83 Funny Good Morning Memes to Start Your Day

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Looking for funny good morning memes to start your day right?

Or, perhaps you want to send them to your loved ones to wake them up bright and early?

If so, you’ve landed on the right page!

Here’s a list of hilarious memes you and your friends will surely find relatable. Some of them are cute and lovely, while others are pretty hardcore and will definitely make you say, “Oh, this is so me!”

Let’s check them out!

Table of Contents

1. Good Morning…?

Ok, good morning—but can we turn it down, please? Some people don’t like it loud first thing in the morning. Let me enjoy my morning peace.

2. Sad Reality.

Sometimes we wish we didn’t have to wake up. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that, so might as well enjoy the day. Chase real dreams instead.

3. Happens Every Day.

Most of us can probably relate to this. Life becomes routine and formulaic, and all we hope for is something interesting to break up the monotony.

4. Morning with the Kids.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a mom? The peace doesn’t start until everyone else is out of the house!

5. Come On, Get Up!

Ha! This applies to a lot of us—and sometimes not even three alarms will do the trip. Next time we better set five!

6. Morning Casualties.

Yoda is in such a mood every morning. But who actually holds the gun—the alarm clock, or you?!

7. Ah, Who?

That smile isn’t quite as bright if you are being woken up by a stranger! Either way, no one likes being woken up. Let them sleep a few more minutes!

8. What are You Doing, Dad?!

What is it with parents and waking you up? Just leave the lights off and let us sleep!

9. I Hate Both.

Oh, this couldn’t be any more relatable. We only love a good morning coffee!

10. You Bet!

Well, how about now? Ready to pay for the bet?

11. Waking Up Be Like…

You know when vegetables lose their will to live? Yep, just like that.

12. Me Before Coffee Vs. Me After Coffee

Isn’t this meme so relatable? Coffee prepares us for everything—but until we get that first cup, watch out!

13. Not a Morning Cat.

Cheers to all our morning cats out there! We understand—the early morning sun simply wasn’t made for you. Go back to sleep and turn your phone off.

14. That’s Impossible!

It’s not impossible, but it is pretty difficult! Hopefully you set a couple of extra alarms!

15. Coffee Dance.

Have you ever seen your coffee dance? Has your coffee ever made YOU dance? Hopefully it does a good job of waking you up in the morning!

16. The Joke’s on You, Girl.

Here’s a funny meme featuring one of the most famous meme personalities—and a very true statement!

17. Spread the Love.

There’s a good chance just about everyone reading this article is guilty. We know we are!

18. Just Chillin’.

We need to chill before we roll out of bed. Go ahead—you deserve 10 extra minutes under the blankets.

19. I’m Great, Thank You.

What we all look like at 3 in the morning when we suddenly wake up to a text message. Thank you for asking.

20. No One Can Stop Me.

Don’t you love people who are committed to wishing you a good morning? This melts our hearts—just don’t expect us to do the same thing!

21. A Good Morning, Indeed.

I can smell the bacon! Can you? Ahh!! What a perfect way to start the morning.

22. The Flesh Has Always Been Weak.

Coffee does it all—strengthens the spirit, nurtures the soul, livens the body, and invigorates the mind.

23. Want a Free Alarm Clock?

Want a free alarm clock that never fails to wake you up? Get a 9-5 job and don’t show up on time.

24. Good Morning, Jesus!

Here’s a good morning from Jesus! Enjoy your breakfast, friends!

25. I Need My Coffee High.

We all need our coffee high to the rim, don’t we? Otherwise, everyone around us is going to suffer.

26. How About, No?

Is there a worse way to wake up than to an alarm clock at 6 am? Ask Bill Murray—he did it about a thousand times for Groundhog Day.

27. Kids Can be Terrifying.

Imagine your kids waking you up every morning with a face like this. They will scare you right out of bed—who needs an alarm?!

28. Isn’t He Cute?

Just a really cute good morning from this cheerful baby to chase away the early morning bad vibes.

29. Ah, The Perfect Morning.

Bacon just makes everything better—even early mornings. Throw some coffee into the mix and you’ve got a winning combination!

30. Coffee, Too.

Here’s another meme about mornings and bacon—but don’t forget the coffee!

31. Have Z Best Day!

Just sharing with you these good vibes from our zebra friends. Have Z best day, my friend!

32. Good Morning, Lovecats.

Here’s another cute meme about cats in the morning. Hopefully this will cheer you up and chase away the early morning blues.

33. Is It, Though?

No matter how good you think the morning might be, Thor doesn’t seem to agree—and you can’t argue with the god of thunder.

34. Best Day Ever!

Can you think of three better goals to start your morning off with?

35. Change My Mind.

We all know this is true. After all, they call it bed hair for a reason!

36. Did We Need the Blue?

Let’s be honest—that tiny blue section of the chart only exists because of that one annoying morning person we all know.

37. Such a Hassle!

Such a hassle, but we really don’t have a choice, do we? Otherwise, we’d still be in bed!

38. Found My Spirit Animal.

A grumpy cat as our “before coffee” spirit animal—sounds about right!

39. You Have Me, Coffee.

Guess there’s nothing left to do but comfort each other. Even the coffee is depressed in the mornings!

40. Back Off!

This a gentle reminder not to piss off people who haven’t had their morning coffee yet. You can joke around a drunk person, but not someone who hasn’t had their daily dose of caffeine.

41. Please, No!!

Meetings are dreadful. There should be a law that says meetings must be full of coffee, bacon, and pizza—or that they can’t start until after noon.

42. Morning Coffee.

Just a cute good morning coffee GIF to make your day.

43. Pulling Me Back Into the Darkness.

Daylight Savings Time is a real kick in the pants for anyone who hates mornings—especially when you have to go to work in the dark.

44. Sleep Excites Me.

When you realize that you don’t actually need anything else except sleep.

45. Monday Mornings Be Like.

Is this how you feel when you are sitting at your desk on Monday morning? We can definitely relate!

46. I Laugh in the Face of Danger.

There’s a difference between bravery and bravado. Make sure you get that homework done tonight so you don’t have to worry about it tomorrow!

47. Slug Brain.

It’s probably not just your brain, but your entire body and soul, too. Don’t worry—we are all slugs in the morning.

48. All the Time.

Sometimes it feels like we are surrounded by idiots—and waking up to a new morning of idiocy almost makes you want to stay in bed!

49. Spongebob is a Mood.

Spongebob memes are our moods, all the time! We bet this is how you look like every Monday through Thursday. Friday is a different face, though. The weekend is almost here!

50. Who Can Relate?

good morning memes for friends | good morning meme inspirational | good morning meme for friends

via 9GAG

If you want to be productive, then it should be completely opposite—but there’s just something about mornings that make you want to take a nap.

51. Every Day is a Saga.

good morning memes for her | good thursday morning meme | good friday morning meme

via 9GAG

Here’s another relatable meme for our parents out there. Every day is a saga when you have kids. You don’t have any other choice but to mumble, “So, it begins.”

52. Sure, It Is.

beautiful good morning meme | good morning meme | good morning memes for him

via 9GAG

Runners are a special breed of people who actually like getting up early and exercising. The rest of us can’t think of a worse way to start the day.

53. Where Are You, Sleep?

good morning memes for work | good morning memes for him | good morning meme cute

via 9GAG

We’ve all had those days where, even though we had a full eight hours of sleep, it still feels like we hardly got any rest at all.

54. Good Morning, Meme Nation!

beautiful good morning meme | good morning memes for work | good morning memes for him

via 9GAG

If you are a meme lover, you can probably relate. Good morning, world—suffer with us!

55. The Perfect Coffee Cup Doesn’t Exi—

good morning meme gif | good morning meme | good morning meme for him

via 9GAG

Someone get us one of these mugs! Whoever said that the perfect cup of coffee doesn’t exist has clearly not seen this cup yet!

56. What a Dangerous Game!

good morning meme funny | good morning meme cute | good morning meme

via 9GAG

We all know what is going to happen if we do it—and yet once in a while we succumb to the temptation. Next thing you know, we are late for work!

57. Me, Every Morning.

good morning meme work | good morning meme inspirational | good morning meme for friends

via 9GAG

This meme should perfectly explain to everyone why you aren’t ready to talk to them for at least an hour after waking up!

58. Sleepy Squirrels!

good morning meme funny | good morning meme cute | good morning meme for her

via 9GAG

Wouldn’t this be the best way to wake up in the morning? Who better to start your day than a couple of furry squirrels?!

59. The Everyday Struggle.

friday good morning meme | coffee good morning meme | good morning meme

via 9GAG

Please, just let me think and self-reflect for a while. Ten minutes—is that too much to ask?

60. Is It Monday Again?

friday good morning meme | coffee good morning meme | cat good morning meme

via 9GAG

Is it Monday again? Can we all just go back to last Friday? Weekends are much too short.

61. The Evolution of Morning Snoozers

good morning meme | good morning meme inspirational | good morning meme for friends

via 9GAG

Presenting the evolution of morning snoozers! Good luck facing your responsibilities for the day!

62. Our Professor Disagrees.

good morning meme gif | good morning meme funny work | good morning meme for him

via 9GAG

Professors know best. Seems like Mr. Coles and his students have a great understanding of early morning sleep habits.

63. What’s Happening?

When you enter the office and everybody seems to know something you don’t…ah, what’s happening, y’all?

64. Hold Up!

Here’s one for your partner. Your morning would be incomplete without a good morning message from your significant other, right?

65. Yeah, Boss?

When your boss says good morning and you still haven’t had your morning cup of coffee.

66. Do we have a problem, mom?

Does this sound like life in your household? What about school—are the kids doing their best to avoid that too?

67. Good Morning, Cute Doggo!

Here’s an adorable doggo to help complete your morning. Make sure to get him out of there before drinking your coffee.

68. Wild Morning!

Oh, what a good morning from our animal friends! Make some room for them!

69. What an Elegant Morning!

Mornings are dreadful, but you’ve got to stay classy and elegant, regardless. Learn from Aidan Gallagher.

70. Hey, Wake Up!

Alarm clocks are the worst. Even the smallest ones feel like huge monsters when they are waking you up.

71. Way to Greet Everyone.

There is always someone in the office who greets everyone with a good morning just like this. What a vibrant way to start the day!

72. Lovely Morning from this Cutie.

For all the parents out there, there’s no better way to start your morning than with a happy dance from your cute little kids.

73. Where Are My Minions At?

Good morning from these cute, energetic minions.

74. Glorious Morning!

A bit of sarcasm is allowed when you have to wake up early—just make sure you leave that attitude at home and don’t take it to work!

75. Morning Chill.

Nothing says good morning like a super chill cup of your favorite hot beverage.

76. Waking Coffee Mug.

This coffee cup is just too cute not to include. Where can we pick one of these up?!

77. Excited About the Day?

Aren’t you just excited about the day? We hope everyone has this kind of enthusiasm!

78. Literally All of Us Every Morning.

Trust me when I say that you are not alone in feeling this way. We can all relate!

79. Good Morning, Troops!

Trying to get your team motivated to take on the day? Bright a positive attitude and wish them a good morning. If they don’t throw their coffee mugs at you, you know they are ready to work.

80. Bless Your Day!

Here’s a meme to remind you that no matter what comes your way, it’s up to you to have a positive day. Goodbye, drama. Get out, bad vibes. Be gone, anxiety. You don’t need any of this negativity.

81. Morning, Boss.

When the employees are the ones coming in wishing their boss a good morning, you know you are living in an alternate reality.

82. I Hate Early Mornings.

We do too! Just let us sleep in and enjoy a leisurely start to the day!

83. Mama Needs Coffee, Dear.

Here’s one for all the supermoms out there. It’s hard to get up early in the morning, but you do it anyway. You truly are the best people on earth!

Final Thoughts on Funny Good Morning Memes to Start Your Day

Start your day with these funny good morning memes. Download a few of them to enjoy yourself, or send them out to your friends and family!

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