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The 4 Things You Need to Know About Meditation

Meditation is HARD. Keeping still and staying focused is so unnatural that most who give meditation a try don’t keep it up. So it’s important to know: Does it work? Better than other techniques? How quickly? Is one type better than another?   If we meditate for 50 hours but see only small benefits, well… […]

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The 6 Simplifications of Positive Psychology – The Hot Mess of Measuring Happiness

An assumption underlying the science of positive psychology is that happiness can be measured. Gratitude journals increase well-being… Money does little for happiness… Positivity can prevent divorce… Yelp is more trustworthy than your brain… Buying many small items is better than buying a few large things… Prove that assumption false, and hundreds of research findings […]

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Not Making Progress? Raise The Stakes

If you were sufficiently motivated, you could become a multi-millionaire. So could I. So why aren’t either of us rich? The small, intermediate steps involved in getting there are so far removed from the grand prize, that they need to stand up on their own merit to be motivating. The visit to the gym needs […]

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Approach or Avoidance?

Usually, working hard in order to avoid looking like a fool is more motivating than working hard in order to do well. That’s why, no surprise, many goals are formulated as a means to avoid. I want to… lose weight to avoid being made fun of. I want to… make more money to avoid being […]

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Performance or Mastery?

Performance or mastery? A simple change in perspective can be the difference between success and failure. Do you think of your goal in terms of doing better than others, or in terms of learning? The thought of doing better than others can be exciting and motivating. But the thought of doing worse can be unsettling. […]

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