15 Best Board Games for 8-Year Olds [2024 Review]

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If you have landed on this page, you probably have kids and want to help them appreciate the beauty of board games while they are still young. We are here to help!

In this post, we’ve compiled the 15 best board games for 8-year-olds that will help your kids develop an interest in board games.

We curated this list based on customer and expert feedback, including only those that we thought your kids would enjoy.

Let’s check them out!

1. Story Time Chess

Story Time Chess
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Chess is a classic game that has been proven to sharpen minds and enhance critical thinking abilities. To make it a bit more exciting for children, what about throwing a bit of an adventure story in there?

With this version from the Story Time Chess Store, your kids are in for a treat. No chess experience is required—only an eagerness to learn.

Story Time Chess has won 17 prestigious awards in the board game industry, including the 2021 Toy of the Year People’s Choice Award, 2021 Webby’s Family & Kids Award, and 2021 ASTRA Best Game for Kids Winner.


  • Includes over 30 mini-games that add adventure and fun to the entire game.
  • Dual-sided with a dual purpose—for regular chess and tournament play.
  • Artwork and design make the experience more fun and exciting.


  • Be careful with your seller, as some customers report missing and damaged parts.
  • Best for beginners in chess, and not for those who already know how to play.

2. Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges

Gutter Games Beat That!
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If your kids are fond of wacky challenges, then this game is a great choice. Beat That! is a game that requires physical activity, so make sure your kids have enough energy and enthusiasm to perform all the challenges. These include bouncing, balancing, flipping, and lots more.

The game features 160 hilarious challenges, all appropriate for kids and adults. It can accommodate two to eight players and is most suitable for anyone who is eight years old and above. You only need a minute or two to learn the mechanics, then you are good to go.

For those looking for a board game that can accommodate the entire family, this is a great choice!


  • Makes a great gift for families who like physical and outdoor activities.
  • Creates room for both strategists and kinesthetic gamers.


  • Some customers say that the challenges may be too hard for young players.
  • Takes some effort to set up and organize, as well as to clean up and store.

3. The Game of Life

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life Game
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In this game, kids are encouraged to pick the path they want to follow. As they play, exciting twists and turns come their way. They have to make bigger and bigger decisions before they can proceed.

These decisions include going to college, having a family, and retiring early. The game even features a “money investment” aspect where kids can practice growing their money by investing in numbers.

The Game of Life is a good choice if you want to teach your kids how to make wise decisions in life. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the decision-making skills they develop in this game will help them later, but it is still good practice and lots of fun!


  • Manufactured by one of the biggest manufacturers in the gaming industry.
  • Can accommodate up to four players, ages eight and above.
  • The game provides a space for children to enhance their decision-making skills.


  • Customers have reported missing parts from their sellers.
  • Some prefer the original version of the board game.

4. Hedbanz

Spin Master Games Hedbanz
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Hedbanz is a “classic and quick question game of what am I.” The latest version has six new headbands to choose from, including cat, unicorn, and pirate. This is primarily a guessing game, and there is a time limit for each word that the players need to guess, which keeps things interesting.


  • Perfect for families or groups of friends during parties
  • Entertaining for both adults and kids
  • Fast-paced game due to the time limit.


  • Not super replayable, since there are a limited number of headbands.
  • Will only work for a new set of people who don’t know what the headbands are.

5. Scrabble

Hasbro Gaming Scrabble Board Game
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Scrabble is a classic crossword game that provides a fun and educational night for the whole family. The goal is simple—put the letters together, spell words that exist in the dictionary, and earn the greatest number of points.

Since this particular version is from Hasbro, you can rest assured that the components are made of quality materials. This is the wooden version, so it also gives you the feel of traditional Scrabble gaming. It makes a wonderful addition to your collection.


  • Kids can learn a lot of new words from their parents or older players.
  • Proven to improve vocabulary skills and ability to communicate.
  • Fights the early onset of dementia and other memory-related illnesses.


  • Although the game is from Hasbro, others may attempt to sell with damaged or missing parts.
  • Not recommended for those who prefer games based mostly on luck.

6. Gravity Maze

ThinkFun Gravity Maze
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Gravity Maze is a logic game that helps develop and enhance critical thinking skills such as spatial reasoning and planning. It improves kids’ ability to strategize and adjust based on the present circumstances. It is also good practice for building and engineering.

According to the manual, this game comes with multi-level challenges. It features a total of 60 challenges, with a good mixture of beginner and expert levels. As you proceed through the game, you will notice the increase in difficulty.

This is a STEM toy, so it is best for those who wish to have their children increase their knowledge and ability in these areas. It can be used for solo gaming, competitive gaming, and even collaborative or cooperative gaming.


  • Highly replayable, since it offers multi-level challenges in different modes.
  • Fun for playing solo or with a team or competitor.
  • Enhances critical thinking skills and improves areas of STEM education.


  • More expensive than other board games of its kind.
  • Solo gaming does not encourage interactive game playing.

7. Scavenger Hunt Game

Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game
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Scavenger Hunt Game is based on the adventures of Bluey, a six-year-old Blue Heeler dog. It is a fun game of scavenger hunting that can be played by two to four players, ages three years old and above. It is all about finding and collecting items.

The players work together as a team to find the 12 toy tokens and win the game. Although it is a cooperative game, the first one to collect enough tokens and get to the finish line is the winner.


  • Fun game that provides entertainment to very young kids.
  • Customers say the graphics are quirky and funny.


  • Some report that the instructions are unclear.
  • Perfectly balanced mix of positive and negative feedback.

8. Hues and Clues

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Hues and Cues is both a guessing game and a communication game. It is designed for three to 10 players, and each player takes turns giving clues to a color on the board, while the others try to guess it. The closer they are to the correct hue, the more points the players earn.

The game can be played in one or two rounds, and the player with the most points wins. The scoring frame is located on the outer grayscale of the board for monitoring and recording. The set includes a game board with 480 colors, 100 color cards, 30 player pieces, a rulebook, and a scoring frame.

Hues and Cues is a fun and creative way to explore the spectrum of colors and words. It is suitable for children eight years old and above and has around 30 minutes of playtime.


  • Has easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn rules and mechanics.
  • Satisfying and rewarding when you guess the hue correctly.
  • Enjoyable even if there are a lot of players.


  • Some colors may be too difficult to differentiate from other shades.

9. Tapple

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Tapple is a word association game where players are required to think and move quickly. It can accommodate a minimum of two and a maximum of eight players. Its basic premise is to name words that fit a given category and that start with a certain letter before the timer runs out.

Anyone who can’t think of a word or who repeats a word is eliminated. The last player standing wins the round and collects the category card. The game can be played until one player has three cards, or as many rounds as desired.

Tapple is simple and fun. If you want to test your kids’ vocabulary skills and creativity, this is a great choice.


  • Has fast gameplay and is highly replayable.
  • Easy to play and teach to children and beginners.
  • Improves vocabulary skills and boosts creativity.


  • Some customers suggest improving the packaging.
  • Has a timer function that may stress kids out.

10. Jumanji Deluxe

Jumanji Deluxe Game
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Jumanji is a favorite classic, not just of kids, but adults as well. Who doesn’t love a board game that is filled with adventures and fun, and that takes you to a different dimension? And this is the deluxe edition, which is even more exciting!

It is quite easy to learn and play Jumanji, and the game involves tons of quests, riddles, and challenges. This is both a cooperative and a competitive game, which is what makes it unique and special.

They player who reaches the center first and yells “Jumanji!” is the winner, but you have to keep in mind that if one player loses all of their life tokens, then all the other players lose as well!


  • Story of the game is immersive and super exciting.
  • Has multi-level difficulty and unpredictability.
  • Easy to set up, organize, clean, and store.


  • Battery-dependent—parts may malfunction while playing.
  • Some customers report missing parts, so be careful with your seller.

11. UNO Junior

Mattel Games UNO Junior Card Game
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UNO is yet another classic game that has been with us for generations, and UNO Junior is perfect for kids because of the art—after all, what kid doesn’t love animals?

We highly recommend this version for parents who have children below eight years of age at home. It is suitable for three-year-old kids and above. The mechanics are the same as the original game, so if you already know how to play UNO, then it is time to teach it to your kids!


  • Rounds are fast because of their quick gameplay.
  • Simple and easy to learn for kids and new players.
  • Encourages social interaction and cooperation.


  • Mostly based on luck.
  • Not recommended for those who like strategy games.

12. The Number

The Number Party Game
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The Number revolves around bluffing and taking risks. You simply have to think of a three-digit number and write it on your tablet. However, you don’t want to write the same number as other people. As the game proceeds, you just have to keep coming up with numbers that aren’t the same as those the other players write down.

The average playtime for one round is 15 minutes, which means that the game is highly replayable. With a huge number of combinations, you will never run out of games. It’s just a matter of coming up with the right choices.


  • A fast-paced game with very quick gameplay.
  • Simple yet well-thought-out strategy game.
  • Educational and challenging enough for adults.


  • Scoring may not feel evenly balanced—it’s all or nothing.
  • Can get boring after playing a number of times.

13. The UpsideDownChallenge Game

Vango UpsideDownChallenge Game
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This game is sure to turn your world upside-down—literally! There is a set of goggles specifically designed to flip your vision upside-down, and you have to wear them while completing all the challenges, which include writing your name, drawing, pouring water, and a lot more.

Kids always love hilarious games filled with fun and laughter. Thus, we highly suggest trying out this game with them. The UpsideDownChallenge game is sure to give everyone a fun evening.


  • Funny and entertaining for both kids and adults.
  • Has a unique concept.
  • Appropriate for all age groups.


  • Replayable, but may lose its novelty after a few plays.
  • Not competitive or strategic.

14. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza
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In this Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game, players take turns flipping their cards and saying either “taco,” “cat,” “goat,” “cheese,” or “pizza.” Once a card matches a word, everyone must race to slap the pile of cards in the middle. Whoever is the last one to slap has to pick up all the cards. The first one to get rid of all his or her cards wins!


  • Suitable for all ages—children, adults, and the elderly.
  • Easy to learn and play—only quick reflexes needed.
  • Highly replayable, since it has a quick gameplay.


  • Not ideal for people who enjoy strategic games.

15. Beat The Parents

Beat The Parents Classic Family Trivia Game
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No matter how young they are, kids should learn that they aren’t less than anybody else—even their parents! Mom and Dad may have more knowledge about things, but kids also know things that their parents don’t—and that’s the point of this game!

In Beat the Parents, players place wagers on trivia and challenges. The bet is written on the wager board before the game officially begins. When the game starts, both the parents and the kids have to complete all the challenges. The loser has to do whatever is written on the wager board!


  • The questions for parents are different than those for kids.
  • Consists of fun wild cards that make the game unpredictable.
  • Trivia questions are suitable for all, regardless of age and culture.


  • Some trivia questions and references are a bit outdated.
  • Some feel the game is a bit unfair.

Final Thoughts on the Best Board Games for 8-Year-Olds

Even in this digital age, kids still enjoy playing with their parents and appreciate traditional games like those on our list.

We hope you were able to pick the right board game for your kids, especially your 8-year-olds, with the help of this post. Check out a few of the games we have shared and enjoy a lovely game night with your children.

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