. Ninja Bread Men

This holiday season, brace yourselves for the ultimate cookie showdown—Ninja Bread Men are kicking their way into your snack time with a flavor that fights off any winter blues. Get ready to crumble!

30. What a genius!

When your math teacher’s equations start to look a lot like Christmas, you know the festive season is calculated to be jolly. Algebra just got a whole lot merrier!

31. Adulting is real, kids.

The age-old Christmas dilemma: Do you go for cozy or colorful when all you want is a sock or towel for the holiday?

32. You said so, Mom.

When you’re not just part of the fam, but the main event. Surprise, Mom! The gift of “me” never goes out of style.

33. That one friend.

We all have that one friend who doesn’t just get into the Christmas spirit, but transforms into the holiday.

34. The Sleepy Squad

When the whole crew’s counting down toward Christmas cheer, but mid-celebration, nap mode kicks in. ‘Tis the season to be snoozy!

35. Bad catties.

When the Christmas carols are all about that mischievous life. “Wreck the Halls” just got a kitty upgrade—sorry, doggos!

36. The long wait is over.

Channeling the patience of your inner Baby Yoda because the countdown to Christmas joy is on. May the festive force hurry up already!

37. Mommy’s proud.

When mom pulls the ultimate Christmas bamboozle, and you get that gift you thought was a no-go. Santa’s got nothing on mom’s stealth mode!

38. New Christmas Drinking Game

Santa’s hat awaits a head while viewers indulge in Christmas spirits.

39. Are you ready, Santa?

This feline has finished wreaking havoc on the tree; now it’s time to take on the tiny town. Santa’s village is about to face the wrath of kitty claws!

40. Cheers, you hardworking people!

Raising a toast to the holiday hustlers—your hard work sparkles brighter than any Christmas light. Cheers to the unsung heroes working on the eve of festivities!

41. Don’t let them be in charge.

Where holiday spirit meets hospital beats: A merry and healthy Christmas to all! Santa says, “Ho-ho-hold the EKG, I’m feeling the love!”

42. Christmas food is love!

The transformation is complete—from a gingerbread rookie to a well-seasoned cookie. Feast mode: Activated!

43. It’s a trap!

Galactic gift-giving guidance: When you hear “No presents needed,” beware, for the wise words of Admiral Ackbar ring true. It’s definitely a holiday trap!

44. Of course, me!

Shopping for others, or a “me-myself-and-I” spree? Sometimes, the Grinch in us knows precisely what we need—self-gifting cheer!

45. Hug me, tree!

Embracing the festive spirit so much, you become part of the tree! This is what it looks like when Christmas excitement reaches peak holiday cheer levels.

46. Literally, a gingerbread house.

Creative baking on a budget—when the gingerbread house is not what you bake, but what you make do with. It’s a literal gingerbread house!

47. The lease knobby dot.

Lost in translation. When Feliz Navidad gets a phonetic makeover and turns into a lease agreement.

48. Who’s excited?

When the holiday season hits, you just can’t keep your jingle contained!

49. Holiday spirit, activate!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Here comes Santa’s helper, ready to spread the cheer with a dance and a twirl.

50. Are you ready?

Even the littlest ones can’t hide their festive grins when the tinsel twinkles and the countdown begins.

51. Santa Kitty.

Santa Paws is coming, bringing joy and meow-gic to the holiday. Deck the halls and stay purr-fectly jolly!

52. Spooky, Merry Christmas!

A purr-fectly spooky twist on the festive tree, where the ornaments gaze back at thee. A meow-y Christmas to all, from the kitties in the hall!

53. Hap-hap-happy Christmas, y’all!

Brace yourself for the hap-hap-happiest Christmas ever! The Griswolds are back, and holiday cheer is cranked up to 11!

54. Mariah says it’s time.

Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas, declares with a smile: “It’s time to bring on the jingle and jolly!” The holiday season officially kicks off with her magical voice.

55. Christmas Metal Music

Even at The Office, they can't resist the call of Christmas Metal Music, as the crew headbangs their way into the holiday season with hilarious enthusiasm.

56. Ho, ho, ho!

As the festive lights twinkle on the Christmas tree, exclaim “Ho ho ho” while proudly clutching a Santa figurine. Now you are in the holiday mood!

57. Beat her excitement.

Dance your way into Christmas with uncontainable excitement, like this lovely girl. Welcome the season with open arms and boundless enthusiasm!

58. Let’s do the Christmas spin.

Twirl and dance with holiday glee. Spin into the festive spirit and spread joy wherever you go during this magical season.

59. Party on the way, yes!

Groove to the beat like this group and scream, “There is a party on the way!” The season’s joy brings everyone together for a celebration filled with music and merriment.

60. Do you want to be lonely?

Amidst the holiday lights and warmth, the message is clear: “Nobody wants a lonely Christmas.” Well, do you?

61. Santa’s got the moves.

Santa Claus brings his merry moves to the snowy field, dancing his way into the hearts of all. Who knew Santa had moves like Mick Jagger?

62. It’s glorious!

This is indeed a glorious day to celebrate the joy of life. Her infectious enthusiasm captures the pure magic and wonder of the moment, making it a truly special occasion.

63. Mariah Carey mode, game on.

This guy is in full performance mode, pouring his heart into singing “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” We bet you are as passionate as he is whenever the song plays on the radio!

64. We all deserve that greeting.

We all deserve a “Merry Christmas,” so make sure to greet your loved ones this holiday season!

65. Meowy Christmas, everybody!

This feline friend brings festive cheer wherever it goes, spreading joy to everyone!

66. Happy Hanukkah!

Jake Peralta wishes us all a “Happy Hanukkah” this holiday season. Isn’t he such a happy vibe magnet?

67. After-Christmas mornings be like.

In the cozy aftermath of Christmas day, we all deserve some sleep, especially after that extra energy we spent on the festive celebration.

Final Thoughts on Funny Christmas Memes

As we wrap up this festive journey through Christmas memes, we've laughed, reminisced, and maybe even shed a tear or two. These memes are like tiny digital ornaments that fill our hearts with joy and warmth.

We hope you've enjoyed this merry ride through the world of Christmas memes and found the perfect dose of holiday cheer.

Whether sharing a laugh with loved ones or brightening up a gloomy winter day, Christmas memes have a unique way of spreading the magic.

Happy meme-ing, and may your Christmas be as cheerful as the memes we've shared!

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