104 Mindfulness Affirmations to Live in the Present Moment

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In today’s busy world, it is customary to spend your time planning and anticipating the future, making to-do lists, and focusing on goals and outcomes. It is also usual to ruminate over the past, thinking about situations and experiences that still affect our emotions and perspectives.

But these types of thoughts can be stressful and create negative feelings. Mindfulness affirmations can help direct your attention to the present moment, positively focusing your thoughts.

Why Mindfulness Affirmations are Important for Living in the Present Moment

Psychology Today defines mindfulness as “living in the moment and being awake to the present” instead of ruminating on the past or anticipating the future. Mindfulness has two key aspects:


Awareness focuses your attention on your experience of the present moment, especially on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations in your inner world at that moment.


Acceptance is the ability to observe these thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judging or avoiding them. It releases you from self-criticism of your experience.

Mindfulness gives you insight into yourself, your inner identity, and consciousness and cultivates a balanced perspective and acceptance of yourself. It has a vast range of benefits for your physical and mental health benefits.

Mindfulness can be practiced in an enormous variety of ways. Many people practice mindfulness meditation, where you calm your mind, focus on your breathing, and allow your thoughts to pass without attachment or judgment.

Mindfulness can also be part of ordinary daily activities, like going for a walk or doing household chores, as long as you calm your thoughts, pay attention to the present moment, and engage all your senses in the activity.

Finally, mindfulness can be cultivated through affirmations, which help focus your thoughts and promote calm, positive acceptance of the present moment.

104 Mindfulness Affirmations to Live in the Present Moment

  1. I am fully present
  2. I am in the best possible place at this moment
  3. I am grounded in calmness
  4. I take life one moment at a time
  1. I focus on my own well-being
  2. At this moment, I have everything I need
  3. I am thankful for each breath
  4. I breathe in peace; I breathe out fear
  5. I am at peace
  6. I do not worry
  7. I accept this moment as a gift
  8. I am thankful for my senses; they show me the beautiful world
  9. I have all the strength I need
  10. I accept myself without criticism
  11. I let go of what is outside my control
  12. I am not afraid
  13. My body is strong
  14. I am grateful for this moment
  15. I notice and welcome my feelings
Mindfulness Affirmations - I notice and welcome my feelings | mindfulness quotes | mindful affirmations app | mindful affirmation cards
  1. I care for myself with kindness
  2. I am safe at this moment
  3. Today I am happy
  4. I enjoy the small pleasures of each day
  5. Just as I am, I am acceptable
  6. My mind is resilient
  7. I am fully in the here and now
  8. I am confident that all is well
  9. I give my attention to each breath
  10. I deserve happiness
  11. I feel my own strength
  12. I am glad that I exist
  13. I am alive in this moment
  14. I can do what needs to be done
  15. I can handle the difficulties I face
  16. I have the power to transform my world
  17. I nurture my own life
  18. My mind is strong
  19. Calmness fills my mind and body
  20. I am fully in the now
  21. I know that my life matters
Mindfulness Affirmations - I know that my life matters | mindful affirmations book | affirmations for worthiness | mindfulness meditation
  1. I am fully conscious of this moment
  2. I choose peace rather than stress
  3. I trust myself to succeed
  4. I am thankful for my life
  5. I have everything I need
  6. Each breath gives me peace
  7. My life is a gift
  8. My strength is more than enough
  9. My peace grows and grows each day
  10. I am filled with joy
  11. I am here now
  12. This moment is a new beginning
  13. All my potential exists in this moment
  14. I cherish this moment of my life
  15. My joyous future grows from this present moment

My joyous future grows from this present moment”

  1. At this moment, I feel thankful for my purpose in life
  2. I welcome my feelings without judgment
  3. My life is always in the now
  4. Everything exists in this moment
  5. I live fully in this moment and do not worry about the future
  6. Today is a glorious day
  7. This moment of my life is perfect
  8. I am more aware and alive at every moment
  9. Now is the perfect time for me
  10. I give this moment my thankful attention
  11. I am stronger now than I have ever been
  12. I am delighted with the path my life is taking
  13. I am joyfully unique
  14. I feel my power and purpose grow stronger with every moment
  15. My perfect future grows from this moment
Mindfulness Affirmations - My perfect future grows from this moment | morning mindfulness affirmations | mindful affirmation cards | mindfulness quotes
  1. I give kindness and compassion to myself
  2. This moment is full of opportunities
  3. I deserve peace and joy
  4. I know my needs and wants are important
  5. I have confidence in myself
  6. I am not distracted by worry
  7. At this moment, I will breathe and be happy
  8. I accept my flaws with compassion and humor
  9. I greet this moment with gratitude
  10. I celebrate my potential
  11. I can do anything
  12. I welcome each moment eagerly
  13. My life is unique and beautiful just as it is
  14. I am everything I need
  15. I learn and grow with every moment
  16. My potential is unlimited
  17. I trust myself to live my best life
  18. At this moment, I am content
  19. I allow my true self to emerge moment by moment
  20. I am powerful and capable
  21. This moment in my life is full of good things
  22. I focus on what I am doing at this moment
  23. I believe in myself more every moment
  24. Goodness and happiness are mine at this moment
Mindfulness Affirmations - Goodness and happiness are mine at this moment | mindful affirmations app | mindful affirmations book | affirmations for worthiness
  1. My life is worthy and necessary
  2. My mind and body are in harmony
  3. I control my thoughts and choices
  4. This moment is the only reality; I will experience it fully
  5. I like myself just as I am
  6. I celebrate every moment with joy and attention
  7. I expect great things from life
  8. I am doing my best at every moment
  9. I remember to be here in the moment and be thankful
  10. At this moment, I remember to be open to all that life brings

How to Use Mindfulness Affirmations for Living in the Present Moment

Most people begin by using mindfulness affirmations as part of their meditation practice. To use positive affirmations in mindfulness meditation, follow these steps:

Find A Quiet Place Where You Can Relax and Concentrate

You don’t need a special meditation room or yoga cushion if you can find a physically comfortable space and some quiet time.

Sit Comfortably

Find a relaxed, neutral body position, with your spine upright but not held in tension and your head comfortably balanced on top of your spine. Allow your arms and legs to find a neutral, stable position to rest.

Relax Your Eyes

You don’t need to close your eyes if you don’t want to, but let your eyes relax, and your gaze drop without focusing on anything in particular.

Notice Your Body

Feel your chest move with your breathing and notice the air currents on your skin and the sounds that reach your ears. Notice all these things without concentrating on them.

Observe Your Thoughts

It is natural for your mind to wander during meditation. If your thoughts wander, try to notice your thoughts without attaching feelings and emotions to them. When you notice emotions, name them without owning them. For example, think “there is a worry” rather than “I am worried.”

Repeat Your Affirmations

Use your affirmations to guide your thoughts back to your body and breathe gently. Repeat your affirmations out loud, stating positive affirmations like “I am calm,” “I am in control,” or “I accept all my emotions unconditionally, without being affected by them.” Take a deep breath after every affirmation and reflect on the words you have heard.

Gently Return to Ordinary Activity

After your mindfulness meditation, gently return your thoughts to your everyday activities. Thank your body and the universe for the period of rest.

Mindfulness meditation is just one way to use mindfulness affirmations to live in the present moment. You may also want to incorporate mindfulness practices into your communication style.

Final Thoughts on Mindfulness Affirmations to Live in the Present Moment

In the hectic modern world, many people seek healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety and live a calmer, more optimistic, more centered life. Mindfulness affirmations are a great way to live more consciously, take control of your thoughts and emotions, and become a more balanced, healthy person. Appropriately used mindfulness affirmations can change your life.

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