Relaxation: The Magic Tonic That Cures Headaches & Relieves Indigestion

Do you have a hobby or activity that relaxes you?  I’m not talking TV relax – I’m talking dissolving muscle aches and destroying headaches relax. I’m not talking unwind or vegetate – I’m talking parasympathetic nervous system activation, slower breathing, and alpha waves. For the past eight years, I didn’t – I suffered from untreatable headaches. They were a constant companion. … Read more

Interactive Blogging: How to Create Indented Tables and Prettier Lists

This article will show you how to create an indented, pretty navigation menu, exactly like the one below, which I used for my post – The 31 Benefits of Gratitude:   Personality 7. More Optimistic 8. Less Materialistic 9. More Spiritual 10. Less Self-Centered 11. More Self-Esteem Health 12. Better Sleep 13. Keeps The Doctor Away … Read more

Optimism, The Blind Man’s Gamble

Are you a gambler; do you like to take unrealistic chances? I’m guessing you said ‘no’ to that question. Are you optimistic; not all the time, but on balance? If you said “yes” to this question but “no” to the first, I’m going to call you out. Optimism is a blind man’s gamble. Cultivate optimism. That’s advice … Read more

Good Sleep: Not Optional for Happiness and High Performance

As a reader of this blog, can I assume that you want to increase your levels of happiness and overall life performance? If so, ‘good’ sleep is not optional.  Do you think you get ‘good’ sleep? According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation, less than 37% of Americans routinely get high-quality sleep.1 I … Read more

Omega-3 Supplementation – Good For The Heart | See the Research

Is Omega-3 the silver bullet of supplementation? It’s potential effects are vast, from improving cholesterol numbers, reducing the risk of developing diabetes, reducing inflammation, preventing renal disease, assisting in weight loss, increasing muscle growth, reducing stress, improving cognition, and boosting mood.1 But don’t let the hype confuse you. There are conflicting studies (a lot of them, actually); they just don’t get … Read more

A Month of Happiness, Week 2: Porn, Introversion, Yoga, TV, and Kaizen

This is week two of the Month of Happiness. This week, we talked about ditching porn, appreciating your personality type, the science of yoga, the mood boosting effects of TV, and the power of kaizen. Day 6: Ditch Porn – It’s Playboy on (Dopamine Draining) Steroids Porn is evil. It’s not because I’m deeply religious or a … Read more