55 Famous People & Celebrities with ESTP Personality Type

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Growing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally has one very important requirement: knowing who you are now. One of the ways to do this is to take personality tests like the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory.  This test goes beyond the simple Type A, Type B, or Type C categories. It defines 16 different personality categories.

Today, we will be looking at the ESTP Personality. So if you’re here because you already suspect or know that this is the one that defines you, continue on. If you haven't yet made up your mind, take a few minutes to take the test and see what personality type (or types) fit you best

Also, you may want to read about the other personality types when you get a minute. It’s a great way to get to know your friends, coworkers, and family.

Meet the ESTP Personality Type

The ESTP Personality is:

Extroverted – Focused on the world around them

Sensing – Fact-oriented and would rather learn by doing

Thinking – Make decisions based on fact rather than emotion

Perceiving – Deal with changing circumstances easily and avoid extensive planning

You will find a great many ESTP personalities among those in the performing arts, as this type craves the limelight. They thrive by being the center of attention. Their outgoing personalities endear them to others and they can be very persuasive salespeople.

Charismatic by nature, they make excellent leaders. The problem arises only when they aren't at the very top. They don't take well to playing second-in-command. Whatever field they enter, they need as much control over their world as possible.  These individuals aren't afraid to walk their own path, in fact, they demand it. 

These individuals act spontaneously and can often be risk-takers. You won't find these individuals keeping journals – unless they plan on turning them into a memoir or teaching aid one day. They are about taking bold action. They don't only give commands, but fight on the front lines, leading by example. They bounce back quickly from failure.

But beware: these positive traits can quickly become negative if circumstances allow them. A charismatic leader can quickly become a dictator with the need to be in complete control. The risk-taking entrepreneur can become reckless if not directed. Walking to the beat of your own drum can lead to loneliness if you don't take others into consideration.

Still, for the majority of ESTP famous people, the extreme of negative traits are a rarity.

ESTP Famous People

Let's take a look at some ESTP famous people to get an idea of how this personality can show itself in various ways.

Actors and Actresses

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Dwayne's bold sense of humor and shining charm shows the charismatic qualities of the ESTP. He is always looking for the next adventure and is never content with staying still or being quiet to keep the peace.

estp anime characters | estp celebrities female | estp personality database
Dwayne Johnson (Source)

2. Angelina Jolie

Angelina values her freedom to the point that she will actually turn down roles where she isn't allowed to control the direction of her roles. Her adventurous spirit is well-known and she doesn't allow failure to keep her down.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

This man lives in the moment and has absolutely no regrets. He speaks without thinking and has no problem shocking people. In fact, he enjoys being able to do so. He is real and pulls no punches.

4. Eddie Murphy

Confident and charming are both words that define Eddie Murphy. He has a great sense of humor, can take control without missing a beat, and has the kind of personality that can sell any idea he comes up with.

5. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone takes the need to control his own destiny to the top. He not only wrote every episode of Rambo but he also directed several episodes. He directly controlled his own success.

6. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep has never shied away from taking risks with her career. Some have been successful and others not so much so, but she bounces back quickly. Her sense of humor and direct communication style leaves everyone knowing exactly what she is thinking.

7. Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball played by her own rules. She not only loved attention but had a sharp mind that led her to become the first woman to run a major recording studio. Known to be somewhat bossy, her sense of humor and quick smile kept her well-liked by those around her.

8. Michael J. Fox

Fox is a great lover of people. He wants to know all there is about the world and people around him and uses any resource available to do so. He is a quick learner who learns by doing. 

9. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is outgoing and ambitious. She can't stand feeling like her freedom is being compromised.

Her honest communication style, combined with her ability to notice even the smallest changes going on around her, makes her difficult to deceive.

10. Mila Kunis

Outgoing and adventurous, Mila is often the life of the party and she thrives on being around people. She is known to make decisions a bit too hastily. She has seemingly endless energy.

11. Milla Jovovich

Milla has earned the title of “Reigning queen of kick-butt”. Her strong, powerful persona is evident in her many ventures, which include musician, model, actress, and fashion designer. She is highly independent and always ready to find the next adventure.

12. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is well-known for his action-oriented, ambitious nature. He is adventurous and hates to sit still when he wants to follow his latest decision, which is often made quickly. He is extremely people-oriented.

13. Helen Millen

Helen is often the life of the party and is not known for thinking too long about any decisions. She adapts quickly and will follow a new angle without blinking if need be. She has often been labeled an unpredictable thrill-seeker.

14. Mae West

Mae West was well-known for her harsh vocalizations and willful disregard for the rules of society. Loving the attention of everyone, she demanded her way in all matters and refused to allow others to dictate her actions or words.

15. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers was the first woman to host a late-night show. Limits didn't exist in her mind. Her controversial comedy style got her in trouble often, but she never wavered about what she felt was her right as a woman.


16. Madonna

Madonna is direct and daring in all she does. She once stated that it was “Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred years as a sheep.” This statement epitomizes the ESTP personality perfectly.

estp characteristics | estp fictional characters | esfp famous people
Madonna (Source)

17. Kenny Rogers

Always on the go, Kenny Rogers lived for the next adventure. He was known for his music but he had his hand in many ventures. While he didn't much care for commanding others, he had a deep-seated need to have complete control of his own dealings.

18. Axl Rose

Direct and honest to a fault, Axl Rose made his share of enemies. Yet, this ambitious man had a way of leading others without even trying. He loved being on stage and felt that studio music wasn't the same.

19. Grace Slick

Grace Slick loved to shock those around her, once pulling up her skirt for a heckler to see she wasn't wearing underwear. She is a huge risk-taker, living in the m0ment and not taking time to think through her actions. She'd rather deal with the consequences. A true free spirit that can't be tied down.

20. Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was definitely a person who walked her own path in the music arena. Her style was unlike any other. She was a blunt communicator who demanded control of her career. Her risk-taking in personal choices, unfortunately, put an end to her life way too soon.

21. Miley Cyrus

This is a fine example of the love of shocking people. Miley Cyrus has definitely perfected this aspect of her personality. She is a strong woman who follows her own path, speaks bluntly, and makes her own rules.

22. Taylor Swift

Perceptive of her surroundings, Taylor has the ability to get others to see her way of thinking. She has an open personality that comes alive when surrounded by people. Her ability to see things through to their end is one of her biggest traits.

23. 50 Cent

A true risk-taker, 50 Cent lived the life he sang about. He was part of the rap scene when it was still new and yet undiscovered. He pushed aside all types of rules and lived for the freedom he valued.

24. Pink

Pink is a sensation-seeker who uses every sense to experience the world around her. Her need to be the center of attention is coupled with a lack of tact and the need to say exactly what is on her mind. She lives in the moment and lets the future take care of itself.

25. James Brown

Always striving for the next success, James Brown often threw aside conventional thought in order to avoid the risk of failure. He worked tirelessly to reach each goal but often set out without thinking things through in advance. His ability to roll with the punches often saw him grab success where others may have failed.

26. Elvis Presley

Elvis not only disregarded the normal rules of society but forged his own path. He was unaffected by what others thought of him. He was truly dedicated to those he loved and his talkative nature led him to be the one who brought the party to the room.


27. Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock savored being the center of attention. His imagination led him down paths others wouldn't take, even if only in their minds. His quick wit endeared him to those around him.

estp characters | estp personality | estp celebrities kpop
Alfred Hitchcock

28. L. Ron Hubbard

Hubbard was known to become very demanding and domineering when things did not go his way. He hated to feel that his thoughts or actions were being hindered. His unwillingness to give up resulted in a great many successes.

29. Dale Carnegie

Full of enthusiasm and a sense of adventure, Dale Carnegie was always looking for the next hands-on experience. His writings show how strongly he believed that we each had to claim our own power and free ourselves from restrictions.

30. Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway was always on the go and pursuing the next adventure. He hated to be restricted in any way, in both life and his writing.

He demanded being in complete control of any situation he found himself in.

31. Marquis de Sade

Very tuned into his surroundings, the Marquis de Sade, was able to make himself the center of attention wherever he appeared. His writings show his unconventional sense and his willingness to take risks.

Politicians and Military

32. Donald Trump

Ambitious and fearless, Donald Trump shows how the ESTP can be too self-assured. He demands attention wherever he goes. His lack of planning has shown itself in many failed business endeavors.

33. George W. Bush

George Bush is highly aware of everything that is going on around him. His decisions were often made hastily but he had the uncanny ability to dodge any bullets at the last minute. He also showed the ability to make his own path separate from his dad's.

34. Winston Churchill

Churchill was well-known for his blunt way of communicating. He wanted to be in complete control and couldn't stand being held to rules put forth by others. His charismatic personality inspired others to follow his risk-taking actions.

35. Alexander the Great

Two words that were often used to describe Alexander the Great were impatient and rash. He was definitely a risk-taker who leaped right in without thinking. He was also stubborn and refused to be reasoned with.

36. Theodore Roosevelt

Outgoing and likable, Roosevelt was adaptable and never let failure become an option. He simply considered it a sign that it was time to push harder. Not one to give up, he expected the same from those under his command.

37. George S. Patton

Often thought to actually be an ISTP, Patton exhibited many of the traits of the ESTP. He was a harsh leader who expected everyone to do things his way, which he based on deep-seated values. He was always willing to lead from the front, rather than send others in to do what he felt best qualified to accomplish.

38. Douglas MacArthur

This man was known for leading his troops from the frontline. He was also often considered to be an egomaniac that demanded complete allegiance from followers. He was known to disregard higher authority in favor of doing things his own way.

39. John F. Kennedy

Dedicated to his internal sense of right and wrong, Kennedy was also a man who was very aware of everything going on around him. His outgoing personality won many people over and he reveled in the attention his position afforded him.

40. Hermann Goering

A risk-taker who believed he was above the law because he was doing what he truly believed was the right thing. He was friendly and lived entirely in the moment. His misguided dedication to the Nazis was a risk that ended in his downfall.

41. Benito Mussolini

Mussolini showed his distaste for rules from his early years. He was always considered controlling, impulsive, and not able to focus on any one project for long. Yet, his ability to use words to capture the people's attention led him to gain the power he so desperately sought.

42. Bill Clinton

Clinton is strongly people-oriented and has a boyish charm that draws people to him. He has a tendency to make decisions to move forward without fully thinking them through, but is quick to move on to the next step if the first one fails.

43. Idi Amin

Boastful and demanding of attention, this dictator actually had a sense of humor and charm that often won people over from the start. With his strong sense of self-importance, he wanted to control everyone and everything in his path.


44. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has the ability to read others, which is a manifestation of a great salesperson. Combined with his deep-rooted values and tendency to stick with decisions regardless of opposition, he demonstrates some of the less obvious traits of the ESTP personality.

45. Babe Didrickson Zacharias

Was often the power behind the throne. She was able to sense what those around her wanted and could use tact to get them to see things her way. She was a strong, powerful woman who was extremely adaptable.


46. Malcolm X

Malcolm X held deep-seated values that he refused to allow to be compromised. He was quick to stand up and speak for what he believed in, regardless of the consequences. He was a bold visionary who walked his path and inspired many to follow.

47. Al Capone

Capone possessed a charisma that often had the public sympathizing with him. He was open and good-natured with people and loved the attention he gained from his exploits. Many don't realize he had a sense of idealism that ran deep.

estp celebrities female | estp personality database | esfp famous people
Al Capone

48. Thomas Edison

Edison didn't exhibit many of the needs to be center stage. His dedication to following ideas, however, showed how he didn't give up. This included failures and ridicule from others in his profession. He was a risk-taker but reserved that for his inventions.

49. Harry Houdini

Houdini loved his act as it allowed him to shock the audience. He loved being on stage and made sure the media was always present. He had a strong sense of wanting to break all conventions and be loved by the masses.

50. Epicurus

This philosopher founded a school of philosophy that lasted for centuries. He believed in freedom to the extreme. His charismatic personality and wish to lead others led him to be considered one of the most influential and loved philosophers of his time.

51. Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla shows some of the most positive traits of the ESTP. She loves people and interacting with everyone.

Yet, she has no wish to completely control those around her. She doesn't adhere well to structured rules but her great sense of humor normally wins most people over quickly.

52. Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has a highly opinionated manner but his sense of humor makes him likable to the masses. His opinions often created uproar in the general public, but his career on Top Gear was never compromised.

53. Pablo Escobar

Ambitious, Escobar disregarded all rules and was dominant in his wish to control not only himself but everyone around him. He was considered to have a great sense of humor by those who were close to him.

54. James Randi

Magician James Randi loved shocking and fooling people. He was one of the greatest debunkers of paranormal claims. His wish to be the center of attention made his determination to prove others as false an important thing to him.

55. Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is most known for his outspoken opinions that seem to appeal to the conservative population. He is quick to speak out on what he firmly believes to be true and doesn't falter at any signs of opposition. His passion is strong.

Final Thoughts on ESTP Famous People

ESTP famous people, and those who haven't sought fame, show a wide variety of characteristics. Yet, we need to remember that the results of any personality test reflect what we believe to be our most authentic self.

Unfortunately, factors such as the environment, upbringing, and even mental health can cause a person to hide their real self. Discovering what comes naturally is important… circumstances aside.  You need to step away and take a deeper look within.

To give your teenagers a chance to start learning about who they are now, print out these seven personality tests and let them have some fun. It may even help shape their future!

Finally, if you want to identify YOUR personality type, then take one of these 11 personality tests to better understand what makes you tick.

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