41 Funny ADHD Memes for 2024

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Looking for ADHD memes that you can relate to?

Mental illness has always been a sensitive topic. As much as possible, we should avoid making fun of it.

That being said, we still hope make you laugh through these ADHD memes. Think of this as an opportunity to laugh together with all of your friends who also have ADHD.

There are times to be serious when it comes to mental illness, especially if we are talking about diagnosis and treatment.

But sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Let’s get started!

1. Let me forget it.

What a typical thing to do and say for a person struggling with ADHD—it’s pretty easy for us to forget the things we just said and did. Don’t hold grudges!

2. When my phone is the hide-and-seek champion.

As we said before, ADHD often involves forget things easily. Sometimes we can’t even remember where we last placed our phones, so don’t hold it against us if we can’t remember your name.

3. Here’s a good ide–Oh! A squirrel!

And then, poof—a blank space indeed. People with ADHD often have great and wonderful ideas, but they tend to get distracted easily. Make sure to bring them back to the topic.

4. What was I doing again?

We don’t want to waste such good talent…especially in those who make the best memes. If you have a meme-lord friend who has ADHD, make sure to remind them of their ideas.

5. Oooh… interesting.

Even the brain gets frustrated when its ADHD mind gets distracted. One moment, you’re doing something, and then it suddenly gets distracted—ooh, interesting. Who can relate?

6. My Spidey Focus is not tingling.

What were we doing again? It’s safe if it’s just a back-and-forth thing, but sometimes it gets a bit out of control when there are tons of other unrelated things vying for your attention.

7. Sleep < Memes

Sleep is good, but getting a diagnosis is more important!

8. Hocus pocus, I lost my focus.

Abracadabra! I just forgot what I was saying.

9. Too powerful if not lazy.

No, people, we are not being lazy. It is a mental health illness called attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Know the difference.

10. More attractive than my school work.

Here’s that famous meme again! What a perfect way to depict someone with ADHD.

11. You can’t get rid of it.

Sorry, you won’t be able to get rid of it on your own, no matter how much you try. It’s treatable, though, so you might want to check in with your doctor!

12. Not gonna swallow that.

Maybe it’s not really ADHD—maybe I’m just super quirky!

13. Oh no! My work ethic!

It’s really hard to focus on work when your ADHD starts taking over. Oh, no, you don’t!

14. If I could remember what it is.

Isn’t it ironic to remember where you put the stuff, but not actually remember what it is? Tough one!

15. Transcendence!

It’s transcendence, friend. We’ve already mentioned that ADHD minds produce the best and brightest ideas. You’ll have to guide them when it comes to focus, though.

16. Nope, Nope, Nope

Oh, definitely not! We hope all teachers—or any other adult, for that matter—know that it is not about being lazy. It is important to understand that there are extreme cases of ADHD, especially among kids.

17. Loading…

Ah… what was supposed to be doing again? Right! A meme. What was the concept again?

18. I’ll finish it someday.

Don’t worry, you’ll finish it one day. Maybe not today, but one day. Oh wait—the deadline was yesterday? Good luck!

19. Please explain it again.

We’re sorry, teachers. Some things simply have to be repeated…maybe all things!

20. Like playing an imaginary bass drum.

ADHD is often coupled with anxiety That’s the thing about mental health illnesses—they like to go together.

21. Better keep it a secret.

This is another trademark of people with ADHD. No matter how often ask them what it feels like to have the mental health condition, they won’t be able to explain it properly.


Who can best understand a person with ADHD? Another person with ADHD! If you know, you know, right?

23. Really?

People who don’t have ADHD can’t really relate to what we are going through. All of their “solutions” just end up being overbearing and too much for us to handle.

24. When someone is talking…

“Look, a squirrel! Ah, you were saying?” For those with friends who have ADHD, this might be a common scenario when you’re telling stories. Try to be understanding. After all, that’s what friends are for.

25. Focus, doggo! Focus!

This meme basically sums up what people with ADHD go through in the midst of chaos. Once you get past the chaos, it’s actually sort of endearing.

26. Unstoppable!

Adderall is a common drug prescribed to people with high-functioning ADHD. When it hits and the focus kicks in, you almost feel unstoppable.

27. Don’t get distracted!

We’re not quite sure how many times you have to say this yourself. If you have ADHD, you have ADHD. It’s difficult to focus, despite all the reminders.

28. Peace Out *Fades Away*

But then it comes back again when you least expect it. Wouldn’t it be nice if the effects lasted forever?

29. My ADHD brain goes…

What is going on here? Maybe this what our minds look like on ADHD.

30. When I finished a 10-minute task after 10 days…

Again, it’s not being lazy. It’s about having ADHD, losing focus, having a short attention span, and getting distracted by the littlest of things. Celebrate the things you are able to accomplish!

31. Well, that’s it!

We’re not sure if it is ADHD or just the boredom striking. Either way, it’s incapacitating.

32. My last brain cell whenever someone is explaining something.

If you have ever wanted to see what a brain looks like on ADHD, look no further.

33. After receiving a simple instruction.

You have to say one thing for those with ADHD—we have a lot of fun!

34. I’m sure it wasn’t me.

Is that the definition of ADHD—not remembering that I’m the person who ate my own pizza? I guess it could be worse!

35. Train thought.

We really do have our own way of solving things. The next time you meet a person who solves a problem differently, that person just have ADHD!

36. Instant snare drum.

Don’t try to stymie their genius! Maybe they are the world’s next great drummer!

37. It’s a circus up here!

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a better self-description for living with ADHD. Those who don’t have it don’t understand!

38. 20 Tasks, 0 Focus

It’s a common concern among those with ADHD—what do I do first? There’s so much energy, but so little time. You can never accomplish everything!

39. At least I tried.

When you are at work and you try to focus, but ADHD is getting in the way—hey, at least you tried.

40. Coffee makes me snore.

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All those lucky people who get a kick from coffee have no idea what it’s like to have ADHD. You think your measly caffeine has any power over us? Think again!

41. Vocabulary left the room.

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Just because we aren’t good at sharing our thoughts doesn’t mean we don’t have brilliant ones. Give us a chance to share!

Final Words on Funny ADHD Memes

We hope that this article has helped you gain a better understanding of ADHD and its impact on individuals and society.

But more than that, we hope that these ADHD memes were able to make you laugh and smile—humor is sometimes the best way to divert our attention.

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