65 Positive Affirmations to Overcome Fears in Life

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We all experience fear. It’s our body’s way of recognizing dangerous situations. However, we tend to dwell too much on it, which can cause problems in our lives. That’s why we need to combat fear with positivity.

One great way to lift your spirits is to repeat some affirmations for fear when you’re afraid. These short, positive statements are both easy to remember and effective. Try reading them or saying them aloud throughout the day and watch as your fear slowly fades away.

Why Affirmations Are Important for Fear

Fear is natural for everyone. Without it, we might be oblivious to dangerous situations. But while having some degree of fear in our lives is healthy, we should also learn to see it for what it is and move past it. That way, we can overcome our limits and push ourselves to the fullest.

As humans, we feel the need to be in control of the world around us. When we lose that control, it often breeds feelings of insecurity and doubt. These can escalate into fear or even panic if left unchecked. Ironically, we have less control of ourselves and what’s around us in this state than when we’re calm and collected.

That’s why fear must be managed. If there’s too much fear in our lives, we may find simple tasks, like leaving the house to take out the trash, to be terrifying and overwhelming. It disrupts our ability to lead an everyday life. But we aren’t helpless against it.

Affirmations for fear are proven to help you build confidence and calm your nerves when uncertainty strikes. It may take time and practice before you see results, so persistence is vital. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a better mental space and be able to tackle your fears head-on.

Here are some examples of affirmations you can use to fortify yourself.

65 Affirmations for Fear

  1. I won’t be afraid today.
  2. This fear isn’t real.
  3. I won’t get bogged down by these feelings.
  4. I won’t be scared of what the future brings.
  5. Negative thoughts: Go away!
  6. I’m going to push forward and leave my fear behind.
  7. I will fill myself with positivity and love.
  8. Let the fear flow away like a river.
  9. I’m going to enjoy life, and nothing can stop me.
  10. There won’t be anything to worry about after this.
  11. I have the clarity I need to see things through.
  12. There are silver linings; I just need to discover them.
  13. Even in the little things, I can find joy.
  14. I have all I need right now.
  15. Every second that passes gives me strength.
Affirmations for Fear - Every second that passes gives me strength. | affirmations for fear of failure | affirmations for fear of death | affirmations for fear of being alone
  1. I’m grateful for everything in life, even now.
  2. I can prosper and thrive.
  3. Good things are coming, and likely sooner than I expect.
  4. I have the skills to find solutions.
  5. I can find the inner peace I need.
  6. I’ll gain the necessary courage to take the next step.
  7. I have a purpose, and fear won’t stop me from fulfilling it.
  8. I’m a loved and blessed person.
  9. I have unlimited potential.
  10. Feeling relaxed and unchained is what I love.
  11. I’m stronger than I think.
  12. Everything happening right now will work out eventually. It’s all for my own good.
  13. I trust myself to get through this mountain.
  14. I’ll devote my energy towards my passions and goals.
  15. Let my mind be at ease.
Affirmations for Fear - Let my mind be at ease. | affirmations for fear of criticism | affirmations for fearlessness | affirmations for fear of change
  1. I’ll relax and breathe.
  2. It’s better to feel calm, collected and focused. No time for fear.
  3. This is all just training to become more joyful and full of curiosity.
  4. I’m a free person. No one else can force me to do anything.
  5. Everything is alright now.
  6. Every deep breath expels the fear from me.
  7. I love myself unconditionally, and I’m a wonderful person.
  8. The future is bright, even if things seem bleak right now.
  9. I’ll overcome this fear and stand tall against it.
  10. I’m strong enough to take care of myself.
  11. I’m always taken care of.
  12. I must focus on the good things.
  13. Life has so much I can look forward to.
  14. Everything happens in good time.
  15. All the bad things happening to me are learning opportunities.
  16. I can learn something from what’s happening right now.
  17. I won’t let myself drown in fear.
  18. My best efforts are enough.
  19. From now on, fear isn’t an option.
  20. I deserve to be free from fear.
Affirmations for Fear - I deserve to be free from fear. | positive affirmations for fear of rejection | positive affirmations for fear of driving | positive affirmations for fear and worry
  1. I will recover from this setback.
  2. I won’t give up, no matter what.
  3. Anything holding me back, I let go of.
  4. All the mistakes I’ve made are chances to become wiser.
  5. When I face my fears, I feel empowered.
  6. I’m the one to change my life.
  7. It’s easier to take steps forward when there’s no reason to be scared.
  8. Staying scared will only make things worse.
  9. My life will become a happy journey.
  10. I will have faith in myself.
  11. It’s an excellent day to overcome all that scares me.
  12. When I center myself, I can overcome anything in my way.
  13. I will fight for my dreams.
  14. I’m a tough person; I can make it through.
  15. A new day is a new opportunity.

How to Use Affirmations for Fear?

Despair and anxiety are part of life, and it’s impossible to avoid them altogether. When the going gets tough, the most important thing to remember is to control your thoughts. If you don’t overpower compulsive thoughts and feelings, they’ll have power over you instead.

When you master your mind and fight back against welling fears, you will feel much better. Feelings of peace and clarity are much preferable to negative emotions, like fear and dread. The former gives you the drive to carry on, while the latter sap you of energy.

Having the confidence to confront stressful situations will get you far in life. Then, you can move on from fear and learn to enjoy yourself again. It doesn’t mean ignoring the things that trouble you, but dealing with them so that you won’t be held back from pursuing your passions.

One excellent example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic. So many people lost their jobs or even saw loved ones become infected by the virus. Yet, even in these dire times, they still choose to make the most out of their situations and count their blessings daily.

From finding new pursuits to spending more time with family, there are plenty of ways to combat fear with positivity. Instead of resigning to defeat, you can create small victories to remind you not to give up. Eventually, they will snowball into a brighter future.

Affirmations help us keep what’s really important to us in mind. Try writing them or printing them out on cards. Since they’re small enough to carry around, you can bring a card with you anywhere you go. You can even read them silently to yourself while you’re eating your lunch or taking a bathroom break.

It’s can also be helpful to place the card somewhere you spend a lot of time. From desks to cork boards to refrigerators, any surface you can attach a card to in your personal or even common spaces is fair game. You don’t have to look at the card all the time, but it’s nice to have it around you.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations for Fear

Affirmations can take time before their effects become evident. Every day, you should repeat them three to five times. At least once in the morning, afternoon and evening should help them quickly stick in your mind.

After repetition and practice, you’ll notice yourself becoming more upbeat. Your mentality will be fresh, and you won’t be bothered as much by your fears. That’s when you’ll know that the affirmations are working.

Although we will always have anxiety and dread, that doesn’t mean we should let them dictate our actions. By working affirmations for fear into your daily routine, you can empower yourself to overcome any obstacle life throws your way.

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