8 Best Gratitude Apps to Be More Thankful Every Day

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What does it mean to be grateful? And how does gratitude increase someone’s happiness?

Positive psychology strongly affirms that gratitude induces plenty of benefits, including increased happiness and improved wellness.

Grateful people are able to acknowledge and appreciate more goodness in their lives, and gratitude brings out positive emotions that generally contribute to life satisfaction.

In this modern, technological era, various gratitude and happiness apps have emerged to help people learn how to be more grateful.

So in this post, we have gathered the eight best gratitude apps that you can check out if you want to be more thankful and appreciative of life.

Let’s get to them!

1. Gratitude

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The Gratitude app was created by Pritesh Sankhe, a mobile app developer based in India. He once worked for Facebook as a software engineer. Sankhe built the Gratitude app as a free app, or, as he said, “No cost, and is intended for use as is.”

The app aims to be an avenue for those suffering from anxiety and depression. It helps users improve their mental health and change their perception of life. Overall, the app intends to teach you how to love and care for yourself through the power of gratefulness.

Some of the features of the Gratitude app include a daily dose of inspiring quotes and affirmations, letters of gratitude, photo attachments, and daily reminders. It is literally a gratitude journal that you can use whenever and wherever.

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2. ThinkUp

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ThinkUp is an app for motivation, affirmation, mindfulness, and gratitude. It helps you develop a positive mindset by building healthy habits, overcoming challenges, and achieving your goals.

The app is very easy to use. You only need to select the affirmations of your liking, record them using your voice, and then add your favorite music. Listen to these recordings and discover your way to a life full of gratitude and appreciation.

ThinkUp offers a premium subscription if you want to add more features. While the free version can help you build a short version of your self-improvement program, the paid one can give you even more.

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3. 365 Gratitude

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365 Gratitude wants you to focus on what is good in your life. It has a unique format, as you can win rewards and prizes by unlocking medallions when you complete daily challenges. Obviously, it is not your ordinary gratitude journaling app—in fact, it could probably be classified as an accomplishment app.

The app features daily prompts that can help you appreciate your family, friends, work, and relationships. It also has a community where you can inspire and support others through your words of wisdom.

Moreover, the app has a mood-tracking feature that can help you monitor your daily moods to understand yourself better. It also has a mindfulness coach (named Joy) that helps you achieve peace and clarity.

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4. Day One Journal

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The Day One Journal is another award-winning gratitude app that helps you develop good habits, including gratitude and mindfulness. It was named “App of the Year” by Apple, so you can be sure that it’s a great addition to your mental health arsenal.

This app is a digital journal with numerous features. You can store photos, videos, audio files, and other data you might need. You can also add reminders and notifications for important appointments. Many customers seem to be satisfied with how the app helps them become happier individuals.

Day One Journal offers a premium subscription wherein users gain access to more significant app features. This is called “Day One Premium,” and some of the additional features include unlimited photo, video, and audio storage, syncing to all Apple devices, a 25% book printing discount, and prioritized customer support.

Apple Store | Google Play

5. Grateful: A Gratitude Journal

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Grateful is an app powered and designed by *treebetty, a platform that creates digital tools to inspire and motivate people. According to Jenny Talavera, *treebetty’s owner and designer, Grateful is “an app for counting your blessings.”

The app has a simple interface that is very easy on the eyes, just like it is easy to use. It consists of daily prompts that give you something to write about, especially if you are totally mind-blocked. If you do not feel like answering the prompt given to you, you can always choose another one. If you are in a great mood to think and be creative, you can even write your own.

Grateful app is a no-frills approach to gratitude journaling. This is perhaps the reason most of its users are people with busy schedules but still like to keep a journal. What makes the app really charming is the fact that there is nothing overly fancy about it.

Apple Store

6. Presently: A Gratitude Journal

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Presently is one of the most talked-about gratitude apps among Android users. It currently has an average of 4.9 out of 5 rating on Google, and most customer reviews praise it for its convenience and aesthetic design. People seem to be fascinated with how its minimalistic framework can bring peace and happiness to users.

This gratitude app generally functions the same way as other gratitude apps. You can add your daily entries and share them with your family and friends, and also set daily alarms to remind you to continue your gratitude practice. If you wish to keep your entries to yourself, there is a lock feature where you can use your fingerprint or face to set a password.

What’s rather wonderful about this app is that it is 100% free to use. There are also no ads and prompts that interrupt you when you are writing. People also like its different layouts and color schemes because they provide a wonderful vibe.

Google Play

7. New Gratitude Journal

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This is the original “Gratitude” app, which eventually changed its name to “Mojo” and then finally “New Gratitude Journal.” Its creator is Carla White, a professional app designer and producer. Just like other gratitude apps, Mojo helps its users monitor and record the things they are grateful for.

What seems to be the most outstanding trait of this app is the value it gives to its customers’ privacy. White states that she has been a victim of apps that sell customer data, so she decided to build one that would do the exact opposite.

Finally, White claims the app is not a mere journaling platform—it also builds confidence and gives its users a chance to help others.

Apple Store

8. Reflectly

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Reflectly aims to be your “personal mental health companion.” What is rather unique about it is that it uses artificial intelligence to help you reflect upon your daily thoughts and dealings. It also takes note of your habits to provide you with suitable, meaningful journal prompts.

The app focuses on helping you learn self-care to achieve ultimate happiness and life satisfaction. As explained in its iTunes description, it aims to reduce your stress levels and teach you gratitude, empathy, and kindness.

Reflectly uses a combination of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy to engage its users. It offers a premium subscription that gives you access to more significant special features.

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Final Thoughts on Gratitude Apps to Be More Thankful Every Day

There are many things in life to be thankful for. Times may get tough sometimes, but you can always manage as long as you are appreciative of the good things in your life, and learn from the bad.

The art and science behind gratitude may be a hard concept to master, but once you get the hang of it, you will be surprised at how it can actually provide you with a lot of happiness. We hope that the gratitude apps listed above can help you do just that.

If you are interested in learning how to practice gratitude for 30 days, check out our article on the 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge. And if you are wondering how grateful you actually are, you can fill out the quiz in this article.

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