71 Money Affirmations to Attract More Wealth & Abundance

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While money isn’t everything, most things in life involve some form of monetary transaction. For example, a dream house, fancy car, or a vacation to Europe costs lots of money. But being able to afford such things is another matter altogether.

One way to get into the money-making mindset is to use some money affirmations. These short sentences are designed to help you refocus and develop better ways of thinking. Granted, they aren’t going to make cash drop out of the sky but repeating them each day can help you achieve your goals.

Why Affirmations Are Important to Attract More Wealth and Abundance

People want money, but the desire for money isn’t enough. Even if the desire is the first step, you must take action before getting anywhere. With action comes reaction, and sometimes you’ll get more money.

Not everyone has a job that pays excellent wages but don’t let that stop you. People have made it to the top by working hard. They started from the bottom before gaining financial success.

Other people simply want more money to escape poverty or improve their living conditions. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a better life, though making it your sole focus can backfire as you get consumed by the goal. Ultimately, some balance is still necessary for success.

Many people want prosperity but aren’t very good at budgeting or planning their finances. You could interpret this as a form of self-sabotage. Affirmations are excellent ways of helping you avoid damaging behavior that limits your success.

As mentioned, these short statements work by altering your mindset. Repeating an idea for an extended period will likely make the brain remember better. It’s when you believe that the affirmations start working.

However, at the same time, you don’t want to prevent yourself from succeeding. You can just as easily condition yourself into thinking you’ll fail.

Negative self-talk can be more damaging than most realize, as people convince themselves of weak traits.

Others put themselves down subconsciously, which makes tackling the problem more challenging. Fortunately, by identifying the problem at its roots, you’ll slowly find yourself thinking more positively.

When you repeat affirmations, it’s best to say them aloud. Compared to reading, this will help you remember it better.

However, it takes time before the effects of affirmations become apparent to yourself and others. They’re not a miracle cure for poverty or any other problem in life. But, with repeated practice and hard work, your efforts will eventually pay off.

Don’t worry if the first few days still seem unproductive. It’s all part of the learning process, and perseverance is vital. The process will pay off if you put in the effort.

71 Affirmations to Attract More Wealth and Abundance

Here are some money affirmations to help you make a start. But, of course, it’s best to find several you like or combine or make new ones based on those featured on our list.

  1. Wealth is a vital part of my life.
  2. I can reach my money goals and go beyond them.
  3. Any unexpected money is always welcome.
  4. I’m always looking for new sources of income.
  5. I can earn money in both expected and unexpected ways.

I can earn money in both expected and unexpected ways.”

  1. I won’t stop myself from earning money.
  2. I know wealth is incoming, and I’m going to accept it.
  3. My life is full of opportunities for abundance.
  4. I’m going to commit to my financial dreams.
  5. I’m attracting money right now.
  6. I can handle lots of money with grace and gratitude.
  7. I have all the tools and knowledge to make a lot of money.
  8. I'm worthy of the safety and security that money can bring.
  9. I attract opportunities and people that can make me lots of money.
  10. Financial pathways have been cleared for me.
  11. Money will pour into my life.
  12. All I need to become more prosperous is within me.
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  1. My job will help me earn more money.
  2. I allow money to flow into my life.
  3. My thoughts will shape my financial success.
  4. I choose money, and money also chooses me.
  5. I’m a money magnet, and nothing can stop me.
  6. I’m open to receiving more money.
  7. Money will flow like a refreshing spring.
  8. I will get a fortune.
  9. Prosperity will arrive soon.
  10. I can manage my money effectively.
  11. I know my income is more than what I spend.
  12. I live on my own terms, and they say I’ll be rich.
  13. I control the money; it won’t consume me.

I control the money; it won’t consume me.”

  1. My financial situation is positive.
  2. I know I have the willpower to make the right financial choices.
  3. With my efforts, I’ll build my financial dream.
  4. This debt won’t limit my dream of getting rich.
  5. I believe there is enough money for everyone.
  6. The wealth I accumulate can help me help others.
  7. I can make money doing what I love.
  8. I will never think I'm too good for an opportunity to make money.
  9. I attract money easily, everywhere I go.
  10. I will save money efficiently.
  11. Saving money is a positive challenge.
  12. Every dollar I save is a step closer to financial success.
Money Affirmations - Every dollar I save is a step closer to financial success. | money affirmations wallpaper | money affirmations that work fast | money affirmations youtube
  1. I’ll learn how to use the money well.
  2. I’m destined to be rich.
  3. I will earn all the money I can.
  4. There are no limits to how much I can earn.
  5. I embrace new income sources.
  6. I can make money easily.
  7. Hard work results in more money.
  8. I am financially free.
  9. Anyone can be rich, including me.
  10. I anticipate learning how to control my finances.
  11. I know how to spend money wisely.
  12. The more I do the right things in life, the more money I will make.

The more I do the right things in life, the more money I will make.”

  1. I am grateful for the money I have.
  2. I am open to new ways of making money.
  3. The more I give, the more I'll receive.
  4. I’m on my way to increased wealth.
  5. I’ll get all the riches I need and want.
  6. Wealth flows to me like water through a faucet.
  7. Money will come to me when I least expect it.
  8. I am open to receiving money through hard work and dedication.
  9. Every day is an opportunity to earn more.
  10. My investments will pay off.
  11. More money equals more ways to make money.
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  1. I can afford everything I want.
  2. I’m close to financial freedom.
  3. Nothing is stopping me from getting rich.
  4. I have a great financial mindset.
  5. There is no limit to how much money I can make.
  6. I am worthy of the money I want.

How to Use Affirmations to Attract More Wealth and Abundance

It’s important to know that affirmations are only words and won’t make you rich overnight. You need to back them up with proper financial planning and hard work. Both help as you move towards your financial dreams.

When using affirmations for wealth and abundance, it’s also essential to never stop learning. Discover new strategies for increased success. You never know if the books you read will help you one day.

If you know someone who is financially successful, ask for advice. Friendly conversations can turn into fantastic opportunities. Some pros are more likely to share tips with someone they’re acquainted with.

Read a book or two that teaches you how to manage your money. Learning how to invest safely is also one way to increase your earnings.

When using these affirmations, it’s best to repeat several of them three or five times in succession. You can repeat them as you get out of bed, before bed, or before mealtimes. Pick a schedule that works best for you.

You can also write or print the affirmations out on a card and carry it around. It should be small enough to fit into your backpack or pouch. Then, when you’re feeling down or have some free time, have a look and perhaps repeat the affirmations.

It’s also good to put a card on your desk at work. Even if you’re not actively going over the affirmations, glancing at them can increase your motivation. This also helps to slowly ingrain the words in your mind.

You may have to repeat the affirmations for several weeks before ascertaining whether they’re effective. This is because the brain requires more time to switch from one mindset to another. But, with enough persistence, you’ll start moving in the right direction.

Positive signs include better financial knowledge and better decision-making. But, of course, everyone’s situation is different, so the effects will vary from person to person. Eventually, your friends and family might notice a change in your attitude and financial status.

While it’s tempting to stop at this point, remember that money can disappear as quickly as it appeared. Never let your guard down, and always practice safe financial management.

Final Thoughts on Affirmations to Attract More Wealth and Abundance

Financial acumen isn’t natural for everyone, even if you have a dream of getting rich. Nevertheless, you can learn how to adopt a better mindset for earning money. These money affirmations are your best friends for doing so.

If you’re unsure how to use affirmations, try reading our guide. You may find these tips helpful later on, especially if you’re mastering the use of affirmations. Of course, feel free to experiment as well.

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