45 Sad Memes That Are Painfully Relatable

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Are you feeling sad and down and need a good laugh?

If so, here’s something to distract you for a few minutes. We have gathered 45 sad memes that are painfully (and sometimes hilariously) relatable.

We don’t want you to be alone, so make yourself at home in this cozy little corner of our site and laugh (or cry) your way through these memes.

Here we go!

1. Sad reality.

It can be pretty hard when the person you like doesn’t like you back. Oh well, that’s life. Be sad and lonely like Pablo Escobar, then move on when you’re ready!

2. Hurting yourself be like…

Hey, that really hurt! But sometimes, it can’t be helped. You keep overthinking and obsessing on things that aren’t really happening. What an imagination! Take it easy, friend.

3. Sorry, friend.

We know exactly how this cat feels. Life is just so busy, and sometimes you forget to reply. But they are still your friend. They will understand.

4. Why, ad?

This may be more annoying than sad. How can these advertisements be so misleading?

5. So long, partner.

Have you ever had this experience? Saying goodbye to a friend is one of the saddest things ever. It can even be more painful than a breakup with a romantic partner.

6. Goodbye, favorite snack.

What were your favorite snacks back in the day? Isn’t it sad that they are no longer available?

7. Realizing sadness.

We all have songs that we love, until we actually take the time to learn the lyrics and realize what they are saying. Ouch!

8. The 4 Horsemen

Behold, the “friendship’s over” starter pack. Say hello to the four horsemen of the friendship apocalypse!

9. You vs. Calendar

Ouch, that one hurts! Sounds like it’s time to put yourself out there!

10. Even Death cries.

No one can control the tears when a little girl is that sweet—even death itself cries!

11. Let me sleep!

Why do our bad memories like tormenting us? We just want to sleep. Don’t make us sad!

12. She’s probably homeless.

Hey, at least you can laugh at rejection, right?

13. Mental block.

This is what we call a mental block! Have you ever prepared so much for something, and then completely frozen up when it came time to perform? It doesn’t get sadder than that!

14. But, I want to party.

When someone mistakenly sends you a message meant for someone else, but you actually want to join the fun. That’s as sad as it gets!

15. I’m an adult!

crying meme | meme crying | cries meme

via 9GAG

Have you watched this movie? If not, you better check it out—at least if you want to cry all night. You can also check out these other movies about friendship and great people.

16. Sad and hungry.

This is so relatable for all the office employees out there. Now where are you going to get lunch? You should have packed two meals. Or even three—an afternoon snack sounds good, too!

17. Locals vs. Tourists

Funny yet sadly true. This is the difference between locals and tourists, especially when there is an event or a festival going on.

18. He’s not sad… yet.

This kid clearly knows that life is full of ups and downs. Good job, you realist!

19. Thank you, neighbor.

When you think someone is stalking you, but it’s actually just your neighbor ready to cry with you.

20. Some goodbyes hurt the most.

As we mentioned before, some things hurt more than a breakup with a romantic partner.

21. When the meme hits so hard.

That is a brutal truth to swallow! Sometime the truest statements hurt the most.

22. Memories are forever.

Pets mean the world to some people. Material possessions are just things, but memories are forever. We hope the thief gave back the memory card.

23. Sweet yet short. 

Hey, at least you got 45 seconds of happiness. That’s better than nothing.

24. No time to be sad.

This meme is sad but true. Some of us stay busy because we are afraid to feel sad and lonely.

25. Happy birthday, kid.

What a nice way to spend your birthday. Stop worrying, kid. This is supposed to be a day of celebration.

26. Sad and broke.

This is a brutal truth, but also pretty funny. Here’s one for all of our people who are working paycheck to paycheck.

27. Hey, buddy!

sad meme | crying meme face | sad meme face

via 9GAG

This is one of the saddest yet most wholesome memes you will encounter today. It’s okay to cry!

28. Reality hits hard.

via 9GAG

We don’t know what everyone else is going through. Sometimes, the people trying to look the happiest are actually the saddest. Be kind and gentle.

29. Sad realizations.

Not to mention that you are thinking about your life at 3:00 am, when your emotions are all messed up. Sometimes you just have to turn your brain off.

30. Eat dirt when sad.

Don’t eat dirt when you're sad. Instead, eat something that will make you happy. Doesn’t that sound like a better idea?

31. Forever sad.

We all feel this way sometimes. We can’t help but think that we will be sad for the rest of our lives. Good news, though: We won’t.

32. What a sad, little life.

It may be a sad little life right now, but thunderstorms don’t last forever. It will all get better soon.

33. Sad Walk

When things don’t go your way and you have no choice but to follow. Time for the sad walk.

34. You have me.

Here’s a meme you can send to a friend who may be feeling lonely or sad at the moment. Remind them that they are not alone and that they have you, no matter the circumstances.

35. I’m fine.

Here’s a meme that perfectly demonstrates how we feel sometimes. We say that we are ok, but we are dying inside.

36. Beautiful and sad.

BoJack Horseman is a great show. It perfectly depicts what life is like.

37. Away from Dad.

This moved our hearts. You aren’t human if it didn’t touch you. We hope this kid will never be apart from her dad again.

38. I don’t want to go!

Introverts feel like this when someone drags them out to a social event. Don’t make your introverted friend sad. You can always hang out with them in the comfort of their home, you know.

39. Sad for no reason.

This is actually normal for some people—feeling sad and not knowing the reason. Depression is an issue that should be taken seriously, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense to you.

40. Sad because it’s true.

Sometimes the saddest things are also the truest. You know what they say—the truth hurts!

41. When you are no longer needed…

Remember this classic scene, and how it reminded you of a time when you felt unwanted? Always remember that there’s someone out there who loves you!

42. Memes are our best friends.

Memes are a great distraction. Thank God they are here to keep us company.

43. I’m always sad.

Post Malone is one of the nicest people you will ever meet (next to Keanu Reeves, of course)! We need to protect him from sadness at all costs.

44. Overwhelmed.

This is one of the best scenes Benedict Cumberbatch ever filmed. There are just so many emotions in his face that we can’t help but also feel overwhelmed.

45. Legends!

We found this meme and decided we couldn’t miss the opportunity to give credit to these people. For better or worse, they made our sad lives somehow bearable. Thank you so much, legends of the meme universe!

Final Thoughts on Sad Memes

It’s perfectly fine to be sad at times. You may or may not know the reason why, but remember that sadness can be a healthy emotion.

We hope, however, that we were able to help ease the pain in your heart with these sad memes. Save them, share them—do whatever makes you happiest. Things are going to get better!

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