15 Printable Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

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Looking for some lovely fall leaves coloring pages that you can enjoy this season?

If so, you’ve come to the right page! In this post, we share with you 15 printable fall leaves coloring pages that can make your family’s bonding moments more exciting.

Coloring is a fun way to spend the fall season at home with the people you love. Especially during these fraught times when we are dealing with a pandemic that continues to drag on, it is a great way to relax and keep our hearts calm.

Let’s check out our coloring sheets!

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1. Maple Leaf Mandala

If you are looking for a more challenging coloring sheet, you might want to try this mandala leaf from Shutterstock. You will need to purchase it, but if it is your first time visiting Shutterstock, you can get it for free on your first download.

2. Zentangle Leaves

Here is another mandala-like coloring page for those who like a bit of a challenge. Although very detailed, we think that it is still suitable for kids.

3. Forest of Fall Leaves

This is a great coloring sheet for teens and adults, since it is quite detailed and may be difficult for younger children. Use this coloring page to bond with your older (teenage) children while enjoying the fall season.

4. Experiencing Autumn with Friends

Invite your friends (or your kids’ friends) to do some coloring activities with this fun coloring sheet.

5. Mandala Falling Leaves

Here’s another challenging coloring page for the adventure-seekers out there. It is difficult to color, due to all the detail, but it’s also quite rewarding!

6. Autumn Tree

This autumn tree from Dreamstime is for sale, but you can get it for free if it is your first time downloading from Dreamstime. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and the first few downloads are free. You can even choose the size and resolution of your image.

7. Girl with Pile of Leaves

One of the best ways to enjoy autumn is by lying down in a pile of collected leaves. If you can’t do that, then the second best option is to color a picture of someone else doing it!

8. Friends and Fall Leaves

Here is another coloring page that your children can enjoy with their friends and classmates. After a year of social distancing and playing alone, recreational activities such as coloring can really help kids reconnect.

9. Difficult Autumn Leaves

We really like this coloring page because it seems like an intriguing challenge. There are so many small details that can’t be taken for granted.

10. Pumpkin and Leaves

This coloring page perfectly represents fall, with the pumpkin and falling leaves. Try making a gift card out of it and send it to your friends and relatives to tell them how much you miss them.

11. Fall Leaves Mandala Pattern

Here’s another mandala-style design for those who like their coloring pages a bit more complex and complicated. The intricate details make this both fun and challenging for the advanced coloring enthusiast.

12. Different Kinds of Autumn Leaves

These different kinds of autumn leaves from Super Coloring are perfect for kids, adults, and the elderly. They are easy to color and do not require a lot of time to finish. You can enjoy coloring them with the entire family!

13. Swirling Tree, Swirling Leaves

If you like swirls, you will love this coloring page. It is very easy to color, so it is perfect for your kids or the elderly.

14. Fall Leaves Pattern

This simple pattern of fall leaves is perfect for kids and the elderly. It is also good for anyone who wishes to practice their motor skills. It is pretty basic, but it is definitely helpful in exercising your hands and fingers.

15. Lovely Fall Leaves

Check out these lovely autumn leaves with their lines and twirls. This coloring sheet provides the perfect opportunity to bond for moms and their teenage girls.


We hope that this list of printable fall leaves coloring pages was able to help you find a creative way to stay busy. Make this autumn a colorful one and embrace your artistic side as the weather gets cooler!

Finally, if you want to want to see MORE free coloring pages?, then check out these 45 summer coloring pages that all adults and kids can enjoy<.

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