16 Gratitude Board Ideas & Examples for 2024

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Are you searching for inspiration for your gratitude board?

If so, you have landed on the right page! In this post, we share a list of the best gratitude board ideas and examples that you can try.

Gratitude is one of the best values that we can cultivate. It makes us appreciate even the littlest things more. We hope that you are ready to create your board!

Let’s get to it!

1. Gratitude Board Made Easy

First on our list is a fall-inspired gratitude board with pumpkins and autumn colors. You only need a few materials like colored paper, scissors, pens, white bond paper, and ribbons (or cut-outs). You can use other colors if you want a different theme.

2. Give Thanks Gratitude Board

Here is a unique idea. It’s a 30-day challenge where you get to write and post about something you're grateful for every day. You can use gift cards to make it easier.

3. Be Thankful

If you feel like being artistic, you may find this board inspiring. You can use whatever theme you want—it doesn’t have to be autumn.

4. Ways to Show Gratitude

In addition to things you are grateful for, you can also create a gratitude board that shows how to be thankful. This board reminds you to show your gratitude to the people who deserve it every day. In addition, you can add more cut-outs to include the blessings you are thankful for.

5. I’m Grateful For

Here is an example for teachers and parents who want their kids to develop the value of being thankful. Create a board similar to this and ask your kids to write on colored paper the things they are grateful for. Then paste the cut-outs on the board.

6. Clean Gratitude Board

Here’s an example that is clean and creative. A lot of stationery stores sell gratitude cards like this. Seeing this board might make you feel thankful for your friends and family.

7. Gratitude Notes

If you want your board to look a little less sterile, you can go with a messy theme like this one. Write letters to people you appreciate that tell them how grateful you are for them and pin them to the board. You can also put up family pictures, then place the board in your living room.

8. Photo Clips Gratitude Board

This example is perfect for your study and is pretty easy to make. It is minimalist yet elegant and gets the message across in an understated manner.

9. Be Thankful Horizontal Board

This example might look fancy, but you can definitely make one yourself that’s very similar. Look for a used frame, then buy some cardboard or illustration board and you’re all set. The hanging papers are just envelopes, and you can always use an alternative if you want. Don’t forget to add lights!

10. Gratitude Board Template

This example is available on Etsy, and you could always purchase it if you are too busy to make your own. However, if you have the time, why not simply draw inspiration from this one and create something personalized? It’s just like scrapbooking, except on a board.

11. Gratitude Board for Kids

We recommend this example for small kids. Parents and teachers can use the idea for their children or students. Kids can write their messages on small pieces of paper and put them inside the envelopes. You can also use the vacant spaces to write words that encourage gratitude.

12. Gratitude Wall 1

Here is another gratitude wall idea that is perfect for a classroom setting. First write the prompt words, then let your students use colored chalk for the personalized messages!

13. Gratitude Wall 2

If you want to use a whole side of the wall for your gratitude prompts and messages, here is an example to give you inspiration. Ask your entire family to join in and add things that they are thankful for.

14. Word Clips Gratitude Board

Do you have an old frame at home that you are thinking about throwing out? Instead, use it to make something like this rustic, creative gratitude board!

15. Be Grateful Board

Here’s a similar template if you want your gratitude board to be divided into four categories: people, things, places, and events.

16. The Thankful Tree

If you are looking for something a bit more creative, you might want to try this thankful tree. Paste it on your wall and add leaves whenever you are thankful for something!

Final Words

Creating a gratitude board provides a lot of benefits. It can help you practice the art of being grateful on a daily basis and make you appreciate your life and relationships more.

We hope that these gratitude board ideas we have shared were helpful in inspiring you to create your own. Have fun!

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