Do You Have Common Sense? 7 Tests to Find Out

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Would you like to know if you have common sense?

Common sense is having the ability to make logical decisions based on the current situation. This is a specific type of intelligence that is essential for success, regardless of the industry you are working in.

In this post, we share with you a list of tests to find out if you have common sense. Some of these tests involve emotions, while others are purely logical.

It’s up to you to decide which ones you want to take.

Let’s check them out!

1. Quiz Expo: Do You Have Common Sense?

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Quiz Expo: Do You Have Common Sense? provides us with a set of 15 questions in this common sense test. Some of the questions are opinion-based, asking whether you agree or not. Others are situational, asking what you would do if you were in such a situation.

Your results are displayed at the end of the test, but the site doesn’t provide a detailed explanation of why you received your specific results.

If you are curious about how your common sense may be affecting your lifestyle, then you should consider trying this test. You may also want to check out the comprehensive article that is included.

2. HowStuffWorks: Can You?

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HowStuffWorks: Can You? claims that “only 1 out of 40 people can answer” the questions in this common sense test. There are 35 questions to answer in this test, and most of them are general knowledge, although a few of them are purely common sense and can’t be answered simply with book smarts.

What we like about this test is that it immediately tells you whether you are right or wrong after answering each question. There is also an explanation that goes with each correct answer.

3. PsychMechanics: Common Sense Test

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PsychMechanics believes that the best way to measure someone’s common sense is by checking out what they actually consider to be common sense!

This PsychMechanics: Common Sense Test consists of 25 questions, with answers that are presented on a five-point scale, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree. When you’re answering, imagine that someone else is trying to explain to you what common sense is. Does what they are saying make sense?

It is important to note that there is no explanation provided with your results. You only get a score—which, if you have common sense, should be easy to understand!

4. ProProfs: Do You Have Common Sense?

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“One does not have to go to school to have common sense.” This is one of the lines you will find in ProProfs' introduction to their quiz.

There are only six questions in this ProProfs: Do You Have Common Sense? test, and the results only tell you if you passed or failed. There is also an offer to get a certificate from the site, but that is entirely optional.

5. AllTheTests: The Common Sense Test

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The questions in this AllTheTests: The Common Sense Test are a bit tricky, so it is important to take time to think carefully about your answers. There are 10 questions you need to answer, and the results provide your score, plus the correct answers for the ones you got wrong.

At the bottom of your results, you will also see how you performed compared to the other test takers. There is no need to worry about data leaks, since the site doesn’t ask for any important details.

6. QuizPin: Measure Your Common Sense

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QuizPin: Measure Your Common Sense through logical and situational questions. Upon completion, the results provide your score and the correct answers for each question.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the legend for your score. Zero percent means no common sense at all, 50% means there is some, 75% means you have quite a bit, while 100% means that you are extraordinarily impressive in this area.

7. FreeQuizGames: Common Sense Test

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The questions in this FreeQuizGames: Common Sense Test are mostly logical. There is no explanation of the correct answer for the questions you get wrong, but you will at least know that you were incorrect.

What really sets this test apart is that the site is quite easy to navigate. It is user-friendly and the interface is very smooth.

Final Words on Do You Have Common Sense Tests

There you have it—ay list of common sense tests that you can take to figure out if you have common sense or not. Again, we emphasized both logic and emotions when we did our research so that you have a variety of resources to test your common sense.

And if you're looking for more resources about different tests, be sure to check out these blog posts:

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