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    The owner of Happier Human is Steve Scott. Steve is an author who is also the owner of the popular blog DevelopGoodHabits.com. Steve has long been interested in positive psychology and specifically its applications to increase happiness.


    What is Gratitude? 5 Reasons Gratitude Improves Wellness

    Gratitude is a lot of things. Gratitude is a personality trait, a mood, and an emotion. As an emotion, gratitude is a feeling of happiness that comes from appreciation. While in a grateful mood, grateful emotions are more likely be present. Those with a more grateful personalities are more likely to experience grateful moods and emotions. Gratitude is a […]

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    There’s More to Life Than Happiness – But Wanting It is not Stupid or Selfish

    The year is 2150. By some miracle, you’re still alive. The Happiness Machine has finally been invented. At a cost of just $100, you can get one for yourself. It’s like a non-stop dose of heroine, ecstasy and marijuana combined, but without any of the negative side-effects – no brain damage, no poisoning, no psychological impairment. […]

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