101 Shifting Affirmations to Reach Your Desired Reality

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Everyone knows that daily affirmations can help change your mindset, but shifting affirmations can also be used to not just change your mind but change your reality. Shifting affirmations are a powerful way to transition into the life you most desire, using the power of the law of attraction to reshape your consciousness.

Why Shifting Affirmations are Important

Positive affirmations have important, scientifically proven effects on our lives. Cultivating a positive mindset is recommended by more and more physicians for improving mental and physical health.

Shifting affirmations are an even more powerful way to manifest everything you desire, transitioning to the reality of your dreams. With shifting affirmations, you move away from your current reality (CR) and into your dreams' desired reality (DR). This type of reality shifting is described differently by different people.

Some people believe that reality shifting is a type of self-hypnosis, where you achieve a lucid dream in which you live out your fantasies. They use shifting realities to experience their deepest fantasies and transcend the limitations of their present reality.

Some people believe that shifting realities is a way of accessing your possible lives that exist in parallel universes, choosing a parallel version of your life in which you have everything you desire.

Finally, many people believe that you can inhabit these alternate desired realities in your imagination until you gain enough practice with shifting realities to move permanently into your desired reality.

In fact, there are thousands of people on social media talking about shifting realities every day and sharing their experiences.

If you have big goals and life plans that may seem impossible in your current reality, these shifting affirmations can help change your life.

101 Shifting Affirmations for Your Desired Reality

  1. My life is becoming exactly what I want it to be.
  2. I feel grateful for my happy life.
  3. My life is fulfilled and fulfilling.
  4. My choices are creating the life I desire.
  5. I bring my life into line with my dreams and goals.
  1. It is easy to live a rewarding life.
  2. My life in my desired reality is fun.
  3. My life is peaceful.
  4. I achieve the best life for myself.
  5. My life is creative.
  6. The life I desire is the life I will have.
  7. My life is affluent.
  8. I am a happy person, and I think happy thoughts.
  9. My life is healthy.
  10. I am open to change in my reality.
  11. My social life changes every day to better match my desired reality.
Shifting Affirmations - My social life changes every day to better match my desired reality. | shifting affirmations genshin | shifting affirmations reddit | shifting affirmations for hogwarts
  1. My life is important.
  2. My thoughts are positive, and they change my reality.
  3. My life is meaningful.
  4. I am worthy of a joyful reality.
  5. I am capable of achieving my desired reality.
  6. My life is better than I could have dreamed.
  7. It is natural for me to move into my desired reality.
  8. I can be the person I want to be.
  9. I create positive changes in my life.
  10. I make positive decisions that shape my reality.
  11. My physical self is changing to match my desired reality.
  12. My life is loving.
  13. I move easily into my desired reality.
  14. My life is wealthy.
  15. My desired reality is becoming real now.
  16. I am thankful and joyful.
  17. I have the power to create the reality I desire.
  18. Everything brings me closer to my desired reality.
Shifting Affirmations - Everything brings me closer to my desired reality. | 100 shifting affirmations | shifting affirmations | shifting affirmations for hogwarts
  1. I am learning to live in my desired reality.
  2. My life is positive.
  3. Nothing can keep me from my desired reality.
  4. My life is worthwhile.
  5. I believe I can change my reality.
  6. My life is successful.
  7. I have everything that I need within myself.
  8. My life is full of opportunities.
  9. I am confident that I can make the changes I want to make.
  10. My life is fearless.
  11. My life is powerful.
  12. I am more than enough; I am complete.
  13. My life is fabulous.
  14. There are no limits to how successful I can be.
  15. I am living my best life.
  16. I am free of discontent.
  17. I act to bring myself into my desired reality.
  18. I am absolutely fearless.
  19. I am creative.
  20. All changes bring me closer to the life I choose.
  21. I am completely loving.
  22. I am a happy person.
  23. I eagerly experience my desired reality.
  24. I am focused on living a successful, affluent life.

I am focused on living a successful, affluent life. “

  1. I see my wishes becoming real.
  2. I am open to change.
  3. I welcome happiness and success.
  4. I thrive in my desired reality.
  5. Since I can think it, I know I can have it.
  6. I love my positive life.
  7. I think in a way that brings my desired reality closer.
  8. I am worthwhile
  9. I have unending opportunities.
  10. I have confidence in myself.
  11. I have the life I want.
  12. I create positive changes in my life.
  13. I make my dreams real.
  14. What I desire, I will achieve.
  15. My reality is wonderful.
  16. My reality is everything I want it to be.
Shifting Affirmations - My reality is everything I want it to be. | shifting affirmations mha | shifting affirmations mcu | shifting affirmations marvel
  1. My thoughts create my beautiful life.
  2. My thoughts are powerful.
  3. I fearlessly choose the life I desire.
  4. My mind is determined.
  5. My mind is curious.
  6. My thoughts take me to my desired reality.
  7. My thoughts create my best life.
  8. My thoughts determine my reality.
  9. I can have the reality I want.
  10. I will have the reality I want.
  11. I create my happy life.
  12. I am able to create my best life.
  13. I am able to succeed.
  14. I am growing into my desired reality.
  15. I am powerful.
  16. I am proud of myself.
  17. I progress every day toward the life I want.
  18. My mind is changing to match my desired reality.
Shifting Affirmations - My mind is changing to match my desired reality. | shifting affirmations reddit | shifting affirmations haikyuu | shifting affirmations aot
  1. I live the life I want to live.
  2. I am satisfied with my reality.
  3. I am living my rich, full life.
  4. I am delighted with my reality.
  5. I know I can reach my desired reality.
  6. I know my life is important.
  7. I know I can have what I want.
  8. I know I can be who I want to be.
  9. I am thankful for this life that I love.

How to Use Shifting Affirmations to Create Your Desired Reality

There are many different methods of shifting, including the Stairway method, the Raven method, the Two Cups method, the Alice in Wonderland method, and more. They all have different techniques, but many of the core principles remain the same. With any shifting method, you typically use these tools:


Scripting means writing down the experiences, sensations, and emotions you will have in your desired reality. Write about yourself, your goals, and what you want in your desired reality. Scripting helps you surface your subconscious desires and be clear and explicit about what your desired reality looks and feels like.

You may also use your script to define other attributes of your desired reality, including your name and appearance, time differences between your current and desired reality, relationships with others, etc.

Many different scripts go with different shifting methods and tools, but exploring your desired reality by scripting is an essential first step.


Shifting affirmations can be very different depending on your shifting method. For example, they may focus on the fact that you can shift at will, focus on the positive aspects of your desired reality, or focus on the assumptions you will use to manifest your desired reality.


All reality shifting requires strong and detailed visualization. While your script describes yourself and your desired reality, visualization uses your imagination to transition your consciousness into your desired reality.

As a result, you make it easier to cross over as you visualize your desired reality, experiencing it with your senses and moving your thoughts away from your current reality.

Aside from these core techniques, there are two significant differences in the ways that people use affirmations to shift realities:

  • For those people who want to transition into a parallel universe version of themselves: Living in a world where they have manifested all of their goals and desires, shifting affirmations are usually used in the morning to start the day positively; in the evening to give closure to the day; and sometimes throughout the day as a way to stay focused on your vision and goals.
  • For those who use shifting to move into a fantasy reality: Shifting affirmations are most often used at night as part of a ritual to shift their consciousness into their desired reality while their body sleeps.

Shifting reality affirmations, scripting, and visualizations are often used alongside other consciousness-altering techniques like mediation, subliminal audio, and self-hypnosis techniques like counting backward. There are even apps you can use to help re-program your mind and move into your desired reality.

These tools and techniques are an incredible way to use the power of the mind to alter reality and move into the world of your deepest desires.

Final Thoughts on Shifting Affirmations for Your Desired Reality

To the skeptical, reality shifting may sound like a form of delusion or dream. And yet the law of attraction reminds us that our thoughts create reality, and we can control our consciousness to live in the world we desire.

Shifting affirmations are a powerful way to control the world we live in, and more and more people are experiencing the change to their desired reality every day.

Read this post for more information on how to use shifting affirmations to change your life, and begin living the life of your wildest dreams today.

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